Best WooCommerce Push Notifications Plugins (Free & Paid)

Best woocommerce push notification

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Great communication between buyers and sellers is more than welcome in any sphere. And the e-commerce world is definitely not out of reach in this situation. Quite the contrary, online store owners seek more and more solutions on how to establish or improve the connection between them and the customers. Because as we all know, creating a regular customer base is vital for your business. Many store owners even hire agencies to manage their social media account for bigger engagement with the audience.

However, there are easier ways to engage with and inform your audience about your new products, offers, articles, and so on. One of the solutions to this ‘problem’ is the WooCommerce Push Notifications plugins.

What are WooCommerce Push Notifications and how can you benefit from them?

Push notifications are clickable messages that usually show as pop-ups when a user visits a site and it gives them the option to opt-in to receive notifications for that site. If they accept it, then they’ll start receiving notifications about your site on their browsers. Consider it as a less complicated subscription button. They can also be helpful for store owners to stay in touch with customers’ behavior and monitor sales, refund requests, order status changes, etc.

The benefits of having push notifications on your site are immense because they encourage visitors and potential customers to return to your site. Like that you can dramatically increase traffic which also translates to augmented sales. And the best thing about it is that you get a nice loyal and returning audience. So the piggy bank will never get empty unless you stop providing quality content.

To help you choose the best tool of this kind, we selected and reviewed the best premium and free WooCommerce Push Notifications plugins.

Best Premium WooCommerce Push Notification Plugins

YITH Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce

Stay in touch with your store and receive real-time notifications about sales, refund requests, product quantities, and other similar actions happening on your site. Never miss anything and maintain great customer satisfaction by reacting quickly to their needs.

YITH offers three business plans to which you can subscribe:

Main Features

  • Ability to enable desktop notifications related to your store and monitor every single action that’s happening at the moment
  • Easily customize the desktop notifications by changing the title and description with the specific placeholders
  • Ability to enable desktop notifications for all or only some users by selecting the ones with different user roles
  • Choose how long you want the notification pop-up to stay by manually inserting the number of seconds
  • Pick different icons and sounds for each notification according to your own liking
  • Translate the notification messages in multiple languages by using the powerful tool WPML

Price:€ 49,99

WordPress and WooCommerce Push Notifications

Effortlessly send automated push notifications to your visitors to inform them about new blog posts, sale campaigns, product launches and so on. Not only it will notify them about the new actions in your store, it will also link back directly to your website so they can visit it immediately. However, to run this plugin it requires for you to have a Free Firebase Account and an SSL Certificate for your site.

Main Features

  • Very easy to use and offers unlimited push notifications alongside unlimited number of subscribers
  • Everyone who has subscribed to receive notifications for the site will have an ID saved in your database
  • Send a welcome message to the new users
  • Notify all users about a new product launch, blog post, sales and much more
  • Send notification to users who abandoned their carts
  • Notifies store owners about low stock, new orders, refunds, etc
  • Works great with popular browsers, especially Chrome on all devices

Price: $26

WordPress/WooCommerce/BuddyPress Push Notification

Another great premium push notification plugin to help you send informative clickable messages to subscribed users without needing their emails or other contact details about them. Just send unlimited real-time notifications to your subscribers who don’t pay monthly fees nor are required to sign-up. You don’t need a Firebase account or third-party SDKs.

The prices for this plugin stand at $49 for a regular license and $85 for an extended one. Six months of support is also included in the price.

Main Features

* WordPress Notifications:

  • Create and send custom type notifications
  • Send notification to users when a new post is published

*WooCommerce Notifications

** Notify users when:

  • new product is released
  • new product and sale prices are added
  • a product is back in stock
  • customers abandon their carts

** Notify admins for:

  • low stock
  • new orders

*BuddyPress Notifications

* Notify users when:

  • they receive or accept a friend request
  • they receive a new message
  • a member mentions on replies to an update or comment

Price: $49

Best Free WooCommerce Push Notifications Plugins

PushAlert – Web Push Notifications

Allow users to subscribe to your push notifications with the PushAlert plugin and provide them with the most recent updates from your e-commerce website. It also comes with a trouble-free interface that lets you create and send notifications automatically for every post you publish.

Some researchers say that push notifications have a 10 times better click-through rate than some other marketing methods like emails for example. Because of that, it would be a bit unreasonable to miss out on such an opportunity, especially when it’s free and powerful like PushAlert.

Main Features

  • Works flawlessly with most popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera on desktop and mobile devices
  • Get detailed report on your subscribers’ interests, locations, devices, etc and target them with special offers
  • Send newsletter notifications with your daily top posts and send automatic notifications on your RSS feed
  • Ability to send notifications in multiple languages depending on the subscriber’s language
  • Option to create two different messages and let PushAlert’s intelligent algorithm to choose which one’s better
  • Schedule push notifications beforehand
  • Get detailed reports on which notifications are best performing
  • Notify customers about: abandoned carts, in-stock products, price drops and shipment alerts
  • Ability to send individual notifications to targeted customers

Push Monkey Pro

Another fantastic free Woocommece Push Notifications plugin to help you directly contact and inform your readers about the fresh new content or products on your site. Great plugin if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend money on premium ones. The only thing it requires you to have is an account on, no credit card is needed.

Main Features

  • Increase engagement by informing users about new published content
  • Readers can subscribe to your notifications by clicking one button
  • Option to choose on what type of content you want to send out in the notifications
  • Target specific subscribers based on their segments of interest and location
  • Get detailed data and statistics on what notifications perform the best
  • Option to choose between automatic and custom push notifications
  • Super easy and fast setup that doesn’t require anything more than basic knowledge
  • Send reminder notifications to visitors to abandoned their carts

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