Best WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products Plugins (Free & Paid)

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To improve the revenue potential of your e-commerce store, you have to sell those products. Achieving this feat requires you to win the mind-game war, which can be quite intricate as a lot of things are involved.

One of the ways to get your customers to buy products is by identifying the products they looked at, then subtly reminding them to make that purchase by putting that product in their face. Many ads on Google and Facebook run on this module.

For the average e-commerce store without the capacity to run ads long-term on these platforms, you might have to opt for the second-best thing. Luckily, the WooCommerce platform has you covered in this regard through its recently viewed products plugin.

With this plugin, you can see the products recently viewed by customers and take action to ensure they go beyond just looking at the item.

Marketing research done on the behavior of customers has shown that more than 50% of visitors could take the bold step of buying a recently viewed product. In essence, a little motivation is what they need.

With the WooCommerce recently viewed product plugin, you couldn’t ask for a better head-start.

Increasing the sales on your WooCommerce store is very important and you need to take advantage of any trick that can help you boost WooCommerce sales. Frequently Bought Together Plugins is another good plugin that can show the customer what others products go with the current one.

Benefits of the Recently Viewed Plugin

Still unsure how a recently viewed plugin can help your store? Here are a few benefits that should clear all doubts:

Increased sales

With the recently viewed products plugin, you can identify the items that visitors are interested in buying. This information helps you to strategize better towards getting more sales to your store.

Customized offers

The recently viewed products plugin makes it possible to personalize offers based on the items scanned by visitors. With the right conditions, those visitors could be motivated into a purchase.

Create engaging recommendations

Customers are often swayed by endorsements, especially if it has a human face to it. You can leverage the recently viewed products plugin to create compelling recommendations.

Effective planning

When the recently viewed products plugin is matched with a comprehensive analytics tool, you can measure the efficacy of your marketing strategy. An outcome is a practical approach that could set your store apart.

Best Premium WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products Plugins

Ready to pay a premium for a WooCommerce recently viewed plugin but want the best? Below are some of the outstanding options you can get right now:

YITH WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products

Created by Yithemes, this plugin keeps you posted on the product pages visited by visitors to your e-commerce store. Using this bit of information, you can craft a copy that gets the customer coming back to buy that product.

Another exciting aspect of this recently viewed product plugin is that you have control of how this information is processed. While puts all the recently viewed products are on the same page, you can set up specialized pages for each. The dedicated page approach makes it easier to select items and strategize accordingly.

This plugin allows you to sieve the information that gets back to you. Though customers tend to view all sorts of products, you don’t have to see everything – such an overload of data is usually counterproductive.

Some of the products recently viewed by customers might be out-of-stock, so you need to block out those items, and this WooCommerce plugin allows you to do this without stress.

Main Features

  • Lets you see the products reviewed by customers
  • Permits customizable outcomes
  • You can send customized emails to such customers
  • Enables easy creation of recommendations
  • Equipped with wpml compatibility


  • A combination of this plugin and in-depth analysis can get customers to go beyond viewing products.
  • You can send customized emails to stalling customers and get to make that purchase.

Price: € 59,99

WooCommerce Product Recommendations

Developed by SomewhereWarm, this plugin lets you do more than see the products viewed by possible customers. You can create recommendations that are so persuasive, leaving customers with no choice but add the items to the cart.

The average customer wants reassurance that he’s making the right choice by buying a product, and recommendations from other ‘buyers’ could be the trigger point. This plugin allows you to market the product viewed by customers and subtly add others as a form of endorsement.

With this plugin, you have a more extensive range of placements for these recommendations. With 20 possible sites for these offers, customers are likely to see them and take the necessary action.

Main Features

  • You can create upsells and cross-sells based on the recently viewed products of customer
  • Recommendations can be crafted according to your meticulous requirements
  • 20 possible sites for these offerings
  • A smart filter makes it possible to create multiple recommendations swiftly


  • With an idea of the products these customers are looking at, you can create emotional recommendations that move customers into taking action.
  • Several recommendations can be crafted in record time
  • More flexible placement of these eye-catching upsells and cross-sells

Price: $79.00

WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products Plugin

Knowledge of what products the visitors to your e-commerce store just checked could help you strategize on how to improve your sales, and this plugin enables you to achieve this.

To improve the selling potential of other allied commodities on your e-commerce store, the recently reviewed products plugin allows you to personalize upsells and cross-sells, which customers are unlikely to refuse.

Main Features

  • Gives you access to the product pages visited by visitors
  • Upsells and cross-sells can be personalized to match each customer
  • Streamlined setup process


  • Easy to use
  • Revenue gets boosted as more sales are recorded through upsells and cross-sell

Price: $49

Best Free WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products Plugins

While most of the plugins considered above are great, they aren’t free. If you’re on a tight budget, here’s one plugin you can use on your e-commerce store without paying a dime:

Recently Viewed and Most Viewed Products Plugin

Developed by CedCommerce, this plugin helps you put a customer’s product interests in their faces, increasing the chances of them purchasing these products.

Despite its freemium nature, you can add both recently viewed products and most viewed ones wherever you choose.

Managing these lists can be done independently – you can set up the recently viewed products while disengaging the most viewed items and vice-versa.

Main Features

  • It allows you to view the recently viewed products and the most viewed items.
  • Each setup of items can be managed separately
  • A limited customer filter is available


  • With the knowledge of your customers interests, you can deploy the necessary marketing strategies to enhance the sales of those items.
  • It requires just entering shortcodes, so you’d spend less time in putting this together.

Recently Viewed Products

This plugin has a shortcode that can be used to display the recently viewed products. This works both for logged-in users and not logged-in users via a cookie. This plugin will help you do the basic things needed to have your recently viewed products displayed.

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