Best WooCommerce Product Search Plugins (Free & Paid)

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If you are an owner of an e-commerce store, you are probably aware of the power the search box carries. Successful e-commerce stores cannot exist without a superb product search bar. Because of that, installing a WooCommerce plugin with advanced search options for your website is something you need to do.

Why you need a WooCommerce Product Search Plugin

The number one reason why the product search box is so important, it’s because you want your customers to be able to find the products on your website as easily as possible. Without such an essential tool in your hands, you are gambling with your earnings and most likely losing potential customers.

In this day and age when everything moves so rapidly, people won’t just stop by your online shop and scroll infinitely until a product they like pops up in the feed. No, they want instant results and the longer it takes for someone to find a product, the bigger are the chances to lose them as a customer.

According to some research, the first 10 seconds are vital when it comes to keeping users on the site. That’s why is crucial to have a great user experience, especially for e-commerce stores. And by installing a WooCommerce search plugin, you’ll provide an advanced product search option for your buyers, which will automatically lead to a better user experience and of course, more sales.

To spare you from the trouble of additional searching and wasting precious time that you can spend on creating new content for your online store, we selected the best WooCommerce Product Search Plugins (free and paid) just for you.

Best Premium WooCommerce Product Search Plugins

This is the official extension developed by WooCommerce to make your and the customers’ lives easier! To run this plugin it’s required to have WooCommerce version 3.0 or higher.

The annual price stands at $49.00, but you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full year of updates and support.

Main features

  • Easy and smooth integration with popular themes on WordPress and your WooCommerce store
  • The Thumbnail, price and information of products pop up as customers type in the search box (see picture above)
  • Product filters for even easier search experience
  • Offers you valuable statistics of what customers have typed in the most and the least in the product search field
  • Can be used with WordPress’ block editor Gutenberg to create new custom store units

Price: $49.00

Another amazing plugin that you can add to your e-commerce site and provide a better user experience for the visitors. Unlike the plugin above, this one comes with a premium and a free version as well. But of course, the features in the free version are far more inferior. The premium version comes up with a price of €59.99 for a single site.

Main Features

  • Has the ability to show a preview of the product with its price and thumbnail included (also can change the thumbnail’s position in the preview)
  • Offers you to choose if you want to show a snippet of the product’s description in the search bar
  • Option to add promotional labels such as “sale”
  • Change the layout of the search field
  • The YITH Ajax Search can also be used in combination with other plugins and tools such as WPML to translate products in various languages

Price: Free and €59.99

WooCommerce Search Engine

If you are in for a powerful, elegant, and easy-to-use search box, then WooCommerce Search Engine is the right plugin for you. For the price of $59.00, you get one of the best plugins on the market in return. It can do wonders for your e-commerce store and is compatible with all themes on top of that.

Main Features

  • Ability to search by color or synonyms as the image above shows
  • Ability to search products by their SKU code, price, categories, attributes and so on
  • Typos are part of the past due to the plugin’s smart autocorrected search which recognizes mistyped words (i.e “Sasumng” instead of “Samsung”)
  • With the search analytics tool you can see your customers’ search history which can massively help you to improve you sales
  • Show recently visited, featured or trending products to your customers

Price: $59.00

Ajax Search for WooCommerce

This is a plugin that comes with a premium (pro) and a free version. But in this case, we’ll only review the premium version which is one of the best-rated plugins in the industry. When it comes to the Pro version, Ajax Search offers you three business plans from which you can choose a lifetime subscription alongside the usual annual one. See their prices.

You can also expect fast and helpful support from the team for any inconveniences that may occur to you while using their product.

Main Features

  • The incredible speed with an average server response time of 150ms even on sites that have over 50 000 products
  • Search by brands, attributes or product’s title, SKU and a short description
  • Product’s thumbnail, price, a brief description and SKU can be shown in the search bar
  • Show suggestions of categories, tags and brands to your visitors
  • The search form can be customized to your likings with simple CSS changes

Price: Free and $49.00

Flexible and efficient, that’s how Premmerce describes their product. And they aren’t lying. Currently, over 1000 people with active installations trust Premmerce’s WooCommerce product search plugin. Their annual price for a single site stands at $49.99, while for a lifetime at $149.99.

They also offer you a 7-day free trial to try and test their product.

Main Features

  • Live search which gives you autocomplete results with a minimum number of symbols typed in
  • Easy integration with other WooCommerce plugins
  • Spell correction which gives relevant products even if you mistype a word (i.e “shue” instead of “shoe”)
  • Product search by its SKU or short description is available
  • Ability to search for similar words, words with the same pronunciation and transliterated words

Price: $49.99

WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium

Simple, fast, and accurate, that’s how customers describe this product. A plugin that is a bit pricier than its compatriots, but there’s a reason why that’s the case. The starting price is $99.00 for a single site, but they also offer you a 14 day free trial period where you can taste the plugin’s full power.

Main Features

  • 100% accurate search results for product: name, SKU, categories, tags
  • Compatible with any theme, framework or page builder which allows you to add a search bar anywhere on your site
  • Exclude products, pages or posts from the Predictive Search results
  • Easy integration with SEO plugins
  • Can integrate with the multi lingual plugin ‘WPML’ which offers searches in different languages
  • Fully customizable – shape it to your own liking

Price: $99.00

Best Free WooCommerce Product Search Plugins

A straightforward and elegant plugin that certainly can improve the user search experience on your WordPress based e-commerce store. While it’s obviously weaker than the premium version, it still offers a great deal of options.

Main Features

  • Create custom shortcodes or use widgets to place the search box in pages or sidebars
  • Search through and by product: categories, tags, SKU or name
  • Search results come up with thumbnail, prices and description
  • Option to integrate WPML and enable searches in multiple languages
  • Ability to exclude products that are “out of stock” and to allow/disallow searching in selected categories by your choice

With 104 5-star votes out of total of 116 user reviews, Advanced Woo Search is one of the best ranked and most trusted free-to-use WooCommerce product search plugins.
It has over 40,000 active installations, frequent updates and great support.

Main Features

  • Supports an Ajax search box
  • Option to search by product: title, excerpt, categories, tags, ID and SKU
  • Settings page to choose what to show
  • Ability to show product image and price
  • Place it wherever you want via a widget or a shortcode
  • Decent speed and smart ordering
  • Integratable with multi-language and multi-currency plugins such as WPML, Polylang and others

Instant Search+ for WooCommerce

Another amazing free product search plugin that is highly regarded by its users. It’s reliable, fast, easy to use, and probably the best free plugin of this type.
But all of this comes up with a catch. Meaning, InstantSearch+ is free only for stores with up to 100 products. For bigger storage, you’ll have to buy their premium version.

Main Features

  • Lightning fast because its cloud-based(CDN) and instantly provides search results
  • Gives relevant products after only few typed letters in the search box
  • Ability to show product’s price, weight, type, tag and vendor
  • Easy integration with your WooCommerce store
  • Customize the design to your own liking
  • Control what products customers see according to the season

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