How to Hide WordPress Sidebar Widgets on Mobile Devices

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In case you need to hide some widgets from sidebar on mobile devices, or tablet , etc then you can do this very easy with the help of the Pojo Device Widget

I needed something simple that could help me hide some widgets on mobile devices as I don’t wanted them to be visible on the mobile devices as they are messing the header.  With the help of the Pojo Device Widget you can easily hide or display widgets on mobile/desktops or tablets.

What needs to be done

1. >> Install the plugin from Plugins – Add new

2.>> Activate the plugin.

3.>> Go to appearance – Widgets and expand the widget that you want to be modified and choose one of the options below:

hide mobile widgetPNG4.>> Check to see that the widget is not visible on mobile.


This is all you need to do to hide your widgets on mobile devices, easy and fast.

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  1. The plugin’s site says it only works on the Pojo Framework, yet the footer says WPDoze is running on Genesis. Did you manage to get the plugin working on a Genesis site?

    • Hi,

      Yes it is working perfect on Genesis site.