Best WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugins (Free & Paid)

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Everyone wants to have stability, that’s something most people strive to achieve in their lives. And running an e-commerce based business can be very stressful. Especially when your income starts to bounce in different directions of which you have no control whatsoever even though you try your hardest to make as many sales as you can. But sometimes, you aren’t the only factor that influences the monthly earnings or sales in general.

For those reasons, developers have created the WooCommerce Subscription Plugins which can help you to generate guaranteed recurring monthly, weekly, or yearly payments.

The life of an e-commerce entrepreneur surely gets a lot easier when he at least knows the minimum amount of money his store will make in the next four weeks.

What are WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugins and why you need them?

Well, the name already kind of gives away the meaning of these plugins. But, to be more precise – they are powerful tools that allow customers to subscribe to your physical or virtual goods and services.

For example, a monthly subscription to a fashion magazine, a streaming service like Netflix, an online course, a hosting service, and so on, you get the point. Many of the big companies with these types of products do anything in their power to maintain and expand the number of their “loyal customers”. Because of that, their products have subscription options. Keep the piggy bank and the consumers happy.

You may ask yourself, but why would I need a plugin for this stuff? Well, while you can set up some subscription options manually, you will never have security, detailed reports, and statistics on customers’ payments, their expiration dates that come up with these plugins. Not to even mention dozens of secure billing options, beautiful easy-to-use signup forms for your customers, and much more.

Don’t waste your time by manually handling every subscription and the troubles that come with it. You’ll have to dedicate your whole life to just dealing with subscriptions. But all of this is reachable within a few clicks for you and your buyers with the WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugins.

Best WooCommerce Subcsriptions Plugins

1) WooCommerce Subscriptions

Powerful subscription plugin developed by WooCommerce’s team which guarantees you seamless integration with your e-commerce store.

It allows you to create various subscription forms for different products and services you may offer in your store. Whether they are physical or virtual goods, it doesn’t matter because this plugin has a solution for it.

The price stands at $199.00 per year with includes one year of updates and support. Also, as with many other premium WooCommerce products, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Main Features

  • Ability to add sign-up fees and free trials so customers can get a taste of the product before buying it
  • Create a variable subscription that will allow customers to adjust the purchase to their needs
  • Easily manage subscriptions through the administration panel. Subscribers also receive account management option and have the option for multiple subscriptions
  • Synchronize payments and shipping on any day you want
  • Change the product’s option if it’s virtual, physical or you want to charge weekly, monthly…
  • Send coupons and automated emails to your customers after a payment or cancelation is done
  • Offer 25 payment gateways to your customers and receive detailed reports on revenue, active subscribers and more

Price: $199

2) YITH WooCommerce Subscription (Free and Paid)

Another amazing plugin that allows you to sell products through a subscription-based model that has the ability to help you loyalize your customer base and generate certain passive income on monthly basis.

YITH WooCommerce Subscription comes in free and premium versions. The free version only supports the most basic options such as – creating a subscription plan for simple products, renewal options, PayPal as only automatic payment, and a few other things.

While the premium versions come with dozen more options and three business plans

Main Features

  • One user can add multiple subscriptions in the same cart
  • Changeable payment date depending on the selected gateway. Also, allow payment postponements for your customers
  • Allow a trial mode for your customers to access freely some of your products for a limited period
  • Pause, cancel and renew subscriptions. Also, add variable products so buyers can adjust them to their taste
  • Allow users to pay recurring or sign-up fees and to switch from one to another subscription plan
  • An immediate detailed report on every subscription
  • Send and receive emails whenever a new action has occurred. Also, offer various coupons to customers
  • Keep track on all subscription activities
  • Compatible with WPML to translate in multiple languages

Price: Free and € 99,99

3)WooCommerce Subscriptions Pro (Free and Paid)

This plugin has a free version that can be used with limited features as you will not have all the emails and variable products subscriptions, you can check all the details on their website. The good thing is that you can start with the free version and build from there.

Main features:

  • Create WooCommerce Variable Subscription Product Type
  • Allow Customers To Select Subscription Expiry Date
  • Allow Multiple Quantities On Subscription Products
  • Automatic Retrying For Failed Payments
  • Automated WooCommerce Subscriptions Cancellation
  • Notifications and Reminders Emails for Subscription Related Actions
  • Configure More WooCommerce Subscription Services
  • WooCommerce Upgrade Subscriptions or Downgrade Plans

Price: Free and $99

4) SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System

Excellent plugin, with 5-star support and an average rating of 4.78 based on 49 votes. The only reason it doesn’t have a perfect 5.00 score is because of misunderstandings that the developers later solved. The main point is, the SUMO Subscription system works exactly as it says in the description.

The regular license price for these beautiful beasts stands at $49.00, with the only downside being the additional $16.50 you need to pay if you want a full year of extended support.

It works with any WooCommerce-supported theme, is always compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, it’s the most comprehensive subscription plugin, and is much more.

Main Features

  • Simple, variable and grouped product subscriptions for your users
  • Easy payment synchronization and allow customers to select duration and number of renewals for order subscriptions
  • Automatic and manual subscription renewals using PayPal, WooCommerce and other payment gateways (subscribers can choose which one)
  • Allow multiple subscriptions in the same cart checkout even including non-subscription products
  • Option for paid and free trial and ability to set trial and sign-up fee
  • Include or exclude shipping and tax costs in renewals
  • Highly customizable and compatible with other plugins such as WPML

Price: $49

5) Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions

Another highly-rated plugin by the community with over 6300 sales and an average rating of 4.26 based on 140 votes.

With the Subscriptio WooCommerce extension, you can expect an increased number of new subscriptions which can help you to achieve a recurring stream of money. Sell products, online memberships, e-learning packages, and much more with ease.

When it comes to the price, Subscriptio requires similar expenses as the plugin above – SUMO. Meaning, it’s the same fee for a regular license ($49) but a different one for the extended license ($249)

Main Features

  • Supports a semi and fully automatic billing processes alongside two built-in payment gateway extensions (Strip and PayPall Express Checkout)
  • Allows you set subscription and free trial lengths, payment cycles and setup fees
  • Both variable and simple products can be configured as subscriptions
  • Ability to purchase subscription and non-subscription products in the same cart checkout
  • Powerful and easy to use admin management panel for subscriptions
  • Pause, cancel and resume subscriptions manually
  • Sell virtual and physical products without problems

Price: $49

6) WebToffee WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin

Efficient and easy-to-use WooCommerce extension that can seamlessly integrate with your online e-commerce store and help you assure a consistent earnings stream.

The WebToffee subscriptions plugin is compatible with most of the WooCommerce plugins and extensions so you won’t have any troubles in this field.

When it comes to prices, WebToffee offers three business plans

  • Single site $89.00
  • Up to five sites $129.00
  • Up to 25 sites $199.00

Main Features

  • Create both variable and simple subscription products
  • Flexible and diverse billing schedules that allow daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly payments
  • Set free trial periods and sign-up fees for your customers
  • Allow your customers to manage their subscriptions and change shipping addresses if necessary
  • Option for manual renewal activated by the store owner
  • Create discount coupons for recurring customers upon renewal
  • Multiple language support, automatic email notifications to notify customers, and synchronized subscription renewals

7) WooCommerce Memberships

If the name confuses you, don’t worry. That’s because WooCommerce Memberships is not just another subscription plugin. This is a powerful tool that’s not limited only to products. You can create membership plans independently from products and sell access to these memberships or grant them to customers as part of purchases.

The price for this beast is paid annually and it stands at $199.00.

Main Features

  • Manually assign memberships for invite-only customers
  • Limit what customers can see or buy and grant premium content accessible only to subscribed members
  • Offer better shipping options to your most loyal customers (the members)
  • Reward your members with special discounts that encourage them to purchase more products
  • Access to Member Area for members to check all of their account information
  • Easily import or export members to other services such as an email list
  • Effortless tracking and communication with members through “membership notes” to send various messages or reminders to
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions to create a powerful duo

Price: $199

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