Best WordPress Auction Themes

WordPress offer great choices when it comes to building different types of sites on it. With WordPress you can build almost everything in this way enjoying the administration easiness and everything that WordPress has to offer. If you need to have an auction site build then you will need to check the below themes and see if they can help you build the perfect site.

In this article I will present you the best WordPress auction themes that exist in order to make an idea and use them if you need. The features and the price it will be presented in this article.

At beginning I would like to let you know that there aren’t a lot of auction themes available on WordPress, but a few exist from which you can chose so  let’s start with the presentation so you can check the perfect WordPress auction theme for your needs:

#1. Penny Auction Theme

This theme allows you to create an genuine penny auction website with an WordPress theme, the penny auction theme from Sitemile it comes with a lot of features like:

  • Social media integration: The user can share their auctions on Facebook and Twitter for more exposure with an easy integration done by the theme devs.
  • Email Notifications: Your users get email notifications, when they bid, they get outbid, or when they receive private messages.
  • Payment Getaways: the theme has a lot of payment gateways configured like Paypal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout and and others can be added with the sitemile support.
  • eBay Import Tools : Rather than starting from an empty website you can import from ebay.

The theme has  lot of additional features that can be checked on the site.



Details & Demo /Price: 70$

#2. Responsive WordPress Auction Theme

Also this theme is done by sitemile as the penny theme, it has more great features and it comes with an responsive design. Beside the features of penny theme this themes comes with the below great features:

  • Credit System: users buy virtual cash and use the cash to pay for the won auctions, to bid auctions, or to post new auctions. Users can pay for the jobs with the credit and the paid members can withdraw the amount they earned.
  • Private Messaging: the users can speak with each ones directly from the portal.
  • Make an Offer Feature: Your posted auctions will have the make offer feature. So after posting an auction the bidders can offer you a lower price than the buy now price. As an answer you can accept the offer, reject it, or offer a counter offer. At that point the potential buyer can accept or reject this counter offer.
  • Escrow Feature and star rating.


Details & Demo / Price: 70 $

#3. PremiumPress Auction Theme

Another great WordPress auction theme that can help you set up your auction site. The theme comes SEO ready with HTML5 and responsive design. PremiumPress has developed the theme, they are known for the vast majority of applications/themes developed on WordPress. A good thing is that the theme is coming with the possibility to choose from multiple child themes for a design that you like. Below are some of the features that the theme has:

  • Auction Countdown : Your users can watch the countdown end without refreshing the page with built in countdown timer.
  • Free & Paid Auction : You can setup listing packages and charge users to submit auction or let all be free and claim a percent.
  • Bidding History : Members can view their bidding history anytime via their own unique members area.
  • Visitors Auctions : Visitors can become members and create their own auction. You can make it free or charge them dollars.
  • Listing Packages : You can create your own packages and package prices and charge visitors a fee to submit a listing to your website.

For the entire features list and the admin demo check out the PremiumPress site.



Details & Demo / Price: 99$

This are the WordPress themes available that can help you build your auction site, all of them comes with good features and can help you build the site you need. Also being on WordPress you can take advantage of the high number of plugins with which you can enhance your site.

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