Best WooCommerce Role Based/Dynamic Prices Plugin

Best WooCommerce Role Based Dynamic Prices Plugin

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Pricing plays an important role when store owners develop profitable business strategies. This is why different eCommerce stores offer various discounts to customers. When you offer personalized deals to customers, you will turn visitors into customers and build a long-lasting relationship with registered customers.

Although WordPress WooCommerce isn’t flexible by default for role-based pricing, there are several plugins that you can use for your WooCommerce store. This article highlights the best options in the market, so keep reading.

Why Use a Role-based Pricing Plugin

Implementing role-based pricing has various effects on your WooCommerce store, especially if it’s a wholesale store with some pricing strategies in place. However, here are some reasons why you should use a role-based pricing plugin on your website:

  • The best plugins help you streamline your store operations. For example, they make it easier to correctly assign prices to products on your website.
  • Another important reason is that a role-based pricing plugin can improve the customer experience in your store. This is because it lets you reward loyal customers and encourage them to keep returning.
  • Role-based pricing plugins make it easier for a store owner to handle customers because you can customize your store specifically for registered customers and guests.

Best WooCommerce Role Based/Dynamic Prices Plugins

The top role-based plugins for WooCommerce are:

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Price

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices is one of the best role-based plugins for retail and wholesale stores. It makes segmented pricing easy by creating pricing tables for specific customers or groups. With the YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices plugin, you will be able to authenticate customers registered to your store and display particular prices for each one.

In addition, this plugin provides you the option for eCommerce store owners to display regular price, on-sale price, or role-based prices. You can also show the add to cart button for individual user roles. However, the downside to this plugin is that you can manage existing roles, but you can’t make new ones.

Furthermore, the YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices plugin gives you control over applying role-based rules. For example, you can use the rules for all the products in your store or just specific categories. You can also customize aspects of the plugin the way you want it.


  • Create role-based rules and set specific purchase conditions for registered customers in your shop.
  • Apply a role-based rule to some specific products, and extend the rule to all products or those in specific categories or tags.
  • Mark product price up or down based on user roles assigned on your site.
  • Combine more than one price rule, and apply a double discount for specific users only.
  • Display one or more prices for each user role.
  • Show a custom message if none of the available prices are shown.
  • Assign customized labels to prices and differentiate the role price from the retail price.
  • Show tax-included price.
  • Product prices per user role are automatically converted to the currency your customers see.

Price: $89 annually.

Role-Based Pricing for WooCommerce

Another excellent plugin helps you set different product prices for various user roles and customers. Role-Based Pricing for WooCommerce allows you to add fixed, discount, or markup prices by fixed amounts or percentages. This is a great way to show different prices for specific customers and user roles, while others see regular prices.

Furthermore, the Role-Based Pricing plugin provides options for you to adjust prices in bulk for specific products or categories. Also, you can set minimum and maximum order quantities and set a limit for the number of products customers can purchase. In addition, you can hide the add to cart button and/or price and replace them with a custom text and link.


  • Adjust pricing for individual customers and user roles.
  • Set a fixed product price.
  • Increase price by fixed or percentage amount.
  • Discount price by fixed or percentage amount.
  • Change prices on the product level.
  • Add rules to change prices in bulk for specific products or categories.
  • Compatible with product variations.
  • Set minimum & maximum order quantity.
  • Replace the original price in case of a price increase.
  • Strikethrough old price and show the new price as a special price.
  • Configure start & end date for each price rule.
  • Hide price & add to cart for not logged in and specific user roles.
  • Replace price with custom text.
  • Replace add to cart with a new custom button & link.

Price: $79 annually.

Wholesale Tiered Pricing

The Wholesale Tiered Pricing plugin works effectively on all types of WooCommerce stores. It allows store managers to adjust the price of products based on user roles, specific customers, and quantity. Additionally, you can set discounts for user roles and customers based on quantity.

Furthermore, the plugin lets you markup and discount prices in percentage or fixed amounts or set a fixed price for various quantity ranges. You can also adjust the minimum and maximum ordered quantity or leave it unrestricted.


  • Add customer and user role-specific price.
  • Add single or quantity-based pricing for the retailer, wholesale, and other B2B user roles.
  • Rule-based management to apply price discounts in bulk to selected products and categories.
  • Apply price adjustments on standard or special prices.
  • Option to enforce minimum and maximum quantity.
  • Display a tiered pricing table on products.
  • Customize table color and font size.
  • Hide price and add to cart for guest or registered users by their roles.
  • Hide for selected products and categories.
  • Replace price with custom text and add to cart with a custom button.
  • Compatible with a variable product to set price adjustments for each variation.
  • Uses extension defined prices when admin creates order from backend.

Price: $99 annually.

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing plugin allows you to create discounts for products, product categories, quantities and helps you offer dynamic prices for customers, roles, and groups. With this tool, you can apply personalized pricing to products or categories.

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing can help boost bulk purchases thanks to tiered pricing. One of the unique features of this plugin is that it supports the import and export of pricing data via CSV files.


  • Regular Updates.
  • Customer-Based Pricing.
  • Role-Based Pricing.
  • Group Based Pricing.
  • Quantity-Based Pricing.
  • Schedule Pricing rule Imports & hassle-free Backups.
  • Different prices for categories.
  • Cart Discounts Rules.
  • Tiered Pricing for Bulk Purchases.
  • Personalized Shop Page for Special Users.
  • Store-wide Discounts and Deals.
  • Compatibility with WISDM Product Enquiry Pro.
  • Control the Pricing Display Options.
  • Give products for free to special customers.
  • Control and manage pricing using APIs.
  • Price Management.
  • Products and Pricing tab.
  • Personalized Cart Offer Messages.
  • Custom Description for Prices.
  • Cart Discounts Exclusions.
  • Progress status while Importing Data.
  • Product Import Flexibility.
  • Multi-site Compatible.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Tables.

Price: The regular plan costs $80 annually.

ELEX WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

This plugin is an excellent tool for providing role-based and wholesale pricing on your WooCommerce store. ELEX WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing is one of the most flexible role-based plugins. For example, it allows you to create personalized pricing for your customers based on roles such as wholesale customers, guests, loyal customers, and so on.

Furthermore, ELEX WooCommerce Role Based Pricing allows you to replace the Add to Cart button with a custom button on the product and shop pages. You can also set a custom URL to redirect customers to another site for specific products. Also, you can customize or disable the Add to Cart button for specific user roles.


  • Remove the Add-to-Cart button for guest users, as well as for desired user roles.
  • Replace the Add-to-Cart button with a custom button for guest users and desired user roles.
  • Hide product prices for guest users as well as desired user roles.
  • Redirect product page to third-party or affiliate sites by assigning a custom URL for products on the shop page.
  • For WooCommerce role-based pricing, setup overall, as well as role-based price adjustments.
  • Configure role-based pricing in terms of amount or a percentage value.
  • You can configure price adjustments on top of regular prices or role-based prices.
  • Create custom user roles. However, the created user role(s) will be limited to the plugin.
  • Easily Configure Role-based Wholesale Pricing.

Price: Free.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro

This is a beginner-friendly plugin that assists you in creating a personalized pricing strategy for your WooCommerce store. No matter what your store needs, this plugin allows you to offer simple and complex discounts for different user roles easily.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin is convenient for managing price level and cart level discounts. Thankfully, you can set the discount rule and configure user roles within the interface. So Discount Rules is just what you need to show different prices for specified user roles.


  • Discount Table on Product Pages.
  • Advanced Formatting for discount table layout.
  • Alerts in cart when a discount is applied. It’s configurable.
  • “You saved” message inline items/totals.
  • Exclude products on SALE from discount rules.
  • SALE Badge for discounted products.
  • Discount for customers with specific domains.
  • Apply multiple discount rules in a purchase.

Price: $59 annually for a single site.

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

Rounding up our list is one of the best free WooCommerce role-based plugins. Pricing Deals is an effective feature-packed that allows you to adjust and display pricing the way you want. In addition, the plugin will enable you to modify rules for dynamic pricing and role-based pricing.

In addition, you can use this plugin to create attractive buy one get one deal and set up category pricing. Pricing Deals for WooCommerce also provides bulk pricing and scheduled sale price options. It also offers different ways you can give discounts to customers.


  • BOGO Deals (buy one get one).
  • Category Pricing.
  • Bulk Pricing in a single rule.
  • Use the Bulk option for simple deals.
  • Catalog Pricing.
  • Schedulable.
  • Advertise the deal on your site with shortcodes.
  • Multi-Language support through qTranslateX or GTranslate.
  • Order History CART discount reporting.

Price: Free.

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