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ClickWhale Review: Manage Your WordPress Links Like a Pro

clickwhale review

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WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful platforms for creating websites and blogs. However, managing your links on WordPress can be a challenge. You may have to deal with long and ugly URLs, broken links, redirects, tracking codes, and more. That’s why you need a WordPress link management plugin that can help you simplify and improve your link strategy.

In this article, we will review ClickWhale, a WordPress plugin that helps you create, track, and optimize your links. We will show you how ClickWhale can help you boost your conversions, and user experience. We will also compare ClickWhale with some of its alternatives and help you decide if it’s the right plugin for you.

Key Takeaways

  • ClickWhale is a WordPress plugin that helps you create, track, and optimize your links.
  • ClickWhale has several features that make it stand out from other link management plugins, such as link shortening, tracking code insertion, link page building, and analytics.
  • ClickWhale has a free version that offers basic features and a pro version that offers more advanced features and support.
  • ClickWhale is easy to use and integrates well with WordPress and other tools.
  • ClickWhale has some competitors that offer similar or different features, such as BetterLinks, Pretty Links, and Linktree.
ClickWhale Review: Manage Your WordPress Links Like a Pro

ClickWhale is a WordPress plugin that helps you create, track, and optimize your links. In this review, we will show you how ClickWhale can help you boost your SEO, conversions, and user experience.

Price: 49

Price Currency: $

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: Link Shortener

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Why WordPress Link Shorteners are Important

A WordPress link shortener plugin can also help you with other aspects of link management, such as:

  • Link Editing: You can edit your links anytime without affecting their performance or functionality.
  • Link Cloaking: You can hide your original URLs and replace them with custom URLs that match your brand and domain name.
  • Link Redirecting: You can redirect your links to any URL you want without changing their appearance or losing their tracking data.
  • Link Tracking: You can track your links’ clicks, views, conversions, sources, devices, etc. using various metrics and reports.
  • Link Optimization: You can optimize your links for SEO, UX, and conversions using various techniques and features.

As you can see, a WordPress link shortener plugin can have a significant impact on your website’s success. However, not all WordPress link shortener plugins are the same. Some of them may offer more features and benefits than others. That’s why you need to choose a WordPress link shortener plugin that suits your needs and goals.

There are many WordPress link shortener plugins available in the market. However, not all of them are created equal. Some of them may have limited features, poor performance, or high costs. That’s why you need to choose a WordPress link shortener plugin that meets your needs and expectations.

ClickWhale Review

ClickWhale is a WordPress plugin that helps you create, track, and optimize your links. ClickWhale is designed to help you boost your SEO, conversions, and user experience with ease. ClickWhale has several features that make it stand out from other link management plugins. In this section, we will review some of the key features of ClickWhale.

The plugin is developed by Florian who made AAWP an plugin that can help you with Amazon Affiliate links and WordPress Coupon plugin so they have experience in developing WordPress plugins.

Key Features Of ClickWhale

ClickWhale Link Shortening

You can also use ClickWhale to shorten external links from other websites or platforms.

ClickWhale gives you full control over how you want to shorten your links. You can customize various aspects of your shortened URLs, such as slug, add them in an category, add UTM campaigns on them, make them no follow or sponsored. You can choose from the redirect options like, 301, 302, 303, 307, 308.

The link interface is as bellow:

Clickwhale it is having the possibility to import and export your links, so you can easily migrate any link you have to Clickwhale.

ClickWhale Analytics

In the PRO option LinkWhale is offering statistics for your link clicks and pages so you can see who clicked a link or a link page. You can filter by single, multiple links and see the traffic to your links, you can filter statistics by period. Statistics are not available in the FREE plugin so you need PRO for this features. The statistic interface is looking nice and clean, offers and covers the basic needs.

Statistics can be also seen for your pages so in case you want to see the traffic to a link page you have this option also.

ClickWhale Link Page Building

ClickWhale will allow you to build link pages so you can group all your important links in one place. The free version will allow you to build link pages but you are limited to one. Also in free version you will not have some of the widgets like social profiles or blog feed.

Link pages can be customised with any colours for your background and widgets and you can add SEO titles and descriptions + you can exclude them from search engine index if you choose so.

Link pages can be build easily with a drag and drop interface where you can put the widget you want, you can add links from ClickWhale and use icons, images or emojis to make them look nice.

You can add a logo to a page and add social media profiles.

Bellow are a couple of pictures with the link page interface:

ClickWhale link pages is an alternative to LinkTree that will help you build link pages fast in WordPress, you don’t need another tool for this.

ClickWhale Tracking Codes

Another nice features of ClickWhale is the possibility to add tracking codes across your website, you can add analytics code or pixels easily and you can choose where to be used like everywhere or on posts or pages. You have also the option to exclude the user roles you want, so in case you don’t want admins, authors or editors to have them you can choose to exclude.

The position of the tracking code can be adjusted to be in header, body or after the body tags. You have the flexibility to choose what you want.

Free and PRO version is offering the same access to the tracking codes as you can add multiple in function of your needs.

ClickWhale Free vs Pro

The plugins cames with a free and pro option in the free one you will not have, statistics, can only have 1 link page or you are missing some widgets like the post feed or social profiles, also UTM parameters are only available in PRO plan. Bellow is a list with the differences:

Pricing for the PRO plan starts at $49 for 1 site and goes up to $99 for 3 and $199 for 10 sites. If you compare the pricing with Pretty Links you will pay half as their plan starts from $99.60 so the price is not high and ClickWhale is affordable.

Pros and Cons

In my WordPress journey I have used a few link shorteners plugins and I will provide bellow some of the things I like and some of the things that can be improved:


  • Easy to Use And Nice Interface
  • Create link pages
  • Tracking Code
  • Export and Import Links
  • Free to Start and good Priced


  • Basic Analytics (referral would be nice)
  • No Quick Add Links from Posts
  • No Affiliate Link Disclosure Option

ClickWhale Alternatives

ClickWhale vs BetterLinks

Betterlinks is another links shortener plugin that can help you with the links you can check BetterLinks review here.

  • ClickWhale allows you to create your own link pages on your WordPress site, where you can display multiple links with custom titles and colors. You can also manage tracking codes and scripts directly in the ClickWhale interface, and apply them to specific pages, posts, or categories.
  • BetterLinks does not have the link page feature, but it has a more advanced analytics dashboard, where you can see detailed reports on the performance of your links, such as clicks, conversions, devices, locations, and more. You can also integrate BetterLinks with popular tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel.

Both plugins let you create and manage short links with your own domain, customize the URL slug, and set SEO attributes like nofollow or sponsored. Betterlinks starts from $74 for 1 website and goes up.

ClickWhale vs Pretty Links

Pretty Links is an old link management plugin that exists for years, it is quite outdated if you ask me it offers same basic functionalities like ClickWhale but it doesn’t have the link pages or the tracking scripts options. Also the price is double for Pretty Links, between the two I would go with ClickWhale at any time.


ClickWhale is a nice plugin that can help you with link shortening in WordPress and besides that it comes with the nice features like link pages or tracking codes options. It is perfect for the ones that wants to use a link shortener that is modern and has some extra features like link pages or adding tracking codes easily. You can start by using the free option and move up if you need more.

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