How To Sell Courses and Memberships With TutorLMS, SureCart, and SureMembers

sell courses with tutorlms surecart and suremembers

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If you think to sell courses on your WordPress website then you are in luck because there are a few plugins that can help you do that for free.

If you have multiple courses and you want to sell subscriptions to all courses then you will need an additional plugin SureMembers that can help you with that, and the review is here SureMembers Review.

What are the Tools Needed:

In this tutorial we are going to use the following plugins and themes to do this:


Kadence Theme – Kadence has a free option that can be used, and in it the TutorLMS plugin with courses looks very good. Give it a try


SureCart -this is a free e-commerce plugin that integrates with the LMS Plugin and will help us sell the courses and add the subscription to the website. You can check the SureCart Review for more details.

TutorLMS – This is a free LMS plugin that can help us add courses to our WordPress website. It is nice and easy to use and the free version has everything we need to start adding courses.

SureMembers – this is a premium WordPress membership plugin that can be used to limit access to the courses via subscriptions also it can help us extend the website with premium content. Check this SureMembers Review to find out what it has to offer.

Steps to Start Selling Courses:

The first thing to do is to have these plugins installed and ready, the courses should be already there. In this tutorial, I will only present the configurations that are needed to sell the courses and have the subscriptions done. The courses should be already there.

The complete steps with the configs can be found in the video, here you will find only the generic steps.

Sell Courses as individual Products

To do this you need to add the products in SureCart and choose the one-time price and in integrations the course that the product has as in the below picture:

You do this for all the courses you have, then the only thing you need is to edit the checkout form and add the fields you need as the password ones.

Sell Courses in a Subscription

If you have more courses or you want to offer the course as a monthly or yearly subscription then you need the help of the SureMembers plugin to protect them. The steps for this are below and in the video:

1. Create an Access Group in SureMembers

Just open the SureMembers and add the group with the options in protected content for TutorLMS lessons and TutorLMS Lessons as all lessons just as in bellow picture. In the right side you choose the Message and the page with the subscription form:

2. Add the Subscription Product

Now we need to set up a product that has a subscription base and in the integration part, it will add the customer to the group we have created in the second step. So in the Pricing field choose the subscription option with the price and interval you want. In integration choose SureMembers and choose the access group that was just created as in the below picture.

3. Create a SureCart Form and add it to the plan page

Now we need to create the checkout form SureCart with the elements you need and add it on the plans page added in the restriction message. That is the only thing you need to do, when someone will try to access a lesson will be displayed the message you have set with the button to the plan page. When will buy the subscription will be allowed to see all courses.

4. Make The course Publicly available

On the course in the course settings, you should go and hit the button Public Course. In this way, the course will be available, and will only see the option to subscribe when you try to access a lesson.


This is the way I have managed to integrate all of this plugins to make them work for my needs, in case you have a new way please drop a comment below.

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