How To Optimize WordPress Images For Free On The Fly (WebP)

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A while back I have written the article: How To Serve Images In Next-Gen Formats Using WordPress but since then some time has past and new plugin emerged that can help do this easily and even server the images from Statically CDN.

The plugin is called Flying Images and can help you do this for free. With the help of this plugin, you can load your images compressed and in WebP format for free.

I have created a video with all the tests and configurations and in there you can also see how Fling Images is doing against ShortPixel a premium image optimization plugin that can do the same.


See the below video to see exactly the configurations and results of using the plugin and how it stands out against Shortpixel.

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  1. Nice hack! Optimizing images in WordPress is such a pain on the ass! especially with free plugins. if the plugin is working as you have shown in the video, then it will be a great thing for the site owners. thanks.

    • I am using it on some low traffic sites and it does the job. For pro uses I have shortpixel.

  2. In this blog, How To Optimize WordPress Images For Free On The Fly (WebP) has been discussed in a very nice way. Thank you so much for gifting us beautiful blogs.

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