Best Floating Cart WooCommerce Plugins (Free & Paid)

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Shopping platforms, for example, depend on customers not just scrolling through their catalog and adding it to their shopping cart but purchasing something in the end. One curious factor that can affect the conversion rate on your online store is the user interface.

Your website must be so user-friendly and seamless to explore that customers don’t even realize how much they’ve purchased because it was all too easy. This means that every detail and feature, down to the checkout menu or shopping cart, must be modern and easy to use.

Thankfully, WooCommerce has several floating cart plugins. These quick panels pop up when a visitor adds an item to their cart. These plugins have paid and free versions, but first, it is always important to know the best options. This review highlights the best floating cart plugins for WooCommerce websites.

Why Have a Floating Cart in Your Store

There are many helpful plugins available that can improve the way your website operates and how visitors interact with it, so why have a floating cart in your store?

Easy Access

A floating cart hovers on a store’s page. This mini-checkout cart makes it easier for customers to modify the contents of their cart without loading a new page. This means less navigation and more shopping.


Most of the floating cart plugins you can add to your store allow you to customize them. This means that you can adjust the icons, buttons, popup, and loader of the floating cart to match your current color scheme.

Conversion Rate

Not only does it make it faster for a customer to checkout, but it can also point buyers in the direction of other recommended related products.

As your customers enjoy an improved shopping experience, you will be able to convert more items added to the cart into actual sales than abandoned carts.

Best Floating Cart WooCommerce Plugins

Our recommendations for the best WooCommerce floating cart plugins include:

Best Premium Floating Cart WooCommerce Plugins

1. Floating Cart for WooCommerce (by SKROTRON)

This floating cart plugin reduces customers’ time and steps to purchase at your store. The plugin provides a floating cart icon that’s visible at all times as customers surf your store. So, the customers are always aware of their cart to know what to add or remove, improving your conversion rate. Furthermore, you can completely customize the plugin to tweak settings such as visibility and placement of the floating cart.

  • An animated floating icon that’s hard to miss.
  • Easy view and control of cart items while scrolling through a catalog.
  • Easy to enable or disable with a single click.
  • Automatic cart refresh when an item is added or removed.
  • Fully customizable, user-friendly, and perfect for mobile devices.

Price: $29.00 (Billed annually)

2. WooCommerce Fast Cart Plugin (by Barn2 Plugins)

Barn2 is known for its fantastic plugins that work excellently, and the WooCommerce Fast Cart Plugin doesn’t miss the mark. This floating cart streamlines the WooCommerce checkout flow by reducing the clicks needed to make a purchase. This reduces abandoned carts, allows customers to buy what they need without leaving one page quickly, and ultimately increases conversions. You can customize the plugin to your taste, and there’s a helpful customer care service on standby if you need help or have complaints.

  • You can set the cart to auto-open or click on the floating cart icon to view the cart from anywhere.
  • You have 100% control of how the plugin looks and operates: you can choose a popup or side cart, position, colors, and more.
  • The WooCommerce Fast Cart Plugin is optimized for speed.
  • You can pay through all the popular payment channels, including PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon.

Price: Starting from $79.

3. WooCommerce Fly to Cart and Floating Cart (By Smartcms)

This plugin is an excellent addition to your WooCommerce-based store. Although the defaulting cart works well, it is not as appealing and minimalistic. This floating cart is a lightweight plugin with an animated fly-to-cart effect.

The floating cart icon takes up a small space on your website, and the cart pops up when customers click or hover on the icon. Additionally, when a customer adds an item to their cart, the product image will fly to cast with an animated effect. You can customize this plugin as you wish. It is straightforward to use.

  • Small floating cart icon.
  • The plugin is lightweight.
  • It has a smoothly animated fly-to-cart effect.
  • Customers can view the items in their cart on one page.
  • Admin can adjust the settings for the cart to work best for the website.

Price: $13

4. WooCommerce Flying Cart (By wecreativez)

The WooCommerce Flying Cart plugin is another excellent plugin you can add to your store’s website. It gives your site an icon that allows customers to view the cart’s contents at any time. The floating icon remains in the same position on the screen no matter the page a customer is on. While customers check out your catalog, they can easily change the items in their cart and checkout with one click.

  • Smooth Animation.
  • 100% Mobile-friendly.
  • Automatic updates.
  • RTL supported,
  • Fully customizable.
  • You can Enable/Disable by pages.

Price: $18

Best Free Floating Cart WooCommerce Plugins

1. XT Floating Cart for WooCommerce ( By XplodedThemes)

XT Floating Cart for WooCommerce is a reliable plugin that assists you in optimizing your webpage for maximum possible sales. Once you have this plugin on your website, you can enable a floating cart icon that helps you convert clicks into sales. It will also improve the aesthetics of your website. Customers will see their item count on all pages, and there will be a sliding cart when a customer clicks on it. This plugin has a paid and free version.


  • Attractive unobstructive floating cart
  • Undo product removal.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Comes with free and premium features.
  • Automated security patches & updates.

Price: Free version and $59 for premium.

2. Side Cart For WooCommerce (Ajax) (By XootiX)

Replace your default WooCommerce cart page with something more convenient and practical. Side Cart Woocommerce allows access to their cart items easily from any page on your site. Its interactive design makes it easy for customers to click the checkout button often rather than abandoning their carts. It also allows customers to delete or update their cart from anywhere on the site. This plugin is ajax based. It has a free version and a premium one

  • Add to cart without refresh on the product page.
  • Update quantity from the side cart.
  • Hide basket when empty.
  • Shipping bar( Displays remaining amount for free shipping ).
  • 100% customizable.

Price: Free and $24 for the Premium version.

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