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Best WordPress Plugin for Youtube Videos

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We are living in a world where digital content I produced massively every day such that getting noticed is fast becoming an arduous task even for the most popular and talented individuals.

With the ideal video content, however, you can easily get noticed and attract more people on your website marveling at your prowess in video content creation. The more visitors you attract to your page, the higher the potential of increasing your conversions.

Incorporating videos in our blog content captures the attention of readers and many of them will be more willing to share it. Here are the best WordPress plugin for youtube videos you can bank on to increase visitors on your website.

1. YouTube Embed (Free)

The YouTube Embed is a simple, fast, and robust method of embedding Youtube videos in your WordPress website. This plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg block editor and also remains reversely compatible with the classic editor.

Both the Gutenberg classic block and the Gutenberg block selector display the Youtube wizard button. The Youtube Embed plugin comes with numerous features as shown below.


  • Enhanced GDPR conformity options such as YouTube API restrictions, YouTube no cookie, and a customizable GDPR agreement message. It also offers improved privacy.
  • Create a playlist and channel embeds complete with a gallery layout.
  • Stream videos live on Youtube
  • Embed a channel gallery pr playlist and enable it to autoplay videos
  • Create default settings of the videos that should play in the absence of a live stream at a specific moment.
  • Utilize title attributes to facilitate screen reader support and enhance accessibility
  • Launch video settings for playlist embeds

This plugin allows you to manage the advancing complexity of YouTube embedding with ease. It offers various fundamental and advanced characteristics for the Youtube Embedded player and eases video posting immediately after installing. The settings page comprises of numerous default options which you can apply automatically to your embedded gallery, youtube video or live stream. Use this plugin to:

  • Switch on and off all annotations by default
  • Start playing videos automatically
  • Center your videos automatically
  • Show or hide title and additional info
  • Utilize the light theme
  • Turn on and off closed captions by default

2.  YouTube Showcase Pro

The YouTube Showcase Pro plugin allows you to develop accessible gallery pages complete with Youtube videos. You can construct a video gallery page where the ensuing videos appear beneath the original video with numbers. Still, you can develop a video grid gallery where videos appear in a four-column grid layout. The YouTube Showcase Pro is ideal for displaying multiple related videos such as how-to videos, online course videos, and product demo videos.


  • Develop various video galleries: video grid gallery and basic video gallery
  • Leverage on the sidebar widgets to display featured and current videos
  • Customize the thumbnail ratio aspect of your videos. Choose either 4:3 or 16:9
  • Numbering option for long video series

3. YouTubeR

The YouTubeR WordPress Plugin enables users to upload their videos on Youtube straight from their websites. Users can easily embed youtube channels and video playlists on their websites. This plugin allows users to generate numerous WordPress video galleries while enabling them to tailor make them using built-in 5+ video templates.

Additionally, the Youtuber plugin draws data from youtube and this not only responds slowly, but it also slows down speed. In order to avert this, the plugin features a caching WordPress technique which accelerates speed once cached.


Get the regular license or $20 or six months. You can extend your license to 12 months for an additional $5.63.


  • The plugin is compatible with the visual composer WordPress plugin which allows you to produce attractive designs for your website.
  • Upload videos on your Youtube account from the admin panel of your website and embed them on your website with ease.
  • Comes with 5 amazing built-in video templates and you can still develop your own template
  • Offers responsive designs which operate well in any screen size. It also comes with an infinite scroll option.
  • Features three customizable widgets to display the most interesting videos in the widgetized areas of your theme such as footers, homepage, headers, and sidebars.

4. WordPress Responsive Youtube Playlist Video Player

The WordPress Responsive Youtube Playlist Video Player plugin is an accessible video player which you can use to play your youtube playlists. You can key in a youtube channel id, playlist id, or a single video id as a playlist origin. This plugin comes with various features as shown below.


Get the regular license or $20 or six months. You can extend your license to 12 months for an additional $5.63.


  • This plugin comes with the latest youtube API V3
  • It allows you to get native fullscreen support from some of the major browsers
  • Leverage on the intelligent resizing and fully responsive features for the ultimate youtube experience
  • Enjoy the custom player controls to enhance your experience
  • The player utilizes an entirely custom structured interface compared to the default youtube player
  • You can customize all the colors available in the intuitive admin panel to match your brand
  • It comes with a fully responsive video player and can toggle the playlist automatically on the side.

5. YouTube Plugin

The youtube plugin is a robust plugin which prepares your website to display Youtube videos in an ideal manner. You can use it to choose your desired channels and independent videos for the purpose of creating your playlist on your website.


Get the regular license or $29 or six months. You can extend your license to 12 months for an additional $9.


  • Control all your youtube content with a single command. Leverage on the Elfsight youtube gallery which allows you numerous opportunities to handle your content whether on a playlist, single video, or channel.
  • Don’t just, rather choose to impress. Present your content in an irresistible manner with the available preview designs and select an impressive popup, play mode, inline, or directly on youtube. Modify popup mode to display or hide any video buttons, logo, information, comments, and counters.
  • Customize your widget according to your preferences

6. WordPress YouTube Embed Plugin

The WordPress YouTube Embed Plugin is a simple youtube plugin that comes with a user-friendly admin panel. You can utilize it to add videos to your website from youtube. Leverage the popup feature to display your videos in a popup.


Get the personal plan or $12 or the developer plan or $40.


  • This plugin is specially designed for easy installation and use.
  • It’s compatible with all WordPress versions
  • Use this plugin to add videos on widgets
  • Leverage of this plugin to add videos on posts and pages
  • Configure default options for youtube videos on posts and pages
  • Configure a default youtube player height and width
  • Configure default youtube player loop video option
  • Configure a default youtube player full-screen display button option.
  • Configure default youtube player initial volume option
  • Configure default youtube player disable or enable keyboard option
  • This plugin comes with a user-friendly back end designed for WordPress youtube embed plugin
  • It has been tested on various WordPress themes.

7. YouTube Channel

This plugin is ideal when you want to showcase a sidebar widget using the latest random video from a specific youtube channel. All you need to do is to the shortcode to the content or insert a widget to the sidebar. Configure your player or channel ID, choose a resource to utilize and you can choose to have all other options on default.


  • Find random video from any of the available four resources
  • You can choose the non-responsive or responsive option
  • Improved privacy on your videos
  • Choose to customize your video width for video embedded component
  • Showcase the video as a thumbnail
  • Adopt thumbnail mode to open videos in lightbox.
  • Display a customized link to a channel/legacy/vanity username beneath your videos
  • Choose to use the optional video autoplay using an optional muted audio

8. WonderPlugin Video Embed

The WonderPlugin Video Embed plugin is a powerful and easy way of adding videos to your WordPress website. You can choose to embed your video to the WordPress pages and posts, or sidebar widget. This plugin is compatible with Vimeo, Youtube, wistia and self-hosted WebM/MP4 videos. This plugin video player is quite responsive and can function on iPad, iPhone, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.


  • You can use this plugin with various websites
  • You can work from various types of gadgets such as mobile phone, web browsers, and tablets
  • Enjoy an entirely responsive plugin
  • Add videos to your sidebar widget

9. WordPress Video Sticky

This is a nice plugin that will make your videos sticky. When you will scroll down the video will apearn in a POPUP. This plugin is free and you can use it to stand out your videos.


  • Sticky/pinned floating video on page Scroll
  • Supported multiple videos in single page
  • Draggable – move video position after sticky
  • Easy setup and minimal configuration
  • Create Shortcode button on post and page
  • Options panel for easy customizations
  • Supported many video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress Media Library Etc

10. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

In case you are using elementor there are some options to add some extra elements to your Youtube videos with Ultimate Addons for Elmentor. Elementor will let you insert videos but with the help of this plugin you can:

  • Custom Thumbnail Image
  • Play Button Customizations
  • Loading Time Optimization
  • Embed YouTube & Vimeo Videos
  • YouTube Subscribe Box at the bottom of the player
  • Sticky Video


You can use any youtube WordPress plugin so long as it meets your needs. There are over a thousand WordPress youtube plugins which you can utilize to enhance your experience both on youtube and on your website. If you are a novice website owner, try one of the above-mentioned WordPress plugins for youtube and transform the way your peers watch your channel. Some of these plugins are free while you have to pay for some. Exercise caution when choosing the ideal WordPress plugin for youtube.

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