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Best WooCommerce Price Alert / Notification Plugin

Best WooCommerce Price Alert Plugin

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It’s never a bad idea to help your customers save money while shopping on your WooCommerce website. However, it is a great idea if you can still profit while at it. One simple but effective way to do that is to introduce price tracking to your store.

Price tracking helps customers know when the price of a product increases or reduces. That way, they can budget better and save some money in the process. As a store owner, this feature gives you insight into how much money customers are willing to pay for certain products. It also allows you to increase the chances of products being purchased by adjusting the prices.

These days, there are many price alerts or notification plugins that you can use for your WooCommerce store. However, in this article, we’ll point out only the best options that work perfectly.

Why Everyone Should Have A Price Notifier on WooCommerce

A price alert or notifier plugin is a must-have for WooCommerce stores that want to be as optimized as possible. Are you still wondering why you should have one of these plugins on your website? Here are a few reasons to consider:

Market Insight

An ideal price alert plugin is one of the best ways to understand what your customers are thinking or are interested in. For example, it gives you a clear idea of how much customers want to pay for certain products. This can help you set the prices of other items or come in handy for planning discounts or promotional campaigns.

Optimized Conversion

If you want to increase sales on your WooCommerce store, you need a tool to send notifications to customers automatically. This helps you make the most of every sales opportunity to make profits. So, you don’t have to worry about products remaining in your catalog for too long or forever because customers can be alerted about their reduced prices and purchase them. It’s a win-win for you.

Best WooCommerce Price Alert / Notification Plugin

The best price alert plugins out there include:

Price Drop Notifier for WooCommerce

The Price Drop Notifier plugin is one of the best price alert plugins available for WooCommerce. With the plugin, your customers can easily subscribe to price alerts to receive an email notification when the price of a product drops. This helps your customers stay on track for discounts, promotions, and other instances where the price of items may drop.

The Price Drop Notifier for WooCommerce helps store owners understand how much customers want to pay for available products. Based on their responses, You can tweak prices to improve sales and encourage loyal customers. Additionally, the plugin works for both simple and variable products. It also displays a subscription form on the single product page, and customers will receive a confirmation email.


  • Works for loyal customers and guests.
  • The Price Drop Subscription can be restricted to specific users and user roles, as well as specific products and categories.
  • Optional double opt-in for additional security.
  • Option to hide the Price Drop Subscription form if the product is currently out of stock.

Price: $49 annually.

Back in Stock and Price Alert

Back in Stock and Price Alert works perfectly for WooCommerce stores. It allows customers to subscribe to receive notifications when out-of-stock products they are interested in are now available. This plugin is ideal for all types of WooCommerce stores.

Back in Stock and Price Alert plugin arranges a list of all the subscribers on your WooCommerce store, along with their real-time subscription status and products they subscribed for, on a separate grid. Additionally, you can organize your subscribers based on products and subscription statuses. This plugin has an abundance of unique features for price alerts.


  • Enable subscription forms for out-of-stock products.
  • Display subscription boxes for specific products, categories, and user roles.
  • Automatically send email notifications when products restock.
  • Allow subscription boxes to backorder products.
  • Add minimum restock count to trigger email alerts.
  • Customizable subscription box text, buttons, and success and failure messages.
  • Customizable email notifications with unsubscribe links.
  • A dashboard to view the most-subscribed products, total counts, and more.
  • Grid view of restock-subscribed user details along with emails.
  • Ability to filter grid views by product and subscription statuses.
  • Includes privacy policy text with a checkbox.

Price: $49 annually.

WooCommerce Remind Me

WooCommerce Remind Me is another wonderful plugin that helps store owners seamlessly send special reminders to customers. This budget-friendly plugin is intuitive and designed with many wonderful features. Another selling point of the WooCommerce Remind Me plugin is that it is fully customizable.

The plugin allows you to put up an attractive animated bell icon on your product pages. And when your customers click to set a reminder, they just need to type valid email addresses and add reminders. WooCommerce Remind Me emails customers when a product is available or the price reduces. This means sales for your store, and customers save money too.

Furthermore, you can customize the contents of the reminder emails, the appearance of the bell, and other aspects of the plugin.


  • Send custom reminders to your customers.
  • Automatically emails when product is in stock or when price down.
  • Works with WooCommerce variable products.
  • Detects different stock levels for variables of the product.
  • Detects different prices for variables of the product.
  • Sends reminders only for the changed variables of the product.
  • It allows your customers to record a reminder for the desired product.
  • Place an animated bell symbol on the product pages.
  • Customize the reminder with the email editor.
  • Adds a direct link to the product on the email.
  • It records and lists your email list.
  • It gives information about reminder results.
  • It can resend from the email list.
  • With CSS support and icon settings, it matches exactly with your theme.

Price: $19 for a Regular License.

WooCommerce Price Alert

WooCommerce Price Alert is our last recommendation. This plugin enhances your store’s shopping experience and increases your conversion rates. WooCommerce Price Alert allows customers to subscribe for notifications when products’ prices change with a user-friendly interface.


  • Built-in product types are supported.
  • Including variable and grouped products.
  • Modal subscription forms.
  • Option to enable Google reCaptcha.
  • Option to show price alert forms only for guests, only for customers, or for both.
  • Option to choose the position to display the trigger button on a single product page.
  • Email notifications about price drops are sent asynchronously.

Price: Free.

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