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Best WooCommerce Role Based/Dynamic Prices Plugin

Last week I have received a request to have a B2B portal created where the business partners to be able to order products only if they are logged in and with a special discount visible for only the user. This kind of portal is useful especially for the businesses that have a different discount for different business partners or for online shops that have big customers and wants to offer a special discount to them.

The preferred choice for this project was WooCommerce with some plugin that would help me offer different discounts per user. There are a couple of free and paid plugins out there that can help with implementing the WooCommerce price by user role and help with the fast development of the portal. In this article, I would present a couple of them that I have found and looks interesting so you can choose one.

The plugin has also a lot of other features like importing a CSV file with products which can be very useful. Now let’s see what are the best Woocommerce free and paid plugins for role-based prices.

1.      WooCommerce Role Based Pricing Plugin

This plugin is made available to turn your little WooCommerce shop into a dual currency or even a multi-currency and multi-price market with different services and products made available for a variety of customers at different prices for those services available. A typical example of this is the ability to offer contributors and customers services at different prices from the prices offered to ewer customers. The whole purpose is to make a distinct difference between the registered customers and users from the others, therefore, making your shop more attractive and allowing these registered users to enjoy the benefit of their loyalty.

For a more user-friendly or webmaster experience, the latest version has been packed major upgrades such as:

·         The functioning of the latest version has been upgraded to suit the needs of the users by making the experience a lot smoother and easier to use for the general public.

·         The latest version has upgrades in the user interface to suit the needs of the user. It is now a lot more user-friendly and for individuals new to the program or long-time users.

·         Some people might have had slight issues with the speed functioning of the previous version. Well, now your worries are over as the latest version has the best upgrade in terms of speed functionality.

Features of Woocommerce Role Based Prices Plugin

Some features if the WooCommerce role based prices include:

·         Role pricing based on products of a simple nature.

·         Role pricing based on products of variable nature

·         Roles that are selected from hiding prices and the “add to cart” button.

Plugin Add-ons

·         Aelia currency switcher is a plugin add-on with integration.

·         WP of all import plugin is a plugin add-on with integration.

·         WP of all exports plugin is a plugin add-on with integration.

·         Dynamic pricing with integration.


You can get it for $60

2.      Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

Getting a special edge over others in your WooCommerce shop is easily done with dynamic pricing plugin. The dynamic pricing plugin is responsible for shortening the gap between you and the customers.

The dynamic pricing plugin continues to work without interruption, regularly bridging any gap left between the customer and you. When it comes to setting up a different price list for different customers based on their individual loyalty level, therefore making it possible for individual customers to have multiple pricing links when carrying out bulk purchases.

Purpose of WISDM

·         The WISDM specific pricing plays a major role in attracting customers to buy things with discount offers that are exclusive.

·         The WISDM specific pricing takes part in offering role-based discounts thereby increasing membership.

·         The WISDM specific pricing helps you offer benefits of costs to people who buy wholesale.

·         The WIDSM specific pricing uses the smart pricing manager to set prices and save time.

·         The WIDSM specific pricing makes it possible to control the WooCommerce shop prices.

How to Do Dynamic Pricing the Right Way

·         Specific Pricing For Each Customer

Create personalized buying experience and build the appetite of your customers by making the pricing dynamic, making it possible for each customer or user roles to be entitled to different prices as individuals or groups.

·         A Pricing System Based On Category

Product discounts can be managed simply by allotting the category for prices per product to customers, user roles and groups.

·         Creating Pricing Links For Bulk Purchasing

When you have different price slabs for bulk purchases, your customers are drawn to purchase more goods from you and buy more goods.

The Product Pricing Tab Easy Usage

There’s no need for you to spend long tiring hours on complex plugins setting discounts. With the help of WISDM customer specific pricing, discounts for one or more products can be applied at the same time. Prices can be set for one or more of your customers straight from your screen at the same time.

Features of Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

·         Percentage or Flat Discounts

Percentage discounts and fixed prices should be set products for different user roles, groups and customers.

·         Import and Export Data Pricing

By Importing and exporting pricing data by CVS file, you can save time by automatically setting pricing for user roles, customers or groups.

·         Designing Product Prices In Bulk

Inflexible batches, set dynamic prices for WooCommerce products by making use of the import option.

·         Flexibility Of Product

Using either the product ID or SKU, importing and exporting of prices of multiple products is very flexible.


The price would range from $79 to about $400 depending on the period which you are using.

3.      YITH Woocommerce Role Based Prices

Vendors expect to be able to buy products on your site with a price list dedicated to them when they build a partnership or business relationship with you, instead of going through the stress and difficulty of making various phone calls and sending numerous emails to and for with the administration each time they want to order products. Allowing this to tap could ruin the already established collaboration with your customer and this could cause the customer to prefer another store.

Features of this tool

·         When you have patterned, shop managers and customers who buy products in big quantities or purchase products in bulk, they have big expectations from you. this tool would fulfil all their expectations

·         The ability to apply and show the right price for each user role to shop after authentication is a good possibility.

·         The Role-Based pricing makes this a possibility in a super fast and easy way. You could also decide to show the price, i.e. regular, on a scale, role-based or for each individual user role use the “add to cart” option so that maximum control can be obtained. The YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices does not allow you to create new roles, but new rules can be created using the free member’s plugin.


For a single site, you would have to pay $51. For six sites which are considered to be the best deal, you would have to pay $90. For 30 sites and above you would have to pay $130.

4.      WooCommerce Advanced Pricing

To target specific products or customers, it is best to create your pricing rules based on your terms.

Sometime when you have a webshop and have come across those days when there a need to run a scale a particular category, there may also be a need to offer discounts to customers who purchase good wholesale or in bulk or run a timed sale. The challenge many people come across is the best way to target the right audience with the right product. Though limited, a sale price setting is offered by the core WooCommerce plugin.

Features of the Woocommerce Advanced Pricing

·         The WooCommerce advance pricing contains bulk pricing.

·         The WooCommerce advance pricing contains pricing rules per user role.

·         The WooCommerce advance pricing contains schedule pricing rules.

·         The WooCommerce advance pricing contains setup on a per-product or global level.

·         The WooCommerce advance pricing also allows you to set the pricing rules for each sale. This is the latest addition to the capabilities of the WooCommerce advance pricing features.

Fifteen (15) conditions have been put in place for you to use to create your own pricing rules.

5.      Product Visibility by User Role for Woocommerce ( Free and Paid)

Depending on the customer’s user role, product visibility by user role for WooCommerce pro plugin allows you to hide or show WooCommerce products.

To access the plugin settings, locate Woocommerce, then click on settings, then click on product visibility. If you want to set user roles for each product, click on product visibility.

You can first click the general options section in WooCommerce, then click on settings, then click on product visibility by user role, lastly click on general. Here you can select which products and how you want the products to be hidden.

6.      WC Role Based Price ( FREE)

Do you want to turn your WooCommerce shop into a multi-currency price level market place where you offer different prices for your different customers and groups? Then you have come to the right place! You can manage and create new roles and differentiate your registered customers and make your shop more attractive.

Great improvements have been made on the latest version to make the experience smoother and faster functioning. There have also been major upgrades in the user interphase, making the experience more user or webmaster friendly.

Some Features and Add-ons

·         The WC role based price plugin has a user-friendly UI

·         The WC role based price plugin has simple, grouped, variable, and supports External Product Type.

·         The WC role based price plugin also supports Selling price and Regular price.

·         The WC role bread price plugin also works well with WPML

·         The WC role based price plugin is developer friendly.

·          The WC role based price plugin makes it easy to create add-ons

7.      Advanced Dynamic Pricing for Woocommerce (Pro)

Version 1.6.0 was released on the 18th of March.

·         It allows you to use quantity ranges in the product filter section.

·         Customer geolocation country is a new condition that has been added.

·         The cart items can be sorted with free items at the bottom and group by product.

·         The settings for TAB was facelifted.

8.      Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

This can be said to be a tool which is used by most retailers who sell online. It can be used for so many things such as sales made, the promotions made any other special offers which would have been made. It would also give you the opportunity to make any changes you want to make in terms of pricing and other extra fees you might need to pay.


·         It helps in the increase or decrease in prices which has already been fixed.

·         It would also allow you to introduce a discount automatically in the event that a large number of products are bought at once.

·         It would help you to ensure that all the items that have been matched are excluded.


This tool would be available for purchase at just $49. So if you are interested, make sure that you get it as soon as possible.

9.      Discount rules ( Free and Paid)

If you are looking for a sale which would surely help you to boost your sales, this would surely be the perfect option for you. Proven to be efficient, this discount rules PRO would ensure that you experience a hike in your sales in less than no time.

Features of this tool

·         You would be able to use the advanced formatting option when you are on a discount layout.

·         You would also be able to exclude the products which you have placed on the SALE category from the power of the discount rules and so much more


Free. and for Pro: for single sites, you can expect to pay at least $39. For five sites, the price goes up to $59. For 25 sites, you would have to pay $79.

10. Dynamic Pricing

If you are looking for a tool which would get your pricing done spectacularly for you, then the dynamic advanced product pricing is your best bet.


·         They are used for the simple category pricing

·         They can also be used for advanced category pricing


If you are using this tool on one site, then you would have to use $12. If you plan to use it on two sites, then you would purchase the $199 subscription. If you are using it for 25 sites and above, you would need to use it for $299.

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