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Best WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins (Free & Paid)

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Owning an eCommerce store is the first step towards ensuring your business runs smoothly. It also creates a sense of loyalty in your customers.

With the ever-growing level of competition in businesses, you can only afford to survive if you invent other ways to make your customers satisfied and happy. One of the most innovative ways to sell our products is through the use of gift cards.

The main role offered by gift cards is the flexibility to allow customers to purchase their products of choice. Nowadays, a majority of eCommerce stores have this feature.

Maybe you have come across this amazing feature in a website and you are wondering how to include it in your WooCommerce store, worry not. WooCommerce provides a wide range of plugins that will bring this great idea into reality. These plugins come in free and premium options, with some premium plugins coming with a free version but limited in feature.

Benefits of WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins

WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins come in a myriad of options, presenting a number of benefits.

Increases customer loyalty

Customers are generally prone to be happy when they are provided with regular vouchers for some of their products of choice. The use of gift cards is a nice way to keep them coming for more while also ensuring you earn profit as a business owner.

Drives more revenue

An increase in returning customers to shop at your store translates to high revenue. The use of appropriate gift cards for your business is a nice way to kick off this process.

Attracts more audience to your store

More customers are likely to be attracted to the benefits offered by gift cards. This may go a long way to increase your customer audience through word of mouth to other potential customers, converting them into actual customers.

Below you will find some of the best WooCommerce gift card plugins that are premium and free and help you add this feature to your online store to increase your sales.

Other ways that you can use to bust your customer’s engagement with WooCommerce are:

  • Points and Rewards – with the help of these plugins you can assign points to your customers for sharing, referring someone, or even reviewing your product. This will keep your customers closer.
  • Review for Discounts – having reviews on your store builds trust as it tells the customer that others use your store. With these plugins, you can incentivize your customers to leave reviews.
  • Share for Discounts – Keep you, customers, closer by rewording them discounts if they share your products over social media.

Best Premium WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins

Gift Cards

The WooCommerce Gift Card plugin comes with a variety of updates and support from its developers. It is a common feature for some of the most successful stores, attributed to its benefits in making new and returning customers happy.

Main Features

  • Customizable gift cards with expiring code feature
  • Ability to send cards to several recipients
  • Use of unique customer identities or codes to view transaction history
  • Sale of both simple and variable gift certificates
  • Customers choose delivery dates
  • Ability to find and edit already issued certificates, either by the sender, recipient or code
  • Reports of expired, issued and purchased gift codes

Price: $49

Yith WooCommerce Gift Cards

The Yith WooCommerce Gift Card plugin allows you to sell gift cards in your online store to boost your earnings and raise your customer audience. It comes in both free and premium options.

Free version features


  • Ability to create multiple virtual gift cards
  • Build a gallery and associate images with appropriate gift cards
  • Ease in creating and editing gift cards from the backend store management system
  • Ability to choose a physical gift card for your customers
  • View the original amount and balance of your gift cards
  • Be able to update gift card balances through the back-end system of your store


  • Use email to send gift cards to the recipients
  • Confirm status and amount of gift card a customer owns
  • Make use of gift card as many times as you wish provided there is a positive balance
  • Include a customized message in the gift card
  • Select the most appropriate gift card image from the gallery of your store
  • Use any available balance in your gift card to pay for your purchases

Price: Free and € 119,99

Smart Coupons

This is one of the best coupon management plugins for WooCommerce with a variety of discounts, credits, vouchers, and product giveaways. This ensures steady growth in sales volume and a great customer base.

Main Features

Smart coupons have a number of features that work to ensure more sales, increased customer numbers, and loyalty.

  • Availability of both fixed and percentage coupon amounts
  • Allows for bulk generation and sending of gift cards
  • Take full advantage of free shipping costs
  • Enables URLs to share coupons through social media platforms
  • Availability of free product giveaways and gift coupons
  • Efficient and easy way to manage all your coupons
  • First order discount coupons to new users
  • Allows one to import and export coupons in a flexible manner
  • Single click coupons
  • Allows for subscription and sun-subscription options
  • Designs of coupon gift cards can be easily customized to match the brand
  • Allows one to send coupons through email
  • Convenient as it allows one to customize coupons to match business needs
  • Include appropriate short codes into coupons
  • Allows easy location identification
  • High levels of security due to multiple usage restrictions
  • Provides for seasonal promotions and discounts according to calendar events

Price: $99

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

This plugin is an all-in-one coupon plugin for WooCommerce, it can help you extend the functionality of the default coupons of WooCommerce with Gift Card, sign up, Giveaways, and much more.

Main features

Price: $69 (1 Website)

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card

This plugin allows for the sale of gift cards as well as managing their use. Business owners enjoy the flexibility of creating gift cards and certifications to match festivals and events.

Main features

  • Gift cards can stand as separate products in a WooCommerce store.
  • Flexible price variations including multiple ranges
  • Easily create multiple gift cards at the same time to match different events and seasons
  • The same gift card can be exclusively use for the same product, including emails
  • Include or exclude product categories from the gift card as you prefer
  • Use of coupon several times
  • Expiry dates of the gift card vouchers can be set easily
  • Allows for integration of gift cards through import and export features
  • Enable or disable products from the gift card category
  • Allows a business owner or merchant to set a required cart limit amount in order for one to be eligible for coupons and gift cards

Price: $30

WooCommerce Gift Card Pro

Easily create and sell gift cards on your store using the WooCommerce gift card pro plugin. Most customers generally prefer gifts in form of gift cards as opposed to classic gifts.

Main Features

  • allows merchants to create gift cards in form of Gift Card Products
  • Available catchy email templates for different occasions including birthdays, Christmas or general thanksgiving
  • Flexibility of pricing options including a fixed price, selected price or a price range.
  • Easily customize gift cards and email templates to match your business or brand
  • Easily set discounts for your gift cards
  • Use of gift cards multiple times provided there is a balance
  • Clearly outlines the expiry date of gift cards
  • Automatic code generation for gift cards. It also enables QR code generation
  • Translation of gift cards into your language of choice
  • Attach PDFs to gift card emails
  • Exclude or include a arrange of desired products in your gift cards
  • Import or export gift cards from the back end

Price: $40

Best Free WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

This is one of the few gift cards that if used well guarantees you an increase in organic sales. In minutes, you can be started on selling your gift cards to your customers.

Main Features

  • Customers can easily schedule delivery of their gift cards
  • Customize gift cards, including amounts and text when sending them out
  • Easy one click checks of gift card balances
  • Display of expiry dates of gift cards
  • Balances can be adjusted appropriately to meet requirements
  • Generation of multiple gift cards
  • allows for the sale of physical gift cards
  • existing gift card balances can be easily updated by adding funds
  • merchants have the ability to pre-select a default gift card amount

Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce

The Ultimate Gift Card for WooCommerce is one plugin that goes the extra mile to add product types to an eCommerce store as well as provide management. This can be customized for an array of events and functions including thanksgiving, weddings, graduations, or birthdays.

Main Features

  • Effortless to use as it allows for one click during product creation
  • Gift cards are easy to purchase considering the recipient, message and the amount
  • Gift cards work to solve immediate issues of customers such as balance and number of usages left after purchase
  • Quick delivery of gift cards through email
  • Available for a number of different currencies in countries across the globe
  • Has 4 distinct pricing option plans; Default price, Selected price, Price range and User price
  • Enables customers to pay tax amounts just like other WooCommerce products
  • Gift card products can either be shown on the shop page or a separate page
  • Gift cards are used independently and can not be merged with other coupons
  • Has a number of customizations available, including number of usages before gift card gets void, expiry date of coupon code, coupon code length, prefixes in gift card coupon codes and the amount to be spent on the vouchers
  • Availability of predefined email templates to communicate to customers
  • Ability of merchants to include and exclude certain products

WooCommerce Gift Cards

A free plugin that can offer the basic functionality for buying a gift card. The free version can help you add a product as a gift card and generate a voucher with that sum. The plugin can be extended with the pro version, which is more customizable.


In modern-day eCommerce, gift cards are one of the many strategies that can assist you to create value in your business, driving a loyal base of customers, and increasing sales. The choice of the most appropriate gift card plugin for your business depends on the nature of your online store. Free WooCommerce gift card plugins usually have fewer features and are suitable for small businesses while premium versions are suited for large stores with a huge customer portfolio.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide the best option for the WooCommerce Gift Card plugin to suit your eCommerce store operations.

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