Best WooCommerce Share for Discounts Plugins

Developing an online store to its highest level is not just about selling products. It extends to include areas such as providing top-of-the-class customer support and making your eCommerce store user-friendly.

There are a number of ways in which you can make your store more social friendly. One method of achieving this is by offering discounts on products and services anytime they get shared. Some benefits that come with allowing customers to share products from your site include enhancement of site visibility and increase in traffic.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce share for discount plugins that you can use in your store to reap massive social benefits.

Using a Share for Discounts Plugin can help in driving more engagement to your products which can result in better brand exposure and bigger sales. You can do this with a minimum investment, for a WooCommerce plugin.

Other ways that you can use to bust your customer’s engagement with WooCommerce are:

  • Points and Rewards – with the help of this plugins you can assign points to your customers for sharing, refering someone or even review your product. This will keep your customers closer.
  • Review for Discounts – having reviews on your store builds trusts as it tells the customer that your store is used by others. With this plugins you can incentivize your custmers to leave reviews.
  • Gift Cards – offering various gift card buy options like for birhday or other events will help with a bigger store engagement. This tipes of plugin will help you manage your store coupons more eficient.

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Best WooCommerce Share for Discounts Plugins

See below some of the best WooCommerce share for discounts plugins on the market:

Yith WooCommerce Share for Discounts

This plugin allows customers to share products on their social media profiles. In return, they earn discounts of different ranges based on the cost of the products.

Through this plugin, you will motivate your customers to share your products and services on their various social media network profiles. This goes ahead to enhance your visibility and make your site known. It is also a key determinant of conversions since you will take advantage of the discount codes that encourage your consumers to make orders and purchase products. It is generally estimated that 30% of customers make purchases through the use of coupons.

Main Features

  • Easily share your products through social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Add buttons to allow sharing of your products in suitable pages of your store
  • Customize the coupons that you use to share products so that they reflect business brands
  • Label your plugins in the best way to match your business
  • Apply a single specific URL that users can share your products or services through
  • Share pages including those of ‘cart’ and ‘checkout’
  • Strategically place the share box image where customers can easily see it
  • Allows you to mail shared pages or shop products
  • Option for removing expired or outdated coupons through the plugin’s system
  • Facebook open graph content can be set to default

Price: € 49,99

WooCommerce Social Reward/Coupon

Visibility of your online store is one of the most important aspects, especially if you are looking forward to increasing sales of products and services. This plugin awards a customer for sharing your business portfolio on their social media profiles.

Main Features

  • Offer discounts of different amounts to customers who are willing to share your business profile
  • Stay up to date on social network activities
  • Improve security of your coupons by the use of unique codes which are not displayed on the cart
  • Excellent customer support through a dedicated helpdesk
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  • Availability of short codes that can be implemented in any page or widget
  • Updates are rolled out for free
  • High performance since scripts have been enabled to load asynchronously
  • Easily translate to languages you are comfortable with, including French and English
  • Enable users to accumulate coupons for each sharing action they make
  • Customize text that is displayed on the admin panel to match your brand or business

Price: $20

Referral System for WooCommerce

This plugin allows you to boost sales and increase audience traffic to your store. One of the most common features of this plugin is the refer a friend option. This is a nice way to upscale your marketing strategy as well as retain and acquire new customers.

What these plugin offers are discounts and vouchers for active customers that entice them to share products from the store. The discount works for both the people who get referred and customers, usually in the form of reward points and discount vouchers.

This plugin also supports compatibility for the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin thus improving the opportunities for your customers to earn points when they share your products or services across their social media networks.

Main Features

  • Flexible discount options, either as percentage of sales or fixed prices

This functionality allows referral payout amounts to be in the form of percentages or fixed prices. A number of functions are possible with this feature.

  • Type of discount: Conveniently choose the discount type, either as a fixed price or percentage for your voucher
  • Options for coupon: Enable the coupon to offer rewards for both the referrer and the referee. You can easily set the coupon amount for this, either as a fixed price or percentage
  • Options for purchase: Allows you to set the discount between the referrer and the referee.
  • Configuration: Set up your slug with details ranging from its name, cookies options and redirect URLs
  • Type of slug: Choose whether you feel comfortable sending referral links with your IDs or names.
  • Name of slug: Edit the name of your slug and set the most appropriate one for you
  • Expiration of cookies: Set a limit for the duration a cookie lasts before it expires
  • Referral link redirect: Set the pages you want the referral links to redirect.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce rewards and points

This functionality goes a long way to override the pricing and percentage options by offering referral discounts on the points system.

It allows you to redirect to the Points Settings page, with the following settings and options:

  • Sign Up points
  • Purchase points
  • Points settings
  • Checkout messages
  • Use points earned for actions

Price: $29

MWB WooCommerce Social Share Discount Coupon

This plugin allows merchants to share their profiles across various social media network platforms. It allows you to give your customers the role of sharing your profile across various social channels for a discount. This plugin goes a long way to create a sense of loyalty in your customers as well as increase market audience.

Main Features

  • Award your customers with discounts for sharing your profile on social media channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. This also boosts your social presence.
  • Choose the type of discount to offer your referrals and referees i.e. flat discounts or percentage discounts
  • Increase sales when a customer features your page on their personal pages
  • Choose the most suitable page to apply your plugin, including the products page, the checkout page or the thank you page
  • Use the system analytics to gather reports about shared products, the most referred URLs and IP addresses of users with most discount coupons.
  • Allows for universal translations to the most suitable language for a user
  • Send emails to your customers about discount coupons
  • Customize the coupons according to your tastes, preferences and business identity

Price: $39

SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System

SUMO Reward Points plugin functions to offer reward points to users who interact with your site and share products or services. Other options that qualify a customer to earn reward points include writing product reviews, signing up, and social media promotions. These reward points can be redeemed at a future date and used to purchase items.

Main Features

  • A reward points system that covers all your needs
  • Is fully integrated with WooCommerce
  • Expiry dates can be attached to the points
  • Ability to allow the reward points at product level, category level and global levels
  • Referral of friend’s feature
  • Easily translatable into languages of choice
  • Users points can be imported and exported in the form of a CSV file
  • Create gift vouchers in bulk amounts
  • Points can be redeemed at the checkout pages
  • Points can be shared and transferred between members
  • Exclude or include certain products from the reward points plan
  • Provides customers with minimum points for enabling redemption of reward points
  • Availability of short codes to add plugin features to various pages
  • Choose to show or hide coupon form from the checkout page
  • Enables notification via SMS like Twilio and Nexmo
  • Set a certain number of membership days that qualifies a user to earn reward points
  • Set the limit for maximum reward points discount

Price: $49


WooCommerce share for discount plugins is some of the most practical ways to share your brand or business out there, thanks to the power of social media. Selecting the plugin of choice requires an up and running store which needs to increase visibility.

While all of these plugins perform almost the same role, you should experiment with any of them to see which one fits your business needs. You can view the conversion results through a number of analytics software that will help you make a formidable decision.

Good luck on your journey to improve your site visibility and sales through some of the best share for discount plugins.

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