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10+ Best WordPress Restaurant Themes

Best WordPress Restaurant Themes

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Restaurant analytics show more than half of the restaurant customers prefer making orders online.

That means as a restaurateur, your online presence matters in our time- more than ever before.

The beauty is you can go online with a modest budget. All you need is the best WordPress restaurant theme and, of course, a domain name.

Developer teams have put in the work already, and here, I’ll help you explore more than ten best themes for themes you can piggyback on.

And the themes are easy to install plus customized to enable you to tap into the increasing and changing markets – leaving you time to tailor your products ready to serve your customers.

Every restaurant can easily extend its reach online with the best WordPress online food order plugins.


Here we go:

Best WordPress Restaurant Themes


OceanWP is a beautiful WordPress theme that provides you with powerful features at no cost at all. Not only does this theme beautify your WordPress website, but it comes with a built-in companion plugin and suggests that you install a free page builder plugin after activating the theme. OceanWP has dozens of started sites that can be installed, one of these starter site is a restaurant theme. With just a click you can have your Restaurant website built.

More so, this theme is intuitive to use, so it’s ideal for everyone that has a WordPress website. In addition, OceanWP has tons of innovative features such as multiple layout choices, full-width pages, custom logo support, and two navigation menus on the top.


Again a multi propose WordPress theme that has a free and premium version. Is the most known one out there and it has a lot of starter sites. If you want to put your restaurant online then you can with this theme, you have 3 or 4 different designs that you can use for your restaurant.

When using Astra, you can turn off the page title and sidebar. Also, it effortlessly integrates with top website builders including, Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. Astra is lightweight and user-friendly, so you don’t have to be an expert to use it. No matter the kind of website you own, Astra offers multipurpose themes you can use.


Webify theme is a product from the team theme bubble with 2,500+ users. The developers are making new demos and adding to the template monthly. But you can choose from the 20+ already available.

 As a build of the Elementor concept, Webify is simple to customize to accommodate complex business visual needs – and this is why it scores big when it comes to your restaurateur needs.

Inner customizations help you with pre-built pages to enhance your fine-tuning of the views you can access.

You’ll find unlimited options for galleries, which arise from the vast blocks of modules you can access. You may swap, add, or create new ones to customize the blocks.

Webify is very dynamic and allows users to undertake live customizations, even in cases where you have never coded all your life!

Two reasons why Webify stands out are:

  • First, it’s a lightweight theme- meaning you have the guarantee for fast-loading pages from the word go.
  • Second, Webify has multilingual support. You can access customers all around the globe by tapping into and appealing through the languages your customers already have ready proficiency.


Aside from being a well-documented theme, Jevelin stands out as one of the best choices you can make for the Best WordPress Restaurant Themes. Installing Jevelin, you join a whopping 12,000 plus active users.

If you want a theme that allows you to edit any element with ease, pick on Jevelin and arm yourself with the ability to roll out your restaurant’s site hassle-free!

Realistically, the ease to build a site via Jevelin comes in three prominent forms:

  • A single-click install is as easy as it sounds. It even extends to a live drag and drop builder. This simplistic element makes it powerful for users to build and tweak everything to fit their unique tastes.
  • Great plugin sets for key ones like the WooCommerce and Slider-revolution. Though it’s an SEO-ready pack, Jevelin will fit into your restaurateur needs by including the Contact Form 7 function.

Jevelin is a theme that fits your choice for a restaurant website.


Well, TheGem is a fantastic theme with a score of 63,000 plus buyers globally.

Scouring through, TheGem comes out powerfully as a product worth the slogan: “Built for creatives and ultra-high performance, and it’s SEO-ready.”

TheGem is compatible with Elementor and other plugins like WP Rocket. And no doubt, the two combine into a high-speed performance product that bodes well with your restaurant’s online presence needs.

The Dev. team also builds with mobile-friendliness in mind. Of course, most restaurant funs will order via mobile gadgets!

Especially for swift responses for your marketing, TheGem incorporated the Blocks plugin- which helps build pages at the speed of light to capture your marketing opportunities right on time.

The other two components I find very handy with the TheGem theme are:

First, it’s a GDPR-ready template- so you worry less as you launch regarding the protection of user data.

The second is the add-on for page-speed optimizations. Indeed, you want your pages to load fastest, cut the competition, and amaze your customers.


Norebro is a theme you can tap into its capabilities and customize for your restaurant needs. And you must not be a coding guru to run your website!

It helps you combine WP Builder and the ACF Pro plugin to extend the limits of your multi-purpose website.

Norebro is excellent when it comes to typography.


You get to explore 910+ sorts for Google fonts and 12K plus additions from the AdodeType kit.

It’s a theme built with and for businesses needing powerful showcasing. And you can enhance that more with more than 12 portfolios inbuilt for listing layouts.

Two significant features with the Norebro theme are:

  • Ability to create custom products that suits restaurateur needs
  • The flexibility to tweak and control custom content

Norebro also helps restaurant marketing admins upscale the market reach via multi-language support and the blogging pack.


LeadEngine is a perfect fit for themes helping restaurant proprietors to scale up marketing competition.

Aside from being multi-purpose and with an inbuilt page builder, LeadEngine simplifies the website building experience with more than 200+ templates for your blocks.

Better still, it’s a pack with more than 35 inbuilt sites for you to customize and go live.

Also, essential functions which LeadEngine helps sort through unique features are:

  • Translate ready functions as a WPML compatible theme containing .mo files for easy reading by humans.
  • Rich options for typography as well as the inclusion of CSS3 animation features

Other key components include the blogging package and the powerful options panel.

LeadEngine integrates great plugins like the WPbakery, Slider-revolution, and the IconsMind Pack.

Pixelgrade Rosa

Pixelgrade is one of a kind among the best themes you want for a site for your restaurant. You won’t find this on Themeforest but via the link here.

The scrolling effects of the theme are just at another level.

For a restaurant, you want a theme that’s simple to tweak: adjust colors and fonts to the tune of your brand. If the Font Palette isn’t okay for your case, you’re free to create your own.

Also, adding texts and images is pretty simplified; the theme is pre-made to cater for that so that you do not end up with messy alignments.

The other pretty simple but powerful tweaks are adding a display menu with ease and highlighting blocks of text with one-clicks.

Lastly, with Pixelgrade, you can mix files formats, images, and videos or do a store to sell online via WooCommerce plugin integration.


Deliocio is a perfect theme for all things restaurants and cafes, and it’s from WPZOOM.

First, I appreciate that it’s a WooCommerce friendly theme and has a pretty simple set-up system where customers can order your restaurant products and services online.

Delicio, apart from being an SEO-ready template, supports multilingual needs- has WPML compatibility, plus its translation ready.

Talking of pocket-friendliness, you get the Delicio theme installer with year-long free support. But the best value comes when you purchase lifetime support and access to the updates. Or you can get the entire pack coming with more than 30 themes for you to make choices from as you wish.

Other key features are the theme options panel and the visual customizer, which combine to help you tweak visuals into what you believe appeals to your customers’ best

Mise En Place

Mise En Place is an all-restaurant-oriented theme. Into finer details, the term Mise En Place comes from French and comes around the idea of having everything in place right before starting your cooking!

Are you looking for a theme that fits into the package of needs of your restaurant business? Then, Mise En Place could be the silver bullet you are looking for.

First, it’s easy to customize, right from the logo to color preferences and also an array of 600+ options from Google Fonts.

Second, it’s the power Mise En Place hands over to you via the page builder. It’s easy to use drag and drop functions and make more menu pages and landing pages. The menu support is also straightforward for adding new menu items and widgets.

Third, Mise En Place is a fast theme that is already mobile-friendly and perfect integration with the WooCommerce plugin- and these give you an ideal product to reach out to customers all over


Liber is a WordPress theme that suits anything falling within the scope of eateries- restaurants, bars, and cafes.

And first, it’s optimized for mobile- you do not want a theme that cuts you off half of your prospective customers simply because of viewability. Right?

The Dev. Team scores a plus when they say- the target was a theme that helps viewers and makes it plain easy for the site owners to build and roll out.

Site owners can access four more pre-built demos to suit the arrays of needs they expect with restaurants.

A deeper exploration into Liber, you’ll find a rare feature – RTL -ready. And this means it accommodates languages within the entire globe whose languages read from right to left.


Look out for special offers on the themes by cssigniter from time to time- and well, including the Carbone theme!

With the Carbone theme, this could be the gem you’ve been looking for to help you launch your site. And it fits well, whether you’re running a bar, hotel, or restaurant.

Carbone is mobile-friendly. But there are other cute features you’ll appreciate the Carbone theme for:

  •  It allows you to integrate an online system for making orders or a third-party app for managing orders.
  • You have full cover for online payments solutions integrations via WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Great opportunity to enhance viewability. Here, you can integrate the Media gallery and the restaurant menu to create the best visual appeal for your customers.

One last point, Carbone seamlessly allows you to choose from three excellent page builders: Divi, Elementor, and Beaver Builder.



Restaurantz is a product by WEN Themes. The Restaurantz WordPress theme is sleek and professional for eateries, inclusive of restaurants and coffee houses.

It’s built with Site Origin as the Page Builder – meaning you still get the powerful feature for dragging and dropping as you create and customize the looks of pages/posts.

Restaurantz works great with Jetpack – which helps you show a gallery of your offerings with ease. Also, the Theme Options panel extends your ability to customize integrating APIs, which adds to making up for a beautiful site that is pretty easy to configure.

One feature other Dev. teams may overlook is the blog – where you have a handy tool to keep in touch with your prospective customers-they may even offer helpful feedback there as they learn and stay in touch with your business.

Lastly, the Restaurantz theme is built with the online ordering model in mind. And comes at a time businesses are going the online way!

Bakes and Cakes


As it sounds, Bakes and Cakes is a theme from Rara themes that suits your restaurateur’s needs for a site for online presence.

The main aim isn’t a theme alone but gets more profound to handing you the power to showcase your products and services on the web. And it comes as a theme that is built with a focus on engaging customers online.

There are sections earmarked for testimonials, banners, call to action, and most critical, the product section. The bakes and Cakes theme is built to optimize page-load speeds and overall site speed.

You join 2000+ running and earning businesses via the theme with bakes and cakes.

Final Thoughts

All you need with a restaurant business is to choose from among the best WordPress restaurant themes.

You want a theme powerful enough to tweak how you plan to visually amaze your customers, treat, talk to and offer discounts.

Also, you want to target a theme blending well with mobile viewers. Bear in mind that a significant chunk of the market is growing fast. Well, even share blog updates as part of the marketing sales funnel!

At the same time, you want to have a firm grip on the orders and equally on the payment and integrations.

Sorting through the list above, we’ve covered your back.

Holistically we’ve scoured through the best WordPress restaurant themes with unique features to leverage the power of technology and take your restaurant business to the next levels.

And it remains up for you to make your best suiting choice.

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