Best WooCommerce SMS &WhatsApp Notifications Plugins (Free & Paid)

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Customers love attention, and excellent customer service can exploit this opportunity to build a long-lasting business relationship.

While you have to do the hard bit of getting their phone number, keeping them posted on the delivery of requested goods through a professional SMS is something most will appreciate. There’s a certain level of trust that comes with keeping your customers updated on their orders. You can transform them into repeat customers with the right tactics.

One fantastic attribute of the WooCommerce SMS notifications plugin is that you don’t have to miss any order, regardless of where you might be at that moment. This improves the chance of communicating quickly – an attitude that could motivate customers to make more purchases.

Another messaging plugin that is used by a lot is WhatsApp, and it would be nice to be able to set notifications that can be received on WhatsApp for store owners or customers that want to have the status of the order.

Admins don’t need to track the dashboard and only check WhatsApp, such a plugin that can help you set both SMS and WhatsApp is WPNotif. This plugin can easily help you with SMS or WhatsApp notifications.

Benefits of the SMS Notifications Plugin

Unsure how an SMS notification plugin could grow your online store? Here are some benefits of this plugin to your e-commerce store?

It could transform one-off customers to repeat clients

Through the SMS notifications plugin, you can keep customers updated on the processing of their orders. While this might seem mundane, you can personalize those messages to elicit a positive response.

Customizing the messages you send to customers has a more personal feel to it, endearing them to your brand. The result could be the inflow of repeat customers for a long time. What business wouldn’t want such?

Not close to the computer? No problem!

There are times when you and your computer are miles apart, but your customers don’t know that – they place those orders all the same. With the SMS notifications plugin, you are kept updated on new orders, so you can take the necessary actions without the need to get to your computer.

Get the laidback customers to take action

Frost and Sullivan’s research on the marketability of the SMS revealed this type of messaging has an open rate of 90% – this is several times higher than the email’s open rate. Apparently, your SMS is likely to get read by customers compared to sending emails. This helps you to craft subtle marketing texts that get reluctant customers to do the needful.

It’s not complicated to manage

Unlike many other plugins, the SMS notification plugin is easy to operate. You don’t have to be a WooCommerce expert to dole out messages and control the messages delivered to customers.

Best Premium WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugins

With the vast array of WooCommerce SMS notifications plugins currently available, picking the best is never going to be easy. Your store needs all the attention you can muster; where’s the time to spare on finding a decent plugin? Luckily, you don’t have to worry as we have compiled the best WooCommerce SMS notifications plugins available right now.

Let’s get down to it!

SMS for WooCommerce

This plugin has integrations with the SMS platforms like Twilio, Vonage, ClickSend, Fast2SMS. The customer can opt in to have SMS sent during the check-out process and later on if they change their mind. SMS can be edited and sent for various statuses in which the order is. This plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Booking.

Main Features

  • Opt-in customers to receive SMS
  • Customer phone number validation in checkout
  • Opt-in post-checkout
  • Order status SMS updates
  • Personalize your SMS messages
  • Admin SMS notifications
  • Do not disturb your customers with late-night SMS notifications

Price: $99,00

YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications

Reaching across to customers and potential ones shouldn’t be difficult, but many entrepreneurs using the WooCommerce platform aren’t finding it easy. Perhaps, they aren’t deploying the YITH WooCommerce SMS notifications plugin.

You’ll find this YITH plugin does more than more allow you to send messages. It offers more SMS service providers than most – 20 is huge in this business. This removes the limitation of using a specific vendor.

Being able to either put your business name out there or run with a fictitious one when sending an SMS is possible with this plugin. This isn’t only restricted to the name as you can insert any phone number here if you are unsure about the safety of making your phone number accessible.

The YITH plugin allows you to send notifications to others in your team. As there are times you are indisposed to act accordingly, administrative rights can be handled by another on your team.

Main Features

  • Optimize your SMS with shortened URLs
  • Send personalized messages to customers
  • Alter Sender’s details as you deem fit
  • Compatible with 20 messaging service vendors
  • Quickly assess the performance of the plugin
  • WPML compatibility for easy translation across different languages
  • Create specialized filters for the SMS outreach


  • Allows you to send bulk SMS to a large number of customers
  • Compatible with YITH custom order status
  • Multiple gateways supported

Price: € 59,99

Twilio SMS Notifications

The Twilio SMS notification plugin takes a different approach from the YITH plugin. Here, you don’t get the option of choosing your preferred SMS vendor as you have to use the Twilio service, which has a presence in about 40 countries – there’s no guarantee that your country is included in that number.

There’s also an abundance of leeway regarding the order status that prompts the sending of SMS to customers. You can opt to only have messages sent for a pending order, an order on hold, and much more. Of course, you can check the boxes for all the options, but remember that SMS charges apply.


  • Uses only the Twilio messaging service
  • Send SMS to customers based on their order status
  • An opt-in checkbox for the SMS notification can be added
  • Offers a preview of the SMS notification before it’s sent


  • Keep customers posted on the status of their order
  • You can also assess the effect of the messages as the plugin allows you to receive such at the same time.

Price: $49


This is a jack-of-many-trades plugin as SMS notification is just one of its numerous features. The plugin sends emails to customers after they buy an item from your store.

With the AutomateWoo plugin, you don’t have to linger a lot on the kind of coupon to get customers to make a purchase. The WooCommerce SMS notification plugin helps you craft a coupon that has a high chance of motivating customers to take the desired action.


  • Allows you to send emails and SMS to different customers for just about any reason you can think of
  • Notifies customers as their saved payment card nears expiration
  • Sends limited time wishlists to customers
  • Compatible with a lot of other AutomateWoo add-ons with specialized functions


  • Jolt potential customers into action through its email marketing window
  • Creates coupons that are capable of luring customers to make purchases
  • Appeal to the emotional side of customers when used in combination with the AutomateWoo birthday add-on

Price: $99

WPNotif WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

This dual capability plugin allows you to send both SMS and Whatsapp messages to customers regarding the status of their orders. Either can be turned off, depending on your preferences.

Also, the plugin allows admins or store owners notifications via Whatsapp when a new order is placed.

Unlike the Twilio plugin, this WooCommerce SMS notification plugin offers different gateways, which reduce the cost of the messaging.

With this plugin, you get more than 35 placeholders, so you spend less time crafting the messages you send. But you can always create yours as the plugin permits custom placeholder.


  • Quick SMS option allows you to send messages to the number of any customer in the store’s record
  • Permits the sending of Whatsapp messages
  • Comes with 35+ message placeholders
  • Translation-ready plugin
  • GDPR compatible
  • Supports numerous gateways


  • The dual messaging plugin improves the marketability of your store
  • You can improve sales using the Quick SMS option to reach out to potential customers
  • Comes with six months of UnitedOver customer support services

Price: $27

WooCommerce International SMS

With this SMS notification plugin, you can keep your customers updated on the status of their orders through regular messages.

The WooCommerce International SMS supports several gateways – though not as much as some of the SMS notification plugins considered earlier.

Every SMS sent to a customer is stored through its SMS logging system, so you can revisit them whenever the need for such arises.


  • Compatible with every WooCommerce order status plugin
  • SMS gateway can be altered easily
  • Supports SMS APIs of different kinds
  • Both the admin and the customer gets an SMS notification.


  • Keeps record of every SMS sent to customers for easy retrieval
  • Customers are kept in the loop of the status of their order
  • Admin can send an SMS to a customer which could translate to more purchases


Best Free WooCommerce SMS Notification Plugin

“I’ll do anything for free stuff.” – Sandra Bullock.

What would you do with a free WooCommerce SMS notification plugin? That’s a question you might want to answer as we bring you the best SMS notification plugin that is free with no strings attached.

Check them out below:

Free Twilio SMS integration for WooCommerce by ShopMagic (Free)

The free WooCommerce SMS plugin ShopMagic is a free plug-in for WooCommerce. If you intend to send text messages from your store, you will need both ShopMagic and the ShopMagic for Twilio plugin.

Below are some of the use-cases for this plugin:

  • Send text messages for order status changes. With ShopMagic you are able to not only use standard WooCommerce order statuses but also custom ones e.g. Order Shipping.
  • Create automation for abandoned carts and recover them. Recovering abandoned carts is another free add-on which works great with ShopMagic for Twilio. Use it to notify your customers with SMS messages that they left something in the cart.
  • Notify customers about their subscription status. ShopMagic is integrated with WooCommerce Subscription plugin. Thanks to it, you can notify your customers about any change in their subscription. For example, send text messages when subscription is going to an end or after successful renewal.

SMS Alert Order Notifications (Free)

This plugin ensures your customers are notified by SMS based on the progress of their order. You’ll also get the same SMS, so you can assess its content and gauge the reaction of customers to your messages.

When configured correctly, the SMS notification also keeps you informed on the quantity of stock available. It’s not a common feature among WooCommerce SMS notifications plugins.


  • Auto URL shortening through compatibility with the Google add-on
  • Sends messages to both customer and the admin
  • Comes with message templates for different order status
  • Messages can be sent to handpicked customers


  • Send customers messages on the progress of their order
  • Stocks wouldn’t run out without your knowledge
  • You can boost sales by communicating with customers directly.

BulkGate SMS Plugin for WooCommerce (Free)

This plugin can be configured for clients and administrators to receive notifications during various events that are happening. You can create also bulk SMS campaigns that can be sent to your customers.


  • Create your own notification templates.
  • Notify your customers in their native language with multilingual templates.
  • Receive notifications whenever a new order is placed, canceled, a product is out of stock, or another event occurs.
  • Shorten your links with our URL shortener. Save characters to create a better message and get more valuable statistics
  • Use different sender ID types to send your campaigns
  • DND (Do not Disturb) solution for India and other countries (NDNC registry)
  • Check statistics to see what impact your campaigns have

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