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Best WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Plugins (Free & Paid)

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Are you looking for a way to handle the abandoned carts in your WooCommerce store? You can use a cart abandonment recovery plugin to remind your customers to complete their purchases. This means fewer abandoned carts.

This article points out the best options available to send automatic reminder emails or SMS to your customers and much more. So let’s keep reading on.

What To Check When Buying Cart Abandonment Plugins

To ensure that you only use the best cart abandonment recovery plugin, here are some things you should check for:

  • The plugin’s ability to generate and send follow-up emails automatically. You don’t need to do too much to get things running smoothly.
  • Ensure that the plugin is customizable. If it is, it allows you to create unique promotional emails in a way that represents your brand.
  • It is also essential for you to consider the price of the plugin. Some options are expensive, but they don’t provide matching value.

Best WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Plugins

Our recommended plugins include:


The last plugin on our list is CartBoss. The plugin automatically tracks abandoned carts and sends SMS to customers without additional settings. It offers templates and also lets you customize the messages. Additionally,  CartBoss auto translates the messages to other languages. This is useful for international customers.

CartBoss is easy to set up and use. The plugin allows you to customize the time delay for your reminders and the value of the bonus you’re offering.


  • Automatic language detection.
  • Pre-filled checkout form.
  • Automatic coupon/special offer generation on the site.
  • Library of 20+ pre-tested dynamic text messages.
  • Multilingual by default.

Price: Plugin is Free – You pay for the text messages as you go.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is one of the most incredible plugins on your store. You can conveniently remind your customers about the items they added to their carts without lifting a finger!

This plugin allows you to send coupons and reminder emails to customers that abandoned their shopping carts for one reason or the other. With YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart, you can send friendly reminders to regular customers and visitors if they fill in their email addresses. What’s more, the plugin allows you to customize the emails you send.

Furthermore, YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart lets you send multiple emails with different content to different customers. It also provides a detailed report of all the abandoned and recovered cards in a simple dashboard.


  • Set the period after which considering the cart abandoned.
  • List of all abandoned carts.
  • Users with a specific WordPress role can recover the abandoned carts.
  • Non-registered users can also recover their carts.
  • Delete all the abandoned carts after a specific number of hours.
  • Support for variable products.
  • Administrators can receive a notification email when an abandoned cart becomes a purchase.
  • Create different kinds of emails for your users.
  • Add the users’ information and their abandoned carts in the email dynamically.
  • Send emails automatically after a certain amount of time.
  • Customize the content of the email.
  • Add coupons to each configured email type.
  • Complete a list of all abandoned carts and their information.
  • Logs of every email recovered by the plugin.
  • Reset button for the Reports in the dashboard panel.
  • Supports WooCommerce Multi-Currency (WOOMC).
  • WPML compatibility.

Price: $88.55 annually.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

The Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin is another tool you can use to recover pending orders and convert abandoned carts. The plugin can help you enhance your WooCommerce store’s revenue. It keeps things professional, allowing you to track your recovery performance from a built-in analytic dashboard.

Additionally, the plugin enables you to create several reminder emails and schedule them to be sent out at specific intervals. Abandoned Cart Recovery also lets you include coupons and other promotions in the emails to motivate customers to complete their purchases. This way, you can watch your sales climb.


  • Email log to keep a record of all emails sent by extension.
  • Create multiple email templates for different user roles.
  • Option to send emails manually or automatically as per schedule.
  • Set a time delay for sending messages after cart abandonment.
  • Customize email title body and include coupon code (In fixed or percentage amount).
  • Utilize variables to personalize email such as name, direct cart link, coupon & more.
  • Ability to set the time after which a cart is considered abandoned.
  • Enable/disable recovery emails for pending orders.
  • Restrict pending cart recovery emails by user roles.
  • Exclude specific products from recovery emails.
  • Enable abandoned cart recovery emails for guest users.
  • Option to pre-capture guest email using a modal pop-up.
  • Automatically delete abandoned carts after a specific time.
  • Create different recovery emails for different users’ roles and choose to include/exclude coupon codes.

Price: $59 annually.

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is a top-rated plugin that effectively turns abandoned carts into recovered ones. Of course, it’s hard to say what may cause your customers to leave their carts while shopping on your WooCommerce platform. However, this plugin enables you to send follow-up emails seamlessly.

This plugin automatically sends emails at specified times to remind customers of their abandoned carts. You can also include the Cart link in the emails. Furthermore,  WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart allows you to create multiple email templates. It works for visitors and members of your website.


  • Monitor and record abandoned carts.
  • Recover abandoned carts with automated emails using mail templates.
  • Recover the lost sales with the recovered abandoned Cart plugin.
  • Works for simple and variable products.
  • Recover abandoned cart works for both members and guests.
  • User Click on mail is recorded for you to analyze which mail templates work.
  • You can set abandoned Cart and Mail sending time.
  • User Purchase using Cart link from mail is recorded.
  • Multiple mail templates for follow-up.
  • Activate/Deactivate mail templates.
  • Manual mailing option.
  • Email Admin when Cart is Recovered.
  • Automatic Coupon Code Generation to include in Mail.
  • WooCommerce Mail Templates can be used.
  • Checking previous orders for capturing Abandoned carts.
  • Translation Ready.
  • WPML, WPML String Translation, and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility for Mails.

Price: $49.


The next plugin on our list is another efficient free option that is ideal for any WooCommerce store owner that wants to be able to remind customers about their abandoned carts. Retainful is a user-friendly plugin. It helps you reduce cart abandonment without writing a line of code.

Retainful comes with a workflow builder that allows you to create your emails in a short time. It also has a drag & drop email editor for customizing multiple aspects of your follow-up emails. The plugin allows you to create personalized shortcodes and include coupons in the emails.


  • Automatically send abandoned cart emails to the customers when they leave something in their cart.
  • Create unlimited cart recovery emails for a campaign.
  • Make use of pre-built abandoned cart email templates.
  • Build your campaign easily using the workflow builder and launch it within minutes.
  • Shortcodes can be used for adding details like cart items summary, customer’s name, and more to the abandoned cart emails.
  • Captures all abandoned carts and shows them with a detailed report.
  • Abandoned cart reports – View recovered value, abandoned cart value, and more.
  • Dynamic customization options let you modify every aspect of your cart recovery emails as your intention.
  • This abandoned cart coupon plugin generates unique coupon codes on every purchase.
  • Offer flat amount, percentage & free shipping discounts via coupon codes.
  • The coupon codes can be generated with expiry/validity to create urgency.
  • Notify store administrators when a cart is recovered.
  • An insightful dashboard that brings every detail of your campaign, like abandoned carts, recovered revenue, recovered carts, etc., right in front of you.
  • The plugin allows you to earn more customers through the Retainful referral program.
  • When the referral program is successful, both the advocate and the friend are rewarded. You can create different offers for both.
  • The plugin sends reminder emails if your customer hasn’t referred any customers.
  • Notifies your customer regarding successful referral purchases and rewards.

Price: there is a free version, and the premium version costs $19 monthly.


Metorik is like a Swiss knife of WooCommerce plugins designed to enhance your store’s performance. For example, one of its tools lets you keep an eye on all abandoned or open carts. It also sends emails to motivate customers to complete their purchases.

Furthermore, Metorik provides accurate insight into how people interact with your WooCommerce store. For example, you can track all the carts in your store with real-time reports and include discounts in the follow-up emails you send to customers that abandoned their carts.

Metorik has a sleek interface that’s beginner-friendly. More so, it is compatible with other platforms such as Google Analytics and Zendesk. It also provides multi-currency support for international stores.


  • Cart tracking and reports.
  • Send automatic emails based on customer activity, including abandoned carts.
  • Cost and profit tracking.
  • Detailed reports of critical WooCommerce data with segmenting.
  • Digests (automatic custom reports).
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Zendesk, etc.
  • Data export.
  • Unlimited team members.
  • 30-day free trial.

Price: it costs $20 for 100 orders per month for the plugin plus an extra $15 for the automated emails.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

If you’re in the market for a free plugin, the WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery is a good option. It provides all the necessary features to recover revenue lost to abandoned carts and doesn’t limit the number of emails you can send.

The plugin records customers’ email addresses on the checkout page. If the carts are abandoned for up to 15 minutes, it will send follow-up emails to encourage them to complete their purchases. Additionally, store owners can customize the contents of the emails to match their brand’s style.


  • Email a unique checkout link to each shopper that takes them exactly where they left off.
  • It provides conversion-tested email templates.
  • This plugin integrates with marketing automation tools like Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, etc.
  • This plugin can generate limited-time unique discount coupons to entice your shoppers and send them automatically via email.
  • A full report of how the plugin works behind the scenes and recovering your lost revenue on autopilot.

Price: Free.

MWB HubSpot for WooCommerce

HubSpot for WooCommerce is another popular free plugin that helps you keep track of abandoned carts and recover more income. It is also the most convenient way to connect your WooCommerce store with HubSpot.

This plugin also enables store owners to create a smart list, offer easy and intuitive navigation,  and send automatic customized emails. Compared to other premium versions, you wouldn’t be missing out on a lot in terms of features.


  • Sync your WooCommerce store data to HubSpot.
  • Manage your customers and their orders in an easy-to-use CRM.
  • Track and recover customers’ abandoned carts.
  • Create and send beautiful, responsive emails to your leads and customers.
  • Build advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google.
  • Create insightful reports on your customers and orders to track the growth of your business.

Price: Free.

Recover Abandoned Carts for WooCommerce by ShopMagic

If none of the free plugins are up to your standards, you can consider Recover Abandoned Carts for WooCommerce. The plugin is an add-on for ShopMagic, so you’ll have to install it too.

The combination of the tools provides abandoned cart tracking and email marketing to boost your stores’ sales. Additionally, Recover Abandoned Carts for WooCommerce is packed with various features at no cost.


  • Set time when carts are considered abandoned.
  • Optionally enable guest tracking for abandoned carts.
  • Pre-submit data capture to instantly save customers’ email when they enter it in WooCommerce checkout.
  • Pop-up to collect user email if one wants to exit your store without adding product to the cart.
  • Filter carts by products, product categories in cart, item count, total, or even created date.
  • Send unique and personalized emails to customers.
  • Create and manage multiple customer lists.
  • Mailchimp integration.

Price: Free.

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