Mailersend Review: A Tool That’s Worth Your While

mailersend review

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Mailersend is the new kid in town regarding SMTP/API email services that you can use for your website and project. Mailersend was built by the same team that built MailerLite so they are very familiar with SMTP services and email.

Mailersend enables you to send transactional emails: like the ones you have for your store or for membership of a course website. It’s good to use an SMTP service like Mailersend because you will have a greater success rate for your email delivery and if you have a business that generates a lot of emails you would want customers to receive their notifications.

Mailersend it’s much more than this and will allow you to check emails or send SMS in the future. I like Mailersend because they are offering a generous free plan with 12.000 monthly emails and then 1$ for any 1000 emails sent. In this article, we will make a review of Mailersend to see exactly what has to offer.

Mailersend Review

Let’s see what MailerSend has to offer, I started testing their services weeks ago and I have a clear opinion on their services on what they have to offer.

It’s easy to make an account and add your domain to MailerSend, you just need to add the details in DNS like any other SMTP provided. After they are validated in DNS they will review your website manually to see if it’s legit, I didn’t have any issue with this.


The main feature is sending transactional emails but this also was extended with other features like email verification and template use for the emails sent, SMS is an other thing that they are offering.

SMTP & API Emailing

You can configure a SMTP relay or you can use their API to send emails and include customized templates, this is the main purpose of the service. This is for sending transactional emails and they guarantee a 99,5% SLA. For the emails that you are sending you can create templates that can be assigned, a template will format the email with a certain look, you need to activate the template thru API, so it’s only working with API.

Inbound Routin

Inbound email routes enable MailerSend to receive emails on your behalf, parse incoming emails, and integrate them into your application. This is for advanced developers (I didn’t see any WordPress integration for this yet) if they need to integrate this with their app.

Email Verification

This will help you verify and see if the email address is valid, it’s a good feature but too expensive from my point of view. Sure will help you save money in the long run but you can start with something free first and see after.


Analytics features are very nice, you can see how many emails were sent per day, soft bounces, and hard bounces. You have the open rate and clicks and even opened by location. This is available in the Free plan also so it’s pretty nice:

email volume

SMS Sending

This is something new that will allow you to send SMS, it’s not currently active but will be soon.


You can create webhooks and get notified when an action happens, this is for more advanced users and developers.


There are a few integrations available for Mailersend, you have plugins for WordPress and WooCcmmerce, the WooCommerce one will allow you to set different templates for different actions like receiving an order.

There are other integrations that can be done via Zapier, and Pabbly Connect that can trigger versions actions when something happens in Mailersend


Email services can be expensive and is always nice to have a free option to test the services before deciding to buy. Mailersend is offering 12.000 emails that can be sent per month. This is a very generous option but to take full advantage you need to input your credit card as otherwise, you get only 100.

The free plan includes 12.000 emails/month, 1 custom domain, 3 active templates, and 1000 API requests a day. If you are sending more than 12.000 emails you will be charged 1$ for 1000 emails.

The next plan is 25$ and you really have the other option active and you have verification credits or SMS send credits. You have included 50.000 emails and 3 domains.

If you need more emails you can customize the package in function of the number to get a lower price per email.

Pros & Cons

In this section, I will provide what is my pros and cons for Mailersend to make an idea


  • Big Free 12.000 Plan
  • Good Analytics for Emails
  • Nice Template Builder
  • WooCommerce Plugin


  • Little expensive if you go over the Free number (only for free)
  • No Default Template for WordPress Plugin
  • Only 1 Domain in Free

The service is reliable and it works well for my small WordPress websites. I didn’t need support till now but I have seen in the plugin support that they are very responsive.

Mailersend Alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives to Mailersend when it comes to sending emails, some of the services are offering free options also. Below I will put some of the best alternatives to Mailersend if you like to try some.


They are offering SMTP/API email sending and SMS like this service, they have more features as they are a mature service, but you need to pay for the extra features. They are offering free 300 emails a day (more than enough for more) and then 25$ for 20.000 emails. They are more expensive than Mailersend.


You get 100 free emails a day and it has similar features to Mailersend. You have SMTP/API emails with validating email features for upper tiers. You have also an SMTP option. The pricing is not bad and for about 50k emails you would pay about $20 which is not that bad.


Another service with similar features to Mailersend, you don’t have SMS options here but you have similar options. They are offering 5.000 free emails a month with


This is a service from Zoho which I was using before, it’s not free and it’s pay as you go, but It has a very good price. You pay $2.5 for 10.000 emails that are available for 6 months. They are offering basic things like SMTP/API, reports, and webhooks creation.


Mailersend it’s a nice service that is offering a lot of free options and can be used for free. I have already started using it, I really like the design and reports they have. I will give a try to the WordPress plugin they have.

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