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To be able to start with your WordPress website in a correct manner and be able to use the best tools and plugins out there I will include all the best resources that you can use in this page. Here you will have WordPress resources starting with the hosting and ending up with the best plugins and themes that you can use.

This resources are the best ones and it will help you have the best WordPress site.


Everything starts with the hosting, to have a good site you will need performance so your site to move well and your visitors to be happy, below are the best solution that exists from lowest price to highest:

Shared Hosting


A WordPress managed hosting company with very good performance and support. For more details check:
Start a blog with SiteGround
SiteGround Vs DigitalOcean


Advanced Hosting

  • WPEngine – A managed WordPress hosting with great performance, this service is ideal for sites with lot of visitors. WPEngine offers great performance and if you chose them you will have no problems with your site speed and performance. The price starts from 29$ a month for an website installation.
  • BudgetVM – I am using BudgetVM for more then one year, also this site is hosted on them. The price is really low and the performance is good. Currently I have 2 VPS bought from them, one with cPanel license and other with a free cPanel alternative. The price is really low lower then an shared hosting, starting with 14.99$ a year resulting in 1.24$ a month.

  CDN Network

  • MaxCDN – I am using MaxCDN on this site and a couple of others for increasing the site load speed, with MaxCDN you can have your css, java files, and uploaded files or pictures loaded faster.


Themes are very important for your site, you don’t just need them to look good but you also need them to be fast, the code to be well written and have good features. Below are some of the best WordPress themes:

  • Genesis – this is an WordPress theme framework that is also used on this site. It is fast, secure and comes with a lot of support and themes from where you can choose. This is the number 1 framework for WordPress.
  • Thesis – a great framework with a lot of support along the bloggers. The most used framework  by bloggers.
  • ElegantThemes – a collection of themes that can be accessed with only 39$ a year. The themes are great and for sure everyone would find something they like.


For the site to have the best features available and extended capabilities, below is a list with the best WordPress plugins that someone could have installed on the site.

  • WordPress SEO – great WordPress plugin that can help have your site more optimized for SEO.
  • W3 Total Cache – increase your website speed with W3 Total Cache. Comes with great features so your website have the best performance.
  • Gravity Forms – premium WordPress plugin that can help you have advanced forms on your site.
  • Thirsty Affiliates – The plugin helps you manage the affiliate links easily.

This are the resources that can get your website going, the list is updated regularly.

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