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I am using Hetzner for some time to host my WordPress websites and it didn’t let me down, I have a couple articles and videos that can help you get going like Hetzner Review or Hetzner Vs DigitalOcean Vs Vultr. Now Hetzner introduced ARM servers in their offering and I thought will be a good idea to check them.

ARM is a different architecture that is more energy eficient and is more cheap, Oracle is offering ARM for free for instance. Hetzner has now ARM server in their offering and are cheaper then Intel or AMD ones.

Bellow is Hetzner current offering, they are only available in Germany datacenter :

You can see that their prices are cheaper then AMD or Intel ones with about 10 Euros for the 4 core ones.

Hetzner VS Oracle Performance

I have used for VPS Benchmark tests the: How to Benchmark Cloud Servers (VPS)

Oracle is offering in their OCI free tier an 4 CPU 24GB of RAM memory offering, I have one for some time and I thought to compare it with the Hetzner one that has 4 vCPU and costs about 8 Euros:



Both benchmarks show similar hardware configurations with a Neoverse-N1 processor, 4 CPU cores, and AES-NI enabled. However, there are some differences in terms of RAM, disk size, and network speed tests.

In terms of disk speed tests, the Hetzner server performed significantly better than the Oracle server, especially for larger block sizes. The Hetzner server achieved read and write speeds of up to 2.52 GB/s and 2.12 GB/s, respectively, while the Oracle server achieved read and write speeds of up to 55.42 MB/s and 28.11 MB/s, respectively.

In terms of network speed tests, the Hetzner server also performed better than the Oracle server, achieving higher send and receive speeds in general. The Hetzner server also had lower ping times than the Oracle server in most cases.

In terms of CPU performance, both servers achieved similar scores on the Geekbench 6 benchmark. The Hetzner server achieved a single-core score of 1064 and a multi-core score of 3376, while the Oracle server achieved a single-core score of 1102 and a multi-core score of 3670.

Overall, the Hetzner server seems to perform better than the Oracle server in terms of disk and network speeds, while the CPU performance is comparable between the two servers.

What You can Do With ARM Server

ARM architecture is different then x86 one and applications needs to be created especially for this architecture, but what you can have on this ARM servers?

On ARM servers you can host your Website or node projects with the help of CloudPanel, I have made some tutorials under CloudPanel Install, the process is the same.

Below is a picture with the WordPress Performance:

You can have docker and host docker applications that are build for ARM like Plausible and Uptime Kuma, some tutorials under: Plausible Install, Uptime Kuma Install.

SO basically now you have a lot of options and you can host a lot of things on ARM at lower prices.

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