Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins for Building your Email List

Free email list plug-ins are available for WordPress, good ones that rival aweber and MailChimp in convenience and usability. Let’s review a few. One important thing to consider — email list plug-ins for WordPress invariably offer PRO services at varying price points. The best bet for any user would be to take a test drive with a small number of email recipients. Grow from there and find the program that responds best to your needs.


First consider what you want to do with your email list. Send out newsletter? Do you need an attractive interface for your customers or will a simple email form suit you? How often will you send out the emails? How will you populate your email list? Do you want visitors to your website to sign up on a “sign up” page?

Think of it this way, you are populating a database first and foremost. From where will you draw to get those addresses? Ease of use can sometimes mean inefficiency. Your emails are the face of your company, just the same way your website is.


MailPoet. Drop and drag editing, 30 free themes, auto responders,  and the biggest feature — most important feature to look for in an email list plug-in– compatibility. Cross-platform continuity, the newsletter / email looks the same in gmail, on an iPhone, Android device, in Yahoo … Whatever and wherever email is read.  The free version of MailPoet is limited to 2K subscribers.



SendPress is a fairly new newsletter plug-in without very much feedback available yet. It would appear to need a few more user comments before one could safely recommend it. But, sometimes the newest is best because it utilizes the most current WP build/release. The developer responds well to current user concerns.


BFT Autoresponder

BFT Autoresponder and Newsletter plug-in. It’s easy to see from the Screenshots that this is one responsive easy to use plug-in. See below


Simple enough.






And then, creating a message couldn’t look more familiar, eh?image

BFT Autoresponder and Newsletter plug-in has been tested by both time and user experience. With over 21,000 downloads, it’s safe to assume stability. All support threads are resolved, making this a pretty safe bet for your needs.

And then we have Mail Subscribe List

Mail Subscribe List seems to be the rock star of plug-ins considered so far. It allows for visitors to your website to add their name and email address right on the site. Impressive! Here are some screenshots from the developer:


Yes, yes, simple and elegant coding does make a difference. Straightforward and clean. Easy to use.




In summation, you can find what you need for free when it comes to WordPress email list plug-ins that are free.

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