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Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales

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The e-commerce segment is in full bloom and the statistics predict that the upward trend continues in the years to come. Beyond it’s extraordinary magnitude, this field involves an epic conglomerate of strategies and systems that ensure there is nothing random in people coming and buying goods online.

Every aspect is tracked and analyzed! From well-thought-out prices, various scarcity techniques, step by step guidance, tempting discounts offered at the exact moment to remarketing techniques and customized approaches, e-vendors make sure their products remain of interest in the buyer’s mind.

But in order to reach your business’s full potential, you need the right tools. This inspired us to gather the Best Woo-commerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales in the following post.

Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin extends the default shipping options on a WooCommerce store, speeds up the shipping calculations, and saves you from manual calculations. Thanks to this plugin, there are no more complicated calculations. Simply said, an all-in-one shipping plugin for WooCommerce stores.


  • Logged-in user rules – easy way to provide your logged-in customers with special rates
  • Shipping calculations – calculate shipping based on total cost, item quantity, weight, destination country, state, zip/postcode
  • Multiple shipping methods – include as many shipping methods as you want, such as Standard, Express, Overnight, etc.
  • Tax – include or exclude tax
  • Handling fees – add handling fees to the orders
  • Hiding shipping methods – hide specific shipping methods based on the cart contents
  • Custom shipping method labels – customize shipping method labels based on the cart contents.

Product Addons for WooCommerce

Extra product options and custom product addons for the WooCommerce plugin provide 16+ different custom field types for us. Now, you can easily customize your product page and let your customers personalize their purchases with this plugin. Add, edit, modify the custom as well as default product fields based on your need. Product options like text boxes, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio inputs, color picker, date fields, and more are there to explore.


  • Different Custom Product Options – add any field you want to get additional details from your customers
  • File Upload – Let your customers upload any files, images, etc, on the product page
  • Dynamic Fields – show or hide the custom fields in the form based on the rule and its values
  • Easily Customizable Options – serves an easy selection of options with a variety of features
  • Help Text Feature – helps to know the full information of the field
  • WPML Compatibility – supports different languages
  • Section Positioning – determine the position of the “Add To Cart” button
  • User Friendly UI – offers an easy to use interface


With over 700,000+ websites actively using it, the OptinMonster woo-commerce plugin is going to transform your business into a sales powerhouse.

The forte aspects of OptinMonster consist in:

  • easy to use, intuitive framework, advantageous even for the users with no coding experience thanks to the drag-and-drop builder
  • extended flexibility in order to cover a multitude of scenarios
  • powerful targeting and segmentation engine, guaranteed to skyrocket your conversions by providing custom interactions with your potential buyers, in real-time
  • AB testing has never been more comprehensive! Find the best strategy to generate revenue, by easily implementing any scenarios that pass your mind from headlines, content and layouts to pop-ups, floating bars, fullscreen overlays, slide-ins.
  • Exit-Intent® Technology: Recover abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers.
  • Scroll Trigger: Only show campaigns after the user has scrolled X% of the page.
  • MonsterLinks™ 2-Step Optins: Convert any link or image into an optin form (2-step optin).
  • InactivitySensor™: Target inactive visitors and convert them into subscribers.
  • Timed displayed Campaign: Show your campaign at the right time to boost conversions.
  • Campaign Scheduling: Run time-sensitive campaigns during specific dates and times.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Use precision targeting to create campaigns that generate more leads, attract more subscribers, and make more sales.


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Zotabox is a complete WooComerce plugin! It integrates plenty of essential tools that work in order to efficiently step-up your sales flow. Zotabox’s most attractive feature is represented by 15 free tools that allow you to test the waters and decide on what works best for you. Of course, more extensive, paid plans are also available for the more driven players.


  • Easy Popup – to promote your specials and increase your subscribers with custom images, timers and coupons
  • Header Bar – to promote your specials and increase your subscribers. Countdown timer and coupons included.
  • Landing Page Builder – create new landing pages with ease
  • Promo Slider – slide out a box to promote specials, video, collect emails etc.
  • Push Notifications – collect subscribers and send out push notifications
  • Notification Box – fade in notification boxes to promote your products
  • Stickers – promote the latest news, new arrivals, blogs etc
  • Promo Box – to promote sales, products, new arrivals
  • Easy Banner – upload your custom image and link to any page

This slick plugin provides the necessary instruments to increase your website sales and subscriptions. It advertises the use of pop ups to drag attention towards the most attractive offers or to encourage customers to stay in touch.


  • Create and manage as many popups as you want using awesome, easy to customize, responsive templates
  • Age restriction popup – sometimes the content of a specific website might be inappropriate for certain audiences and an age confirmation pop up comes in handy
  • Countdown popup
  • Subscription popup
  • Contact form popup
  • Spinner popup – make the selling process fun for your customers.
  • Offer different discounts, free shipping, free gifts and much more enticing stuff to encourage your users for more sales.
  • Google Analytics (separate extension) – get detailed and exact statistics about the effectiveness of your popups
  • EXIT-INTENT TECHNOLOGY – Exit Intention technology is one of the finest inventions that could be used for popup triggering
  • Mobile Exit-Intent – uses Back button triggering and Tab switching on a mobile browser

VillaTheme WooCommerce Boost Sales – Upsells – Cross-sells Plugin

To sum up, this plugin is more targeted and stimulates the sales to increase pushing for up-selling and cross-selling. It is an ideal scenario in which the seller boosts revenue and, hopefully, provides a valued consumer experience.


  • Display up-sells pop-up which introduces up-sell products when customers hit the Add to Cart button. 
  • Customize up-sells pop-up: Select the pop-up style, customize how many products appear on the pop-up, customize the message.
  • Product Bundles: Create product bundles then sell the group at discounted prices.
  • Display cross-sell pop-up with a bundle product which includes the product that customers are going to buy.
  • Configure which page to appear: Select which pages will the cross-sell pop-up appear.
  • Customize the message: Customize the cross-sell pop-up message (Hang on we have this offer just for you)
  • AJAX Add to Cart: adding bundles to cart without reloading the page.
  • DISCOUNT BAR: The discount progress bar displays how much costumers need to spend to get the discount
  • Thanks to customers: When a customer achieves minimum for the discount, a THANK YOU message will display to congrats them.

XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers

This plugin advocate for 7 psychological triggers, guaranteed to urge the buying desire even when it comes to the most skeptical buyers.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

While research shows that approx. 4 trillion dollars worth of goods are abandoned in carts each year, this plugin considers that at least 60% of the loss could be recovered if the right strategy is applied.

GDPR compliant, the plugin has a free version that allows you to test some features and come to a conclusion. The premium mode offers of course, extensive functionality and detailed reports, focusing on delivering complete solutions.


Beeketing aims to help you make money effortlessly, adding social proof and incentive widgets to converse browsing traffic into buyers. The plugin has both forever-free features and premium features to help the user test drive what it provides.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

The main focus of this plugin is to avoid any type of uncertainty that might prevent your unsure customers from making a purchase. Hence, it provides the option of a gift card. This is an elegant solution for those who are looking to buy a thoughtful gift but have some concerns.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Although this plugin is not directly a sale boosting plugin at a first glance, it actually brings triple benefits. It is a simple and powerful tool that facilitates the ideal product’s discovery, speedy purchase processes and improved conversion rates.

Smart Coupons

Who can pass on a good bargain? Discount coupons and free shipping are considered essential methods to increase sales. Therefore, Smart Coupons can answer some of your needs.

Facebook for WooCommerce

This last plugin combines two relentless forces: social media and commerce. You can hardly have one without the other these days.

Basically, the plugin offers extensive control over your Facebook marketing campaigns. It facilitates reaching people likely to buy, with optimized, relevant ads. Also, it provides Facebook shop integration, on your FB Business’s page. The focus is always on merchandising, improve visibility, highlighting the bestsellers and easy interacting with customers.


Modern technology, globalization, open borders, all contributed to the metamorphosis of the classic trade. These days the competition is fierce but gladly, there are plenty of tools to help your business stand out. Keep an open mind, stay tuned with the latest trends, and always test, one or more methods in order to find what works for your customers.

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