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Best WooCommerce Customer History Plugins (Free & Paid)

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With everyone getting on board the e-commerce bandwagon, your store needs to be ahead of the game. To achieve this, your e-commerce store has to be customer-focused.

In creating a customer-centric store, you need to trail the mind of your customers. Yes, getting traction in your store is essential, but captivating your customers is crucial as well. And you can’t do this without some background knowledge of your customers. 

The WooCommerce platform, known for its handy core options, comes to the rescue with its customer history plugin. 

The customer history plugin keeps you updated on the activities of potential clients and actual customers by offering insight into the pages visited, products perused, and what products were ordered. 

From afar, this data might appear irrelevant, but a closer assessment tells a different story. 

Benefits of the Customer History Plugin

If you’re still skeptical regarding the impact of this plugin, here are a few pointers to its usefulness:

Your business is one step ahead

The customer history plugin offers you a window into the mind of a site’s visitor. This is possible through the provision of data on pages visited, orders placed, and others. 

Like a game of chess, knowing what a potential customer is thinking puts you one step ahead, and victory is inevitable in such cases.

Improvement in sales 

With this plugin, you can understand customer preferences, then change strategies, alter fonts, and replace themes to reflect such choices, which should translate to more sales.

More traffic, and even more sales

The customer history plugin gives you all the insight you need to craft discount offers, which are specific to individual visitors. For instance, a user’s search query, provided by the plugin, highlights the items preferred by the user. This enables you the opportunity to offer such a visitor a deal he can’t refuse. 

If correctly done, this could culminate in a boost in traffic and more sales. 

It saves you time & effort

If there’s one thing the customer history plugin does best, that would be the provision of a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t on a platter. This prevents you from wasting ample time on dead-ends and futile strategies, so you can channel such into more productive ventures.

Best Premium WooCommerce Customer History Plugins 

Confused about the WooCommerce customer history plugin to pick? Most have similar attributes, but there’s that special feature that makes some standout. 

Here are some of the best currently available on the platform:

YITH WooCommerce Customer History

Ordinarily, getting adequate insight into the preferences of visitors to your e-commerce store can be tough. Fortunately, this Yith plugin provides you with an accurate picture of the activities of users in your store. 

This plugin goes beyond just showing you the purchase history of visitors. It provides you with a breakdown of their search query, which can be used to advance the interest of your business. 

This Yith plugin keeps you updated on the products purchased, the price of the items, and the identity of the customers involved. Deploying your email marketing tactics to harness this potential goldmine is possible as the plugin lets you send them mails directly by clicking the relevant email button. 

The Yith plugin will not only provide available information on visitors, but it also lets you access such in an organized manner, which saves time and effort. 

If you intend to use the information garnered by the plugin beyond the platform, export the entire data using the ‘backup export’ button. You can also bring in already acquired data into the plugin by clicking the ‘backup import’ button. 

Main Features

  • It offers insight on search queries by users
  • The plugin tracks the activities of users on your e-commerce store
  • Sending personalized emails to users is possible
  • It allows you export and import relevant data


  • The saved search query can be used for retargeting purposes
  • Easy to send mail to customers for increased sales potential

Price: € 59,99

WooCommerce Customer History Plugin

This customer history plugin by Brian Richardslets you in on the pages visited by users. If such a user exits before making a purchase, you can decide how to retarget him since you’re aware of the specific product pages he looked at.

Knowledge of how much business a customer has brought to your e-commerce store is an essential aspect of sales, and this plugin gives you all the juicy details. 

In pushing forward the interest of your store, you have to know what works best. And this customer history plugin provides you with the intel on the screens that had the most user activity.

Main Features

  • It has information on the pages visited by users.
  • The plugin comes with a report on customer history as it concerns specific orders.
  • It lets you know how much money each customer has spent on your e-commerce store.


  • Allows you to harness user behavior for the good of your e-store
  • Knowledge of the financial might of customers can be deployed for even better marketing

Woocommerce Customer History

Main Features

  • Powerful dashboard for display quick reports.
  • Display full order report of all customer / users contain order count, pending order, refund order, total and average amount of the purchase made by each user in your shop.
  • Display how your customers browse your store and which pages they visit before purchase a product.
  • Track the total customer lifetime value for each customer.
  • View insights about your customer’s browsing habits on your website, to see which screens work best for targeted conversions
  • Save and track users (logged in and not): visited pages, completed orders, search terms, shop category and shop brand view.
  • Dedicated statistics for page visit count.
  • Dedicated statistics for a count of search key has been typed on the site.
  • Dedicated statistics for shop category page visit count.
  • Dedicated statistics for shop brand page visit count (using Proword Woo Brand plugin).
  • Dedicated statistics to customers’ purchase total amount .
  • Single user history report contain:Customer order report.
  • Customer session history report.
  • Customer category view.
  • Customer brand view(using Proword Woo Brand plugin).
  • Customer search term history.
  • Track the visits generated by the BOTs.
  • Export/import sessions, statistics, searches

Price: $25

WooCommerce Customer History Plugin

Created by Codester, this plugin gives you hints on the search and browsing activities of visitors to your WooCommerce store. This information could be used to improve the financial standing of your store.

The plugin grants you access to the purchase history of each customer, so you understand their buying pattern and use such to your advantage. 

With this WooCommerce plugin, keeping tabs on visits due to BOT activity is now possible. 

Main Features

  • It contains the entire activity of users on a session-by-session basis.
  • The plugin stores the search query of every visitor.
  • It provides you with the IP address and source URL of every user.


  • You can track user visits and grow your business with such information
  • It lets you know what your users are searching for and put those items in their faces

Price: $21

Best Free WooCommerce Customer History Plugin

The best things in life are free, and there’s a customer history plugin to support this claim. 

Checkout the best free customer history plugin below:

Woocommerce Customer Order History Plugin

Developed by a collection of contributors, this provides you with every order detail each customer has ever made on your e-commerce store. It has a transparent build, so there are no privacy concerns.

Perhaps the greatest strength of this plugin is its user-friendly status. You can quickly get it working without going through any complicated process. 

It has a premium version with a few additions like export to PDF more options in the order status category.

Main Features

  • It separates orders into different categories using distinct colors.
  • It’s compatible with WooCommerce History plugin.
  • The PDF of the order details can be exported in the pro-version.


  • It’s easy to deploy
  • Everything is transparent
  • Orders can be easily distinguished

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