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SureMembers Review – A Sure Way To Improve Your Membership Experience!

suremembers review

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SureMembers Review - A Sure Way To Improve Your Membership Experience!

SureMembers Review - See exactly how this WordPress membership plugin can help you transform your website into a membership one easily!

Price: 69

Price Currency: $

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: Membership

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SureMembers is a new membership plugin developed by the Sure team, the ones behind the SureCart plugin. SureMembers goes hand in hand with the SureCart plugin and can help you restrict WordPress content and sell subscriptions.

There are a few WordPress membership plugins out there for WordPress and in this article, we will check SureMembers to see if is the one you should use for your membership websites.

What is SureMembers

SureMembers is a new plugin that is lightweight and will help you add the basic membership options in WordPress. The design of the plugin is made to utilize the elements that WordPress already has to function better. For instance, when the users are added the WordPress default tables are used, so you can utilize different plugins to manage or export them.

SureMembers by itself can only restrict access to posts and pages and that’s about it, it integrates with other plugins so you can extend the functionalities.

Who SureMembers is For

SureMembers is a membership plugin so it’s for the ones who want a simple and elegant membership website. SureMember can be used with LearnDash and TutorLMS to add membership to courses and sell them. You can also use SureMembers with your WooCommerce website and have discounts as Amazon Prime has.

Check, Sell Courses and Memberships with TutorLMS, SureCart, and SureMenbers to find out how you can use SureMembers to protect your TutorLMS courses.

SureMembers Video Review

How SureMembers Works

Access Groups

Let’s see how the plugin is working and what you can do with it. After you install the plugin you will have basically a SureMember menu item where you can add your Access Grup it will show as in the below picture:

In the picture, you will see the name of the group the content type that will be protected, the drip content section, and protected downloads. The message for unauthorized access is in the right side with the message and the button text with the URL.

On the right side, you have also the option to sync the users in this group with a role in WordPress.

Basically, that’s about it and here you can add as many access groups as you like.

The protected content will pop up if you have WooCommerce products or custom post types you will have the option to protect them.

Gutenberg Things

In the Gutenberg editor, you have a button in the header where you can see if the post is protected and if not you can add it. Another thing is the option on the right side to protect a block only if you need it, the picture below has the details.

SureMembers Menu Hide

Another thing that SureMembers can help you do is to display a menu item based on a certain access group so in case the user is part of the group will be able to see the menu item. The video has the details.

SureMembers Settings

SureMembers plugin comes with settings where you can disable things like the one to display the SureMembers icon in Block Editor, restrict content is search results, etc.

Here you will see some redirection rules, so after a user login or logs out to be redirected to a specific page.

You have also the option here to style the login page, the WordPress default one, you can add your logo and change the colors to brand it with your things. Here you can change also the text labels if you are using a different language than English.

Selling Subscriptions

SureMembers is just a membership plugin it requires the help of a 3PP plugin to see subscriptions. You can use WooCommerce or if you have a form plugin with an eCommerce option it can also work. But the best would be to use the SureCart plugin, which has been created by the Sure team, you can check the SureCart review to find out more about the plugin. It can be used for free.

With SureCart you can add subscriptions and your customer can create an account and have a dashboard to update/cancel the subscriptions.

The only thing that needs to be done is to choose the integration for a product in SureCart and configure it to go into the access group you want.

All the details for SureCart and what has to offer are on the SureCart Review, you can check also the video for more details.

SureMembers Price

SureMembers is not having any free option so you need to pay for the plugin. The price starts at $69 a year for 1 website and goes up based on how many websites you want to use it on.

The prices are very good and other plugins that offer similar things are over $100 for 1 website, and others even more.

SureMembers Support

The support is quite good on this plugin, I am on the Facebook group for the Sure plugins and all the issues are responded to, also a lot of new features were added to the plugin since launch. So you will not get stranded after you get this plugin. The team behind this is the one that builds the Astra team and Adam from the wpcrafter.com website which has a couple of WordPress products also.


I give SureMember 5/5 starts as it offers everything you need to build a membership website. The plugin is fast and reliable and with SureTriggers you can add every integration you want.

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