Create An Newsletter Email List With Autoresponder For Free in WordPress

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In the previous article we have presented the best free option that exists out there to have an WordPress newsletter plugin  and start build your email list, you can check it here: Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins for Building your Email List. In this article I would like to enter more in detail of how exactly you can do this and what tools you can use to configure your email list and start building your list.

WordPress is offering the best tools to build your email list with reduce costs or even free if you don’t want to pay any money. The aWeber  solution is quite to expensive for an start blogger that is not producing any money yet with his blog.

Below are the tools that you can use for free to start building your email list:



This is a free WordPress newsletter plugin that has the possibility in free version to let you send newsletters to 2000 subscribers in the free version. Below are the pluses of this plugin:

  • offers the possibility to send autoresponders
  • the newsletters can be build easier
  • other plugins like popup plugins or sidebar plugins developed modules for MailPoet
  • you have statistics for opened emails, clicks, etc
  • you can have different lists

This is the most things that I love about this plugin.

Optin Revolution: WordPress Popup

To better attract subscribers to your list you will need an popup plugin to put more focus on your offer for subscription and attract the visitor attention. Even if the Optin Revolution in the light version doesn’t have a lot of features, it does the job. With Optin Revolution you have a free pop-up template that you can customize with the details that you need for the list building.

GC MailPoet EX

This will add a bar in the footer of the site in which the visitors will have the option to subscribe. This will your email list because it ads more visibility to the visitors


Mandrill is an email application that you can use to send emails threw it, you can create a free account to them and you will have up to 10.000 emails that can be sent monthly. If you will want to send more emails then 10.000 you will pay by the number of emails that are sent. I am recommending this service as it is a professional one and  you would want that all the newsletter that you are sending reach all the subscribed users. Mandrill is an professional service that will assure that your emails will not go into spam or never reach the users. It is recommended to start using it after the email list has more them 100 subscribers, I don’t see the point for a smaller number.


Below is a video with a step by step description of how you can use the above tools to create your first email list. The mandrill configurations are not in the video and will be created in a future article.


This are the free tools that you can use to start creating your firs email list on your new created blog. They are perfect for start-up blogs. In case your blog is not at beginning and already has 100 – 200 visitors a day it would be better to try optinmonster instead of Optin Revolution as it is offering more options an the possibility to do  A/B testing to see better how you can increase your conversion to the newsletter.



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