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Best WooCommerce Reports & Analytics Plugins For Your Store

best WooCommerce Reports & Analytics Plugins For Your Store

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It is one thing to have a WooCommerce store that’s up and running, and it’s another to know how exactly the website is performing. The good thing is that these stores have a section where you can view basic insights about your store. So, how do you get an in-depth view of the numbers of your eCommerce platform?

The great news is that WooCommerce supports reports and analytics plugins that can take your store reports to another level. These advanced reporting systems offer more features than the default WooCommerce style.

This article discusses the best plugins that provide concise reports for WooCommerce stores and also help boost your revenue.

Why You Should Use a WooCommerce Reports Plugin

WooCommerce is one of the most popular and efficient eCommerce platforms. The free plugin on WordPress makes it seamless and convenient to create a store to sell products and services online. More so, WooCommerce is compatible with multiple plugins that enhance stores’ performance. One of these is the WooCommerce reports and analytics plugin.

You should use a WooCommerce reports and analytics plugin for so many reasons. These reasons include:

  • It gives you insight into how customers interact with your website so you can offer outstanding products and services.
  • It helps you track your conversions closely by providing useful data such as where your customers are from and the products they buy.
  • It improves stock management by gathering relevant data, including the products you should sell more and current trends.
  • You can use the tool to discover marketing strategies that work and evaluate marketing campaigns by collecting vital information about customers’ behavior and the best marketing channels for your business.
  • With the plugin, you no longer have to painstakingly try to generate reports and analysis yourself because it becomes an automatic, easy process. You just need to install one of the plugins on your store, and it does all the hard work.

Best WooCommerce Reports & Analytics Plugins

Here are our top recommendations with the WooCommerce reports & analytics plugin to help you manage your store better.

Sales Analysis for WooCommerce

This is one of the top-tier plugins that allows store owners to manage to report effectively. Sales Analysis provides necessary details on sales and net revenue sales, key metrics, regional analysis, and customer trends.

With all the data the Sales Analysis plugin provides, you will get insight into exactly how your WooCommerce store is performing, so your decisions can help it improve. It is not always easy to handle store management manually, and that is why you need the reporting tools that Sales Analysis for WooCommerce provides.

Thanks to all the features packaged in this plugin, you will optimize your store’s conversion rate and enhance your customer base. More so, Sales Analysis delivers all its information in an easy-to-understand manner.


  • Reports present data for some time.
  • Every report gets visualized as pie charts, bar charts, etc.
  • Order analysis.
  • Revenue analysis.
  • Customer analysis.
  • Sales analysis.
  • Products by country.
  • Product revenue.
  • Unit sales.

Price: $129 annually.


This plugin is advertised as the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Although it is not designed specifically for WooCommerce, it comes with an eCommerce add-on that helps you track your conversions seamlessly. No matter the products you sell in your store, MonsterInsights gets the job done effectively.

MosterInsight displays all the data that helps you keep tabs on your WooCommerce store’s performance directly from your WordPress dashboard. With all the features that the plugin comes with, you won’t be missing out on any vital information about your store’s finances.

Furthermore, MonsterInsight provides real-time stats so that store managers can see customers online, what they’re doing within the store, and so on. You can also get details for each post and page view of which websites have high-converting traffic. This helps you plan sales and marketing campaigns effectively.


  • Universal tracking for different sites on multiple devices and promotional campaigns without writing code.
  • Customizable dimensions.
  • Scroll tracking.
  • Link click tracking.
  • Outbound link tracking.
  • Compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations.
  • Enable Google Optimize for A/B testing, adjust speed & sample rate, and more.
  • Displays your conversion rates.
  • Accurate real-time data.
  • Provides average order value.
  • Insights on transactions.
  • Provides data on the most popular products.
  • Displays revenue.

Price: $99.50 annually for one website, $199.50 annually for five websites, and $399.50 annually for 25 websites.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Another outstanding reports & analytics plugin you can use for your store is the WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro. One of its selling points is that it provides all its stellar features using the Google Analytics management dashboard interface. So, if you’re already used to the default Google interface, you’ll find this easy to use.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro is designed to upgrade the features of Google Analytics to provide advanced insights about how your store is performing. It analyzes store traffic, sales, events traffic, the value of orders, etc., and sends the data to your Google Analytics dashboard. Additionally, the plugin supports the analysis of shopping and checkout behavior. Thanks to all the data and information WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro provides, you will improve the user experience in your store and boost sales.


  • Track key metrics such as conversion rates, average order value, most popular products, and categories from the same dashboard.
  • Enhanced eCommerce tracking in your Analytics account.
  • Ability to anonymize IPs.
  • Google Optimize integration.
  • Display advertising support.
  • Track items added and removed from the cart.
  • Get insights into your WooCommerce Sales Funnel and accordingly take actions to improve.
  • Track User IDs easily.
  • Add checkout options to get more insights into checkout choices made by customers, such as selected payment methods.

Price: $79 annually.

Advanced WooCommerce Reporting

This is another highly recommended plugin that improves how your website provides reports in your dashboard. The Advanced WooCommerce Reporting plugin is lightweight, but it has several useful features. What’s more, it looks better than the default reports you get on your WooCommerce store, and it is budget-friendly.

Unlike other reports and analytics plugins that change your store’s interface, Advanced WooCommerce reporting improves the in-dashboard charts instead. That way, you don’t have to worry about trying to wrap your head around the way a new interface works. Staying true to its name, the plugin has advanced features that provide you with more insight, including business intelligence, order status, top product views, and so on.


  • Product reports.
  • Category reports.
  • Tax & refund reports.
  • Providence reports for you to compare your real data against targets that you’ve set.
  • Advanced permission controls.
  • Custom taxonomies and fields.
  • CrossTab.
  • Variations.
  • Sleek Design & Responsive Layout.
  • Easy to configure dashboard.
  • Visual Reports in the form of Pie charts & Bar charts are available to look at, at a glance.
  • Send scheduled reports via email to get a complete compilation of the most important information for your store.

Price: The regular license costs $39 for six months, and it can be extended up to twelve months for $12.75.


Metrilo is another excellent WooCommerce report and analytics plugin that you can easily set up on your store. The plugin provides real-time data and omits canceled, returned, or fake orders.

This is a concise tool that provides in-depth analytics. For example, it analyses your shopping cart, product, and content marketing details. Additionally, Metrilo is beginner-friendly and has an intuitive and customizable dashboard that displays useful information, including revenue, average orders, and conversion rates.

Furthermore, Metrilo measures individual product performance and supports the importation of older order data.


  • Provides a retention analysis tool that helps you track one-time customers that become repeat customers.
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • The funnel analysis tool allows you to analyze three different funnels (product, shopping cart, and content marketing.)
  • Offers cohort analysis to track specific groups of customers for some time.
  • WooCommerce CRM.
  • Email marketing automation tool.
  • More than 30 filters for audience segmentation.

Price: It provides a trial version. The premium version starts at $99/month annually.

WooCommerce Google Analytics

WooCommerce Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use to understand the way customers interact with your store, revenue, and other details so that you can take needed steps to improve your eCommerce store’s conversion rate and customer satisfaction. This is ideal for anyone interested in a free report and analytics tool.

This plugin has features that provide insights on channels that generate the most traffic, so you can focus on improving others or sticking to one channel. Additionally, the plugin helps stores provide information about traffic, transactions, and revenue across products for you to know which products your customers are interested in.

As much as WooCommerce Google Analytics helps you get a clear picture of how your store is doing so you can make profits, it also gives insight on areas where your website might be losing money by tracking the way customers move from product page to cart to checkout.


  • Track basic data, including sessions, users, and events, with Universal Analytics.
  • Integrate Enhanced ECommerce Analytics to get basic eCommerce data, including cart actions and product views.
  • Exclude visits from administrators to get a more accurate picture of customer data.
  • Support for Display Advertising.

Price: Free.


Google Analytics and Google Shopping Plugin for WooCommerce is an improved version of the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin. With the plugin, you’ll be able to set up enhanced eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics on your WooCommerce store.

Additionally, this plugin allows you to connect to Google Ads and Google Merchant accounts. However, it doesn’t provide reports and analytics on the WordPress dashboard as other plugins do. Nonetheless, you can unlock various Google Analytics eCommerce reports such as shopping report behavior, checkout behavior report, product performance report, and sales performance report, so you can view them in your Analytics.


  • Easy installation process.
  • Supports Guest checkout functionality.
  • Good Analytics opt-out.
  • IP anonymization.
  • Product sync dashboard.
  • Shopping campaign performance dashboard.
  • Automatic site verification and domain claim for Google Merchant Center account.
  • Automatic price and inventory update for your WooCommerce products to the Merchant Center account.

Price: Free and Premium from 19$ a month

Sales Report for WooCommerce

Another effective free reports and analytics tool you can use to get your Commerce store’s figures on track is the Sales Report for WooCommerce. With this plugin, you get concise data about your store’s performance.

This plugin provides daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports. Additionally, you can use Sales Report for WooCommerce to create emails with total sales, amount of orders, and products sold. All this data will be sent directly to your mailbox. What’s more, is that you get this plugin for free.


  • Ability to send reports to selected emails.
  • Can select a time to send a report.
  • Ability to send a weekly report.
  • Ability to send daily and monthly reports.
  • Create multiple intervals to send reports.
  • Can select data to send.
  • Different emails for each report.
  • Ability to send reports for a custom time.
  • Send reports only on a selected day of the week.
  • Sales by days for weekly and monthly periods.
  • Custom subject for each report.

Price: Free.

Product Sales Report for WooCommerce

Product Sales Report for WooCommerce is the last reporting tool on our list. It is a versatile plugin for eCommerce store owners to get a detailed analysis of all that’s going on on their website, from major sales indicators to details on customer behavior. Additionally, You can share these reports with other people.

The Product Sales Report plugin is easy to use. So, even if you are not familiar with report plugins, you will not have any issues using them. The plugin provides reports on the quantity and gross sales of WooCommerce products sold within a time.

This plugin also provides various options for details to include in a report. For example, you can choose to make a report including the product ID, SKU, name, quantity sold, gross sales, and product category. Furthermore,  you can do all this from your WordPress dashboard and download it as a CSV file to share with others.


  • One-click generate and share.
  • Sort report by date range.
  • Export reports in CSV format.
  • Optionally include products with no sales.
  • Show all variations for a product as a single line item.
  • Exclude free products from your reports.

Price: Free.

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