Best WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins (Free & Paid)

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First of all, let me introduce you! In this article, YOU will learn:

  1. What do actually “Frequently Bought Together” plugins mean and what they do.
  2. How can you use them for the benefit of your business.
  3. What features do they have and how those features help you
  4. And of course, you will see the best paid and free plugins.

I will let you decide what is the best option for you but now let’s get into the article!

Frequently Bought Together plugins help a lot for selling your products. For example, if you sell T-shirts and someone wants to buy a T-shirt, those kinds of plugins are gonna ask him if he likes to buy some socks for example. So basically the Frequently Bought Together Plugins help you with selling stuff relatable to what the client came into your shop to buy at the beginning.

Today, we are going to show you the Best WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins! Do you feel interested? Then let’s get started!

Increasing the sales on your WooCommerce store is very important and you need to take advantage of any trick that can help you boost WooCommerce sales. Recently Viewed Products is another great way to show customers easily what they viewed before to easily buy that product.

Best WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins

1. Iconicwp Sales Booster

With iconicwp sales buster you can add frequently bought togeter producs on every product, is easy to do that and it can be done for every product. The plugin it doesn’t stops here and it is also packed with other features like the ones bellow that will help you increase your sales.


  • Cross Sell Once A Customer Clicks ‘Add To Cart’ – with this feature you can create a popup with related products that customer can buy. You can customize this for every product. The product can be added to cart diretly from pop-up.
  • Cross-Sell At The Checkout With An Irresistible Offer – you can increase your sales with a custom offer at checkount, it can be customized in function of purchase.
  • Add a Post-Purchase Cross Sell After The Checkout – this can help you add an customzized offer after the checkout, in this way you can sale even more products.

Price: $79

2. Yith WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

This plugin can increase significantly your sales, by showing a section with suggested items that other clients bought together with the item that your customer is watching.


By showing other products to your client that suit the one he’s watching, it increases your chance a lot for the customer to buy more than just one thing.

This plugin can help you increase your earnings by offering the customer a couple more stuff that he needs. (Ex. If he buys a computer, the plugin offers him a mouse, a keyboard etc.)

This is the right strategy to increase your conversion rates very high. The Yith WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin is like a marketing expert, but at a much lower price. He helps you advertise your other products, targets the most appropriate audience, it has even got a free feature!

Lets now talk about every single feature that this plugin haves:

You can choose how many products to show, You can change the linked product texts, You can set a different size for the images of the linked products, You can choose where do you want to place the linked products, You can take advantage of the synergy with Yith WooCommerce’s wishlist, You can see all configured products and similar ones in a list and last but not least, You can set a discount for the frequently bought together groups!

Price: FREE and 59,99 Euros

3. Frequently Bought Together by

This plugin is built by and it is not having any free version, it is having all the features that you need and you can be sure that the code is well optimized being part of the ones that released the eCommerce plugin.


  • Use with Simple and Variable product types. Specify what variation is available for discounts and bundles, or let customers choose.
  • Create bulk upsells for every product in a category.
  • Customize the widget display on the product page — it’s position on the page, UI styles, titles.
  • Create special offers with two, three, or more products.
  • Assign multiple special offers to one product.
  • Manage all bundles from a dedicated page.
  • Use express editing on wp-admin product pages.
  • Assign a percentage discount for every product in the bundle, or a flat-rate discount for the whole bundle.
  • Disable and enable bundles without completely removing them from your store.

Price: $49

4. WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together by WeLanch

This plugin is adding the related products on shop pages and on the cart page, so the customers can see similar products, it is also having a slider option that can be used. It does a decent job.

Price: $29

5. WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce (Free)

Just like the other ones, the WPC Frequently Bought Together plugin assists you with growing your business and making more sales

WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce is a highly effective plugin developed for assisting online businesses in improving sales and profits through the cross-selling marketing strategy. Particularly, offers are given as bought-together suggestions at the bottom of the single product description page.

Before we get to the features, I want to tell you that it has a live demo that shows how the plugin works. You can check it out here – Live Demo.


  • Ajax advanced search by SKU, exact title, phrase or sentence
  • Set the discount price by entering a percentage or an amount
  • Add a variable product or an exact variation as additional items
  • Drag & drop to rearrange the order of products
  • Enable/disable check all options by default
  • Customize the product list’s position
  • Various selector interface: default/ WPC Variations Radio Buttons
  • Adjust main product’s visibility, image, and price
  • Customizable additional price & associated text, before/after the text
  • Show/hide the product details: thumbnail, price, short description
  • Allow customers to customize the quantity
  • Set the min/max quantity for the deal
  • Add separately: make additional items to be treated as separate individual products
  • When none is chosen, upsells/ related products can be set as default products
  • WPML integration for building multilingual sites
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes, WooCommerce & WPC plugins
  • Lifetime free updates & dedicated forum support
  • Add more than 3 products as additional items (Premium version only)
  • Fast premium support via email (Premium version only)


Technically, this plugin offers a way for shop owners to get all related products together and put them in a deal for an irresistible price. This acts as a great reminder for customers to consider things that they might need to buy alongside the currently being viewed product. Consider the following cases when you need a WPC Frequently Bought Together plugin:

  • Give a suggestion to buy a charger alongside with a laptop or computer for 10% off.
  • Suggest suitable jeans and a pair of shoes that fit well with the beautiful shirt being considered. Buyers can get all three items with $20 off.
  • Invite customers to buy two more pieces of jewelry from the same collection.
  • Combine three products from three different collections and give a 15% discount.
  • Allow customers to buy various pattern designs of the same variable product in a deal. (Users must enable Allow same products in the Bought Together settings in order to do this).
  • Create a complex deal with additional items’ quantities and prices are adjusted differently. For example, a deal with 3 additional items: item 1 – quantity= 1 & 90% price, item 2 – quantity=2 & 80% price, item 3 – quantity=3 & 75% price. And finally, you put the main product’s price at 20% off. It’s totally possible. See this screenshot or visit this product on our demo site for your reference. Even the most complicated deal can be easily handled with WPC Frequently Bought Together.

Price: Free

6. Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce by advedevelopers426

Plugin Features

  • Creating bundles from simple products
  • Multiple Layout
  • Option to enable/disable Frequently Bought Together Plugin
  • Custom Place on working
  • Price Discount In Bulk
  • Ordering of Product Group
  • Creating bundles from product variations
  • Custom Position
  • Displaying bundles under a description and a product regular price
  • Unlimited number of suggested products for each single product
  • Variation Product also work
  • Easy Integrations

Now don’t waste more time, go to check some of them and what suits you the most – install it to your website and start customizing your bundles and your relatable products so you can start very soon to earn more money than ever before!

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