DigitalOcean Review – Perfect Hosting For WordPress

I am with DigitalOcean  for more then one year where I have more VPS servers bought for my sites and my customer sites from here in Romania. This one year experience was very pleasant with DigitalOcean as no incident has happened and the servers are working perfectly. Along the years in which I am in the online sphere I have changed multiple hosting companies staring with share hosting and  ending up to VPS’s. This is the first service that satisfies completely my needs so far. In this article I would like to present you why I think about DigitalOcean and why is perfect to host your WordPress sites.

Below is a picture that I have with my 2 VPS that I have on them:




DigitalOcean Review

In this article I will go step by steps with what DigitalOcean has to offer to understand better what they have to offer.

Prices and Plans

I would like to discuss first about what other options for hosting are out there that can host your WordPress site at a professional level so you can understand why DigitalOcean is the best for you. In terms of hosting you can go to the below directions:

  • Shared Hosting – which in this case you will pay a fee of around 5$ to have your sites hosted in a shared environment with an shared IP on the lower price. With DigitalOcean you will be able to have with 5$ a month a VPS with an dedicated IP that has bigger power.
  • WordPress special hosting companies – There are 3 companies that is offering professional hosting packages at around 25$  a month for a lower package, this companies are WPengine, Synthesis and Trafficplanethosting. This are professional hosting companies with higher prices and maybe for some of them neither that good services, just check this article.
  • Other VPS – I have used other VPS companies and I can say that in the end the services were not satisfying and in the end that’s why I ended up using DigitalOcean.  I was paying even 50$ a month with cPanel license and the servers were really slow some times when the servers were busy with other sites hosted out there, thing that on DigitalOcean never happened.

On DigitalOcean you can start from 5$ a month for a VPS with 512MB of RAM and 20GB of SSD disk space. Depending of how much power you need you can go up and by with 10$ a VPS with 1GB of RAM and 30 GB of SSD space. Below is a picture with the packages that they are offering:



From my point of view and the feedback that I can give after 1 year with them the the price – package is excellent and can’t be beaten by anyone.

Server Creation

The process of creating a VPS server at DigitalOcean is very easy and you only need to choose the package with the memory ,CPU and ram that you want and continue with the datacenter with the location, chose the OS and the applications and your VPS will be ready in no time:

create droplet


Performance and Uptime

I have 2 droplets in different data centers and I can say that both of them didn’t had performance problems until now. I am monitoring them with pingdmon and when one in case of problems I am informed via email. So in this year there were no problems related with the uptime. Below are the speed test for my sites done with pingdom, they have no CDN on them:

NY datacenter:


Amsterdam data center:


Around 2 seconds for every data center and the sites are not even over optimized for performance. The speed is really good and I am very happy with what I got from them.

Other aspects

  • Support – never used it so far, everything worked so good and I didn’t needed anything from them.
  • Knowledgeable -they have a good repository with knowledge objects and a lot of tutorials.

The only things that can be enhanced on their side is the fact that they are providing only one IP, heaving and extra one it would be even greater.

The main difference between  DigitalOcean and the shared hosting account and other professional hosting companies like WPengine and others is the fact that here you have to install everything on your server and to manage it. If you know what to do the things will be great otherwise you can encounter problems.

Another great thing that I have seen on DigitalOcean is that they will give you 10$ in you account as bonus so if you  register with the below link and you will get 10$ in your account. This gives you the possibility with 5$ to have 3 months of hosting to try them.

>>>Register With this link and Get 10$ in you account<<< 

[su_box title=”Offer” style=”glass” title_color=”#e3f4f0″]If you register with the above link I will help you create the droplet, install Webmin+Virtualmin or zpanel free alternatives for cPanel so you can host multiple sites on your server. This will be totally free just follow the below steps:

1. Clear your browser cookies.

2.Register with the above link.

3. Put 5$ in your account to be able to have the 10$ bonus and be able to create the droplet

4. Use the contact form and send the user and password with what you need.

5. Seat back and in couple of hours I will finish ( in case is not night). [/su_box]