How To Transfer WordPress Website to Without Downtime

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I have moved my website to hosting and I wanted to share how you can do this for free with no downtime in a couple of easy steps.

They are offering also a free service that can be used but I prefer to do this myself as it is easy. If you want more details about and their performance then check the bellow 2 articles it will clarify everything for you:

Below are the main steps:

  1. Install WPvivid Backup and do a local backup for your website. This is a free plugin and can be used to backup your website. You just need to download the backup locally. I have used this plugin with websites of 3-4GB size and no issue.
  2. Go to and add a website to their dashboard. This is straightforward, you just add the website with the user and password you want.
  3. Login to the new website and add WPvivid Backup plugin so you can restore it.
  4. Upload the backup and hit restore.
  5. In the dashboard hit the Go Live button and follow the steps to add the DNS records to your DNS provider for the website (I am doing this with Cloudflare)
  6. Wait for 5 minutes to a couple of hours for the DNS changes to be propagated. For me, this was done in 5 minutes as this was the TTL for DNS.

These were all the steps you need to do, they are straightforward and work without any issues. I have made a video with everything that you can check below:

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