Best WooCommerce Product Countdown Plugins (Free & Paid)

Every vendor has one goal in their mind, to increase the amount of sales they make in a day, week, month or in certain periods of the year if their products are seasonal. But increasing the sales isn’t an easy task to accomplish.

So they come out with different tactics to lure in more buyers. For example they would start experimenting with the inventory, reordering the products, standing out more and interacting with the customers…you get the point.

However, there are different rules on the internet. There’s no physical contact on your e-commerce store, only virtual one. Because of that, different strategies and tools for sales growth exist in this sphere. And one of those tools to help you grow your online business are the WooCommerce Product Countdown Plugins.

What are WooCommerce Product Countdown Plugins and why you need them?

As their name already suggests, these are plugins to help you set a countdown timer on certain products of your store which can also help to augment your earnings.

“But how would setting a timer increase my sales” – you may ask yourself.

Well, to begin with, the timer is mostly a psychological concept that can “pressure” or persuade customers to buy from your e-commerce shop. It’s very similar to the oldest marketing trick in the book – talking about the one when you write the price as $99.00 instead of $100.00.

With these WooCommerce product countdown plugins you can create promotional sale campaigns for any item in your store. Meaning, the countdown timer will show how much time left the customers have to buy a certain product for a cheaper price than the original one. They may not even need the product at the moment, but it can still trick them to buy it because they may fear of missing out on it and having to buy it for a more expensive price in the future.

“One time sale, buy it for a 50% cheaper price, now or never” – even the most close-fisted buyers will have second thoughts after seeing such slogan.

Because of these reasons, and to save you the time from searching, we selected and reviewed the best WooCommerce product countdown plugins (premium & free) just for you.

Best Premium WooCommerce Product Countdown Plugins

1) YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown

This plugin will definitely help you to boost sales and increase your earnings with the services it offers. Meaning, by using YITH’s product countdown plugin you’ll take advantage of the scarcity principle and encourage the buyers to purchase more products from your store. And you can achieve that by creating and customizing various offers for different products at a given time.

The plugin is used by almost 4000 customers and has an awesome customer support.

Main Features

  • Create specified countdowns for each one of your products or product groups individually
  • Create a sales bar to show the progress of a certain product that’s on sale
  • Choose if you want to show only countdown box, sales bar or both at the same time
  • Choose on what product page or category you want to show the countdown box and the position placement as well
  • Schedule what will happen to the product (remove/hide/leave) after the countdown ends
  • Use shortcodes and widgets alongside customizable texts
  • Design the countdown box using 3 different layouts and make any color scheme you like
  • Ability to choose between a top or bottom bar to show a countdown timer
  • Add a pre-sale countdown to inform your customers
  • Compatible with WPML – translate the plugin in multiple languages

Price: €59,99

2) Product Countdown WordPress Plugin

Place a countdown box on your products with ease and create a scarcity mentality in customers to increase your income. It integrates easily with WooCommerce based websites and with its easy-to-use interface you are only a few clicks away from augmenting your business.

But the major disadvantage of this plugin for WooCommerce is that it doesn’t have support, not even for an additional fee like many other premium extensions have.

Main Features

  • Ability to add pop-up window (countdown box) fixated on the top or the bottom of the page
  • Use shortcodes to add the countdown bar wherever you like. Whether it’s directly in the content of a post, a page or a custom type post
  • Choose if you want to show only the current price or current items in stock or both
  • Make the design yourself by picking background and front colors according to your taste. You also have custom and global CSS settings to customize every countdown
  • Select faded-in or fade in position for the pop-up window to gain more attention
  • Send an email or redirect to another page after the countdown for a product expires

Price: $26

3) WooCommerce Sales Countdown

Another premium WooCommerce product countdown plugin to help you make bigger profits by adding a sales timer for your products and services. With this plugin, you can create fantastic sales campaigns to promote various items on your e-commerce store. Similar to the other ones, it shows a countdown box with the product on sale to inform your customers.

You get a six months support from ThimPress included as well. But if you want an extended full-year support then the additional fee is only $6.

Main Features

  • Optimized for speed and best performance so it won’t add any extra ‘heavy weight’ to your website
  • Compatible and easy to integrate with any WordPress WooCommerce themes
  • Also compatible with the multilingual plugin WPML to help you offer sales in any language you want
  • No complex configurations, change whatever you want in the simple settings area
  • Option to place the countdown box on product and category pages or the sidebar widget area

Price: $21

Best Free WooCommerce Product Countdown Plugins

1) Product Time Countdown for WooCommerce

Brilliant and powerful free plugin to help you boost sales by adding live time counter to any product on your e-commerce store.

It’s updated regularly with over 400 active installations and it supports PHP version of 5.6 or higher and WordPress version of 4.8 or higher. The plugin so far also has a perfect 5-star rating score out of five votes.

Main Features

  • Set automatic actions to take place after the countdown expires; for e.g – non-purchasable product or no changes to the product’s state
  • Special timer template, style, update rate and time format to choose and customize
  • Ability to enable or disable page reload when the countdown timer ends
  • Option to set various messages to show after the timer has expired for a certain product
  • Choose where you want to place the timer (e.g. – on the single product page)
  • Create an admin products list and add a countdown timer to it

2) Finale Lite – Sales Countdown Timer & Discount for WooCommerce

The only WooCommerce plugin that has the option to create scarcity and urgency influenced promotional campaigns. Two powerful psychological tricks that can persuade customers to purchase from your e-commerce store.

With Finale Lite you are only a few minutes away from installation to creating campaigns.

It has over 8000 active installations and it’s highly rated by the community with 55 out of 61 votes being 5-stars. Also comes with a great support.

Main Features

  • Pick a time between two fixed dates to start and end a sales campaign
  • Set-up countdown timers on products to remind and inform customers about the deadline for action
  • Show the number of products left in stock with a counter bar which shows real-time stock status
  • Customize promotional campaigns by creating your rules for any product
  • It allows you to make use cases to: create and schedule seasonal offers; happy hour deals; 24h store anniversary day offers; discounts that last until the last in-stock item; promote everything in one go and much more

3) Sales Countdown Timer

Last but not least, is the Sales Countdown Timer by VillaTheme which allows you to maximize the revenue of your promotional campaigns. Convince the customers to buy from your e-commerce store by using urgency psychology on them.

The plugin is regularly updated and has over 2000 active installations. It supports WordPress 4.4 version or higher as well.

Main Features

  • Simple and elegant countdown timer to display or hide on your single product pages, categories pages, related products and the store page of WooCommerce
  • Option to set specific sale time by date. Even precise the hours and minutes
  • Ability to select where to position the countdown timer in single product pages and the archives
  • Set custom sale messages for upcoming scheduled promotional campaigns and set end messages when the sale finishes
  • Design the countdown timer according to your own taste by customizing the time displayed, the clock’s shape and color, the timer for items and also design the time value
  • Show how many items of certain product are in stock with the Sale Progress bar
  • Use shortcodes to display the countdown timer or progress bar anywhere on your site, plus use shortcodes to show various messages and percentages
  • Set as many countdown timer profiles as you want

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