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Best WooCommerce My Account Page Plugins

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Not satisfied with the design and smoothness of the ‘My Account’ area on your e-commerce store? Well don’t worry, WooCommerce my account page plugins are here to make yours and your customers’ lives easier.

With these plugins, you can easily customize the ‘My Account’ area with only a few clicks. No need to waste your time watching hour-long tutorials on how to change CSS codes just to make a simple new change. You have everything on a plate with these plugins, just drag and drop whatever you want to show on your store.

Why you need WooCommerce My Account Page Plugin

One of the main reasons why you need a ‘My Account’ page plugin is because you want your customers to have the best and most effortless experience while shopping on your e-commerce store. As we all know, a better user experience normally leads to an increase in your annual earnings.

And you can enable them such user experience by improving the navigation and interaction on your site as a start. Something that may take many hours or even days to improve on your own now is literally a few clicks away from you.

Add new tabs or pages, customize and simplify menus, choose color schemes for the custom pages you create, gain complete control over the endpoints, decide what information to show to your customers, and many other powerful options that come alongside these awesome tools.

Also, investing means growing your business and moving further away from the status quo. But investments should always be done after detailed researches. For those reasons we researched, selected and reviewed the best WooCommerce My Account Page Plugins just to spare you from going through unnecessary trouble.

Best WooCommerce My Account Page Plugins

1) YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page

Control and customize my account page with ease to your own liking with the YITH’s plugin. Adding, removing or just moving sections has never been easier before.

With this amazing tool you will immediately improve the user experience for your visitors. Grant them smooth and straightforward page navigation for quick and effortless purchases. Give the customers what they want and expect from an online shopping session.

When it comes to the costs, there are three business plans that you can subscribe to if you want to purchase the YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page plugin.

Main Features

  • Option to choose how you want the layout of ‘My Account’ menu to look like. Whether you prefer sidebars or different tabs, it’s up to you
  • Compatible with WPML to translate the ‘My Account’ page in multiple languages
  • Create customized endpoints to improve the content of the ‘My Account’ page. You can also make changes to the standard WooCommerce endpoints
  • Edit the URL and write the best slug to index your site better
  • Choose the color scheme of the ‘My Account’ page
  • Enable customized avatar for your users who can add any photo they want
  • Allow certain registered users to have access to the endpoint
  • Prevent spam by blocking email domains from registering and add reCaptcha to the register form
  • Send verification email after a customer completes their account registration
  • Ability to add custom external links in the ‘My Account’ menu
  • Easily manage certain sections of ‘My Account’ by creating endpoint groups

Price: € 54,99

2) Customize My Account for WooCommerce

Customize My Account for WooCommerce gives you complete control over WooCommerce’s My Account page allowing you to create new account endpoints, links, and groups. It also allows you to customize the account dashboard tabs, buttons, links, fonts, avatar, etc., to match your site’s style.

Main Features

  • Add, remove, and re-order endpoints(tabs), links, and groups for the My Account Dashboard.
  • Change labels, add icons, and display custom contents (text, media, or a form) to endpoints.
  •  Allow endpoint access to specific user roles.
  • One-click hide/disable tabs.
  • Change the look and feel of the account page with a powerful customization panel with a live editing preview.
  • Change font, font size, color, background color and image, border, padding, margin, and more.
  • Easy-to-use, customizable design editor tool.
  • Add your own custom CSS code.

Price: $49

3) WooCommerce Account Pages

This plugin let’s you add custom pages into the WooCommerce my account area. You can order them in the way you need and you can use various shortcodes to do different things. With the help of this plugin, you can include some extra details.

It’s an easy-to-use plugin that’s built for speed and will not affect the performance of your e-commerce shop. It also comes up with friendly and knowledgeable support. In addition, it’s a translation-ready plugin that is compatible with WPML and other translation tools.

You can purchase an annual or a lifetime license for this My Account Pages plugin. It also has a free trial period option.

Main Features

  • No restrictions to how many Account Pages you can make. Create as much custom pages as you need for your WooCommerce ‘My Account’ section.
  • Any new tab you create will be automatically added the menu in your ‘My Account’
  • Use shortcodes to add various dedicated functions to your page
  • It uses the familiar WordPress interface for ‘pages’ so you won’t have to adapt to it
  • Compatible with many page building and language translation plugins

Price: $49

4) WooCommerce Customize My Account Page

Another thrilling plugin to help you customize the ‘My Account’ page according to your own taste with ease while using a great drag and drop builder.

It is compatible with the newest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce and the most popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and so on. It’s regularly updated by the developing team as well who also take care of the support if some issues may occur.

Besides that, their prices are pretty fair for a premium plugin and the services they offer. The price for their regular license stands at $21 while for the extended license is $149. With the only downside is the six-month support which can be extended to a full year for additional 6 dollars.

Main Features

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop builder as already mentioned above
  • Multiple layouts for the ‘My Account’ page to choose from
  • Enable custom images for the registered users to upload their own photos as avatars for their profiles
  • Ability to add internal or external website links and custom endpoints that have custom content editor
  • Choose what endpoints to show or hide for specific user roles that you give
  • Improve your URL and website indexing by creating great custom slugs

Price: $21

5) WooCommerce Custom My Account Pages

Creating custom tabs in the ‘My Account’ area of WooCommerce has never been easier to achieve than with this wondrous plugin.

Its Gutenberg optimized and has been tested for compatibility with WordPress 5.2+ and WooCommerce 3.0+ versions. It’s also compatible with the newest versions of the most popular web browsers.

The regular license price for this plugin stands at $19.00 while the price for the extended one is $99. You also get a guaranteed 6 months support from the developers, but for full year of support the additional fee is $5.25

Main Features

  • Create custom ‘My Account’ page tabs with an ease and use custom made meta data, shortcodes and one of the 16 content types in the tabs
  • After creating custom ‘My Account” tabs you can reorder, rename or even disable them
  • Three different tab layouts to choose from alongside the customizable text and background color
  • WYSIWIG editing software to show contact 7 form, link to a new page, a custom text and much more
  • Ability to limit tabs for specific user roles
  • 16 content types to choose from

Price: $19

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