Best WooCommerce Review for Discounts Plugins

In order to make some of the most important decisions in your online store, you need a few reviews, feedback and critiques. Nowadays, before purchasing any product online, most customers tend to have a look at the reviews left by other customers so as to gauge the quality of what they are getting. Reviews are also applied to media content, where a user reviews the experiences of other people before downloading content. Is it secure? Did it achieve its purpose? These are some of the questions that can be answered by reviews, together with the various product rating options.

A majority of customers depend on online reviews to make decisions. In a recent survey, it was estimated that 90% of customers make decisions based on reviews. In a separate research, 79% of customers showed trust in online reviews as opposed to business personal recommendations. This information makes a review plugin one of the worthy investments a business owner should decide on.

Benefits of WooCommerce Review for Discounts Plugins

Create confidence and loyalty in customers

Service and product reviews are very important aspects towards making a customer believe in your business. Based on the experiences and history of previous customers, current customers can weigh options whether it is a good idea to purchase or not.

Most review for discount plugins also comes with the popular rating system, usually composed of 5 stars. A rating of 4.5 and above is most likely to have a better persuasion power.

Improve your sites visibility

Through the numerous reviews, enable your site to shoot up in search engine results. Customers often search for certain short tail keywords which might have been left by previous customers on a given product. This goes a long way to make your business known in the internet domain.

Increase sales volume

Discount coupons have the chance to improve conversion rates for your business. This means more repetitive sales of products and rise in business revenue. Usually, is a two-way relationship which benefits both the business and customers.

This article lists some of the best WooCommerce review for discount plugins that we feel could add value to your store.

Best WooCommerce Review for Discounts Plugins

Yith WooCommerce Review for Discounts

This plugin works by allowing your customers to leave reviews for your products and services in exchange for coupons. This goes ahead to help you engage your audience at a more personal level, identifying their tastes, preferences, and dislikes.

Good review from your users are great marketing tools which would generally translate to high conversions rate and better visibility of your online store. You will also be able to persuade potential users to make orders for your products from these reviews.

Main Features

  • Customize your email contents to bring the best out of your business
  • Choose the appropriate time to send emails. These may include immediately a user posts a review, after the review has gained approval or after hitting a given number of reviews
  • Let users know you have approved their reviews by sending email notifications
  • Automatically exclude expired coupons
  • Choose which category of products to allow coupon generation for after reviews
  • Invite your customers to hit their review limits in order to access discounts
  • Use mandrill to send emails from the store
  • Easily customize the coupon with details such as:
  • Discount amount
  • Category of discount to attach to your coupons i.e. fixed or percentage and single products or total cart products
  • Products, services or categories to include in the coupon list
  • Maximum and minimum reviews to be eligible for a coupon
  • Combining the coupon with other related discounts to offset payments
  • Amount of time the coupon expires or becomes outdated

Price: € 49,99

Review for Discount

This plugin will allow you to present your reviewers with a range of discount coupons. This is in turn aimed at attracting new sales, enabling repeated sales and achieving up-sells.

Main Features

  • Automatically create coupons for customers who review products from your store
  • Redeem coupons at checkout
  • Send email notifications about coupons
  • Generate secure codes
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Excellent customer service from a dedicated desk
  • Utmost security for online payments

Price: $29

WooCommerce Review for Discounts

With this plugin, allow your customers to leave reviews for different categories of products they have bought. You will be able to give your site the visibility it deserves by a number of reviews from your customers.

This goes a long way to build trust among your current and prospective customers. These reviews also improve your Google Search Rankings by showing the results each time a customer browses the internet.

Through the user-friendly interface, you will be able to provide a room for your customers to leave reviews in exchange for discounts. Automatically generated codes can be further used for transactions in the future. The win-win situation presented by this plugin not only boosts your sales but also encourages repetitive buying.

Main Features

  • One year supported updates from developers
  • Customizable email contents for customer notifications
  • Automatic generation of discount coupons from the backend system
  • High level of security and safety through the use of generated codes
  • Choose which products to include or exclude from the coupon categories
  • Set maximum or minimum number of product reviews before a customer earns a discount coupon

Price: $5


Review for discount plugins are some of the proven ways to create confidence in both current and prospective customers. Choosing the right plugin for your business may depend on factors such as your estimated budget and your customer base.

The right decision should however involve a plugin which is user friendly and serves its role at the same time Also ensure you have full support from your plugin provider to prevent missing great marketing opportunities.

The other thing to focus on is your hosting services provider to ensure they support WooCommerce operations. It is always a great practice to kick off with a free trial of your review plugin to see how things turn out in the first month, after that you can make a more thoughtful decision.

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