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Best Sequential Order Number Plugins for WooCommerce (Free & Paid)

Best Sequential Order Number Plugins for WooCommerce

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eCommerce stores get orders daily. Sometimes, these orders could be in thousands, so order numbers are necessary for identifying one order from the other. However, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to go through these orders yourself.

Order numbers in WooCommerce stores are generated randomly, meaning the orders have varying numbers. This is because all data on WordPress (order, product, pages, and so on) are recognized as posts, and the system assigns a post ID to everything. So if you decided to manage your store’s default order numbers manually, it would be pretty tricky. Thankfully, there’s a solution for that.

With a sequential order number plugin, store management is made a whole lot easier and more effective! This article will highlight premium and free sequential order plugins that work excellently for WooCommerce stores. They help you manage your store’s orders by automatically generating WooCommerce sequential order numbers.

Best WooCommerce Sequential Order Number Plugins

There are several sequential order number plugins you can use for WooCommerce. However, here is a couple of the best that can help you have more control over your order numbers:

YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number

This plugin is from one of the best sellers of WooCommerce plugins so that you can expect outstanding performance. In addition, the YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number plugin allows you to set the number of orders you prefer and lets you manage free orders separately.

The extension is an ideal way to solve the problem of handling orders for WooCommerce store owners. The YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number provides needed control over the numeration of created orders on your store.

In addition, you can separate free orders from your sequences. This makes it easier to manage your books whenever you decide. Furthermore, the plugin will register the free orders with a different numeric order. What’s more? It is fully customizable, fast, and user-friendly.


  • Add Prefixes and Suffixes to order IDs.
  • Use a unique numeration for free orders.
  • Provides a continuous numeration for your orders.
  • Choose the starting ID for your order sequence.
  • YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote setting that separates the management of free orders and quotes.

Price: $56.75

Sequential Order Numbers Pro by SkyVerge

This is one of the best extensions that can boost the efficiency of your WooCommerce store. It lets you organize your store’s order numbers in sequences. Additionally, the Sequence Order Numbers Pro plugin is easy to use, so it’s ideal for beginners with no experience setting up a plugin.

Apart from the automatic sequencing of order numbers on your eCommerce store, this premium plugin also comes with some great features you will benefit from. These features include beginning order numbering from any number, order number length, customizable prefixes and suffixes, and the current date in the custom order number.

So, instead of generic order numbers, you can format them to any sequence you prefer. This plugin is perfect for all types of stores. Even if you already have existing orders, the new order number sequence you create will continue from there.


  • Sequential order numbers for your shop.
  • Start the order numbering from any number you choose.
  • Set a custom order number prefix.
  • Set a custom order number suffix.
  • Include the current day, month, or year in your custom order number prefix or suffix
  • Include the current time: hour, minute, second in your custom order number prefix or suffix
  • Order number length can be set automatically by adding as many zeroes to the beginning of the order number as needed.
  • Orders with free products can be excluded from the paid order sequence for accounting purposes and assigned their custom prefix.

Price: $49 annually.

Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce by Webtoffee

Another plugin that can help you effectively manage your WooCommerce order numbers is webtoffee’s Sequential Order Number plugin. This easy-to-use plugin eases the stress of operating your store and lets you create unique WooCommerce order numbers for your store.

With this extension, you can change your store’s current order numbers to a continuous sequence by generating consecutive order numbers. Also, you can customize your eCommerce store’s order numbers by creating custom suffix, prefix, date, time, and order details. This allows your store’s orders to stand out from the competition. You have to think of something unique to your store.

Furthermore, you don’t need to get rid of your existing order numbers. Instead, you can keep them and apply changes to new orders. The Sequential Order Number plugin lets you auto-rest order numbers, preview them, and separate order sequences from free orders.

Even if you’re not a tech expert, you’ll have no problem using the plugin. You can add a shortcode to your website, and it will help customers track their orders.


  • Set custom sequential order numbers for WooCommerce orders.
  • Add custom prefix, starting number, and order number length.
  • Set a custom order number for all orders or new orders only.
  • Add order date prefix.
  • Choose an order template.
  • Supports subscription order numbers.
  • Compatibility with subscription plugins.
  • Order tracking by custom order number.
  • Supports order tracking shortcode.
  • Optionally enable admin order search by custom order number.
  • Easy setup and dedicated support.

Price: $49 annually for one site.

Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce (Free)

Are you interested in a free order number plugin for your WooCommerce store? Then you should definitely try the Sequential Order Numbers for the WooCommerce plugin by BeRocket. Although it’s free, it is still excellent at managing your store’s order numbers, as many premium plugins do.

The plugin is packed with remarkable features that help you grow your business in a very smooth way by simplifying order management. With the Sequential Order Numbers plugin, you can create a unique ID for all the orders generated in your store. Additionally, it lets you create custom prefixes, suffixes, and a number start for free orders. You can also include the current date and time in the ID.


  • Custom order number text.
  • Unlimited order number length.
  • Add custom ID and start number.
  • Add different kinds of data to the order number text such as date, time, total price, product count, etc.

Price: Free.


If you need something more complex with a lot of features then YITH is the one for you, it has integration with the rest of YITH plugins and you don’t risk remaining off support. If you don’t have the budget and you want something more basic then berocket free plugin is the one for you.

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