Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

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Having your WordPress site backed-up is very important in case your site is haked or somethign happens with your server. While I am in the online activity I had my sites hacked a coupe of times and it was a good thing that I had them backed up as I was able to restore them fast. With WordPress is very easy to backup your site to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, FTP or other claud company that exists outh there. The best thing is to have your site backed up to an external source so in case something happens with the server to have from where to take your files and perform a restore.

In this article I will present 2 plugins that I like and use to backup my sites on Dropbox and Google Drive. In the WordPress plugin repository you will find more plugins that can help backup your WordPress site but from my point of view this two are the best as they will backup your database and the files  for free.


 1# UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

A very easy to use plugin, in couple of minutes you can set a scheduled backup for your files and DB to go on S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email + others. The plugin offers the posibility to do restore also in case you will need it, which is very usefull for inexperienced WordPress users. The plugin has also a premium version with more features and options. For the day to day users with sites that has hundred of articles this plugin does the job realy good. For more details check the WordPress plugin repository:

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

 2# BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin

It has almost the same functionalites in the free version like Updraftplus, backWPup it can help you backup the files and the DB on Dropbox, S3, etc. The plugin doesn’t do anautomaticaly restore like the other plugin things that can make things harder for unexperienced users, for restore you will need to use the cPanel Access. The plugin has also a premium version with more features and options.



This are the best free WordPress backup plugins that exist, both of them aredoing a great job backing up the site. Becase is more easy to use my favorite on is Updraftplus, I am using it to backup my sites to Dropbox to be protected in case of desasters :).

This are the plugins that I am recomading, what about you what plugin are you using to backup your site?


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  1. Wow thanks so much for shearing this great post and awesome plugin information . Guys you can give or try this backup&restore dropbox by wpadm i use it and it works for me… Thanks again for the post.

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