SureCart Review – Slick New WordPress e-Commerce Plugin

surecart review

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SureCart Review - Slick New WordPress e-Commerce Plugin

SureCart Review - Discover the slick new WordPress e-Commerce Plugin that makes setting up your online store quick and effortless.

Price: Free - 399

Price Currency: $

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: eCommerce

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What is SureCart?

SureCart is a new WordPress eCommerce plugin that can help you sell online products, it is specially focused on selling digital products and subscription-based products at this point.

SureCart is lightweight and doesn’t load your website, but the product pages are heavy with a lot of scripts because the details are loaded basically from SureCart website.

To keep your site light they are doing all the processing on their server so that’s why you need that many scripts on product pages. This will help in having a lighter website and not needing that much computing power.

Who SureCart is For?

SureCart is for anyone who wants to sell digital or subscription-based products. SureCart was built to sell ebooks, software, membership websites, and other online products. You can use it to sell your courses as it integrates with TutorLMS or LearnDesh plugins.

If you are a freelancer and you are selling online services then this is one service that you can use.

SureCart Video Review

SureCart Features

In this section, we are going to see more in detail what SureCart has to offer to see if is the right product for you.

Check, Sell Courses and Memberships with TutorLMS, SureCart, and SureMenbers to find out how you can use SureCart for your TutorLMS plugin.

Payment Processors

One of the important features of an eCommerce plugin is the payment processors that are offered, with Surecart you can use Stripe and Paypal or manual payment and on the roadmap, there is Mollie, Razorpay, and Paystack.

At this point, it is using the most known ones on the internet but if you need any specific ones you will need to check with SureCart team and see.

Product Types That Can be Soled

There are 3 options that can be sold with Surecart, you can sell products (digital ones), subscriptions reoccurring that can have limited time, or periodic subscriptions like daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Besides that, you can add donation forms with pay-as-you-like options. Below are 2 pictures with the product layout and type of them:

Here besides setting the product type and price you can set up the integrations and also the downloads if your product needs to be downloaded.

SureCart Integrations

Besides the simple product, the plugin is also integrated with some other 3PP plugins like courses: LearnDash, LifterLMS, or TutorLMS, and membership plugins like MemberPress or SureMembers. You can use it also with BuddyBoss. Other plugins will create also integrations with SureCart but this is what it has now.

You can check more on SureMembers in this SureMembers Review.

Checkout Forms

After the product is created you will need to create a checkout form, you can add your product and choose what fields you can have. For instance, you can create the below donate form and add it:

The below blocks are there for you, some of them like order bumps or switche are available in the pro version, but you get the idea of what checkout forms you can build.

Customer Dashboard

You can customize the customer dashboard and change the display blocks in there, you have the option to move around and add new blocks in the customer as you like, below is a screen with the default one:

Advanced Features

With the pro plans you will get access to some pro features, some of the pro features based on the plan are:

  • Advanced Blocks – this will add the option to use more advanced blocks in your checkout forms.
  • Cart Abandonment – in the function of your pro plan you have different limits for this order. Basically, this will help increase your sales.
  • Order Bumps – this will allow you to add discounted products in the checkout form if a customer is purchasing.
  • Affiliates – in the highest option you have also the option to have affiliates.
  • Coupons – with Surcart you can add coupons and offer discounts, you can limit the use of coupons in time, or based on redemptions you can create advanced restrictions and max usage.
  • Other – there are a lot of other small features that are coming with the pro features you can check their website for the complete list.


Surecart has a free option that can get you started with selling your product. I think the free option is very generous and can help you sell up to 100 products or services, you don’t have the advanced features but in the beginning, you will not need them and if you are an established business you can afford the price as starts from 99$ a year.

Below are the current prices:

Customer Support

I am on the SureCart Facebook group for months, where the users are adding their issues and problems and I can say that the support team responded to all of them helping them with the problem they have.

New features that were requested on the group were taken into consideration and if they have applicability they were analyzed and created by the development team.

Over an all SureCart has great support so you will not get stranding after buying the subscription or start using it.


I am using surecart to sell services on this website, till now I am happy with what is offering and I can say it has all I need to put my services online.

One thing that I like is the fact is not slowing down my website and it is using new technologies. The plugin currently is in the early stages of development, not even all the features exist, so expect some bugs and missing things till everything is incorporated.

The plugin can be also extended with SureTriggers other products from Adam’s team, so in case you need more advanced automation that can be checked.

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