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Affiliate Coupon Plugin Review – The Best WordPress Coupon Plugin

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Having coupon codes with discounts for various products has become something normal for some time. Most of the sites in the WordPress news area or other areas it is used in one way or another for discount coupons.

Affiliate Coupon Plugin is a new plugin that helps in keeping the coupon codes and embedding them into posts very easily and with a nice design.

There are a couple of WordPress coupon plugins developed but frankly, none got my eyes. This changed when I have found Affiliate Coupon Plugin as it had the exact features and nice design that I wanted.

Also, the plugin has a free version that can offer most of the needs. In this article, I will make a detailed review with a video of the Affiliate Coupon Plugin so you can see if it is the one for you.

Most Important Affiliate Coupon Features

1. Design

What makes any plugin great is the design of the elements and how they are integrating with the current theme or any theme. Affiliate Coupon has some nice elements that can make coupon adding into your site easy and very good looking.

The templates that the plugin has been the following:

  • Standard template – where you have a nice looking box
  • Grid template – where you can add multiple templates into a grid style.
  • List Template – you can add one ore multiple coupons as a list. It is especially nice as you can add one when you do a review of a product and you have a discount code.
  • Banner Template¬†– this is also nice and integrate well with a promotion inside an article.
  • Widgets – you can add your coupons into the sidebar with a widget.
  • Different styles – every element can have one of the styles: standard,dark,light.

For complete templates you can check the below link:

2. AMP

In case you are using AMP, the plugin has support for it.

3. Click tracking

You can activate an option and the plugin can use Google Analytics to display click events. Besides that, you have also in the main area the number of views, copies, and clinks on a certain coupon. A nice feature to see which is doing the best.

4. Filtering and Coupon Pages

Every coupon with the pro version has a page. This is great for SEO and plausibility to add details there. You can add categories, vendors, types and filter the coupons based on them.

Pro VS Free

The free version is coming with most of the features but in case you want to have pages or extra design, analytics, and filtering options then you need to go with the PRO. Below is a photo with the differences:


In case you are interested in additional features then you need to buy the Pro plugin. The price is starting with 39$ on the one-site version which is not bad at all. In case you need to add it on multiple sites the price can increase up to 200$:

Video Review Of Affiliate Coupon Plugin

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