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I have a couple of Amazon Affiliate sites for some time and I was using EasyAzon on them and I thought that came the time to change it with something more beautiful that can help me increase my sales and have a nicer site.

After checking the internet for the best WordPress plugins to use with Amazon Affiliate I came across AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin).

AAWP is recommended by a number of sites that I was following because of the nice design on which is inserting the Amazon Products and the good code it has.

In this article, I would like to present you an AAWP Review and see what exactly the plugin has to offer and how it can help you insert Amazon Products into your posts with stylee.

Most Important AAWP Features

In this section I would present my view on the most important features that AAWP has and why is a great plugin for your Amazon Affiliate site. First to be able to use the plugin you will need to have access to Amazon API so you can pull the product details.

1. Design

The first thing that I liked is the nice design that the plugin has and how is perfectly integrates with the WordPress theme. Below are some aspects related to design I really love:

  • Responsive –  You can insert the various product boxes and the design will look great on mobile, desktop or any other device you may think off.
  • AMP – I am using AMP for my sites as it is offering a ranking boost in Google on mobile, having AMP support is a very important for me. AAWP has AMP support which is great.
  • Templates – in case you want a custom template to be build you have this option. You can easily customize it to look unique.

2. Variety Off Widgets/Boxes Options

With AAWP you get various widgets and boxes to insert into your posts. They have a nice design and also they pull out details like, price, reviews, description, etc. Below is a list of the various options that AAWP has:

  1. Comparison Tables

With the plugin, you can very easily create comparison tables for your products. Unfortunately, they are not AMP compatible. Below is one created by me on one of my sites:

2. Various Product Boxes Tips

You don’t have only one product option you have multiple like: product boxes, grid boxes, table boxes, list boxes,etc:

3. Widgets

An interesting feature is also the widgets where you can add the best seller or new products from a specific category. They are looking great and helps in having more sames:

3. Geo-targeting

AAWP it is working with all the Amazon stores around the world, you can configure the tracking ID for the store like UK,CA, AU, etc and AAWP it will redirect your traffic automatically to that stores in case the IP address of the visitor is from that country. AAWP is working with multiple GEO Targeting and you can choose the one you like the most. AAWP has: GEOIP-DB.COM, IPINFO.IO, DB-IP.COM.

With the help of Geo-Targeting you can increase you’re earning without any real extra work.

Click Tracking – AAWP it can activate click tracking with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Piwik. With One Click I can activate the tracking and I have report is Google Analytics of how much clicks I have or what page or product is generating it. A very nice feature to see exactly what is happening.

Translations – in case your site is not in English the plugin was also translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.

Cashing – Amazon is changing the policy to their API quite frequently and over time limited a lot the number of request you can make. The plugin has the option to cache the product details and reduce the number of request to Amazon. This will also make your site faster as it doesn’t need to go every time to Amazon to get the details.

Gutenberg – I have the new editor activated already on some of my sites and I was afraid that it would be more difficult to add products or problems will exist between the plugin and the new editor. It appears that nothing has changed with the new editor and everything is working beautifully.

Development/Updates – From my experience with the plugin and what I have seen, a good thing is that is updated constantly and developer it is communicating with the buyers. It’s a big plus for me as I have plugins that are not updated. On off my sites I already have hundreds of articles with the plugin and it will be hard to change everything in case the plugin is not updated and it doesn’t work with new WordPress releases.

Areas Where AAWP Can Do Better

I was lieing if I would told you that AAWP doesn’t have any weak spots, it has. Fortunately, the weak spots are not that big and in the future can be improved or overcome with the help of some tools.


You can only use short codes and there isn’t any button in the Admin area from where you can add the image, link, product box, etc. You need go to the site and check for the exact shortcode you need.

This way of inserting products can create problems for the non technical people like my wife for instance. It will be more difficult for her to add the element that it needs. There is a way to surpass this on Firefox browser with Clippings You install this plugin, add the elements to it and just right click when you need to add one.

You can’t Search for a Product in Admin Area

To insert your product/box you need to know the Amazon ASIN and you can’t search for it in the Admin Area. Maybe I am to used with EasyAzon but that was an interesting feature that would have made things easier.

Under the Hood And Setup

AAWP is installed like any other plugin in WordPress. After you need to configure your Amazon API credentials so it can pull details from Amazon and the tracking ID so you can have your affiliate links built with your affiliate ID. Below are 2 screenshots with these areas:

General Tab

Here you can configure information like:

  • Shortcode – this is the shortcode format to be used when inserting the products/boxes.
  • Cache – how long product details to be cached locally for reducing API requests.
  • Tracking-  to track the clicks in Analytics
  • AMP – to enable support for AMP
  • Last update format: You have two options here: “Date and Time” and “Date.” Choose either of these two time formats for informing your readers the last time you updated the Amazon information.
  • Inline info: If you find it helpful, incorporate custom text into the display of your product box.
  • Disclaimer: Amazon has an API License Agreement option. If you wish to explore this, you can set a custom disclaimer.
  • Clear cache: You can instantly empty the cache where saved data is kept.

Output Tab

Here you can customize how different elements can look like and what elements to be active. You can configure:

  • Title- how long the product title can be
  • Image- image size and quality
  • Description – how much details to be pulled from Amazon product details.
  • Rating– different styles and sizes for the products stars on Amazon
  • Price – show the price with the old price and discount
  • Button- you can customize the text, color and for of the buy now product button

Functions Tab

Here you can customize the templates and options for various boxes like best seller, new releases, tables, etc

AAWP Price

You have various pricing options to choose from:

The price is not low but it is offering a lot of functions and I think is worth it. The price it can be high for newbies into Affiliate building sites but if you are serious about making money with Amazon then you need to pay.

AAWP Discount Coupon Code

In case you want to get AAWP you can use the below coupon code it is offering you a 10% discount:

Video Review off AAWP

In case you want to see AAWP in action then check the below video:

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  1. As a newbie, I have known this plug in to be tops in the field. However I am also glad top see it is apparently compatible with the new Gutenberg Word Press psuedo page builder. Thank you

  2. Hey Man,

    I think it’s a great plugin. I started using it on my website and it gives good results so far.
    Thanks for sharing this insightful piece.