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How to Find Where a Block is Used in WordPress Gutenberg

Find Where a Block is Used in WordPress Gutenberg

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Gutenberg is here for some time and will not go anywhere any time soon. There are a lot of Gutenberg blocks plugins developed that can help you add custom blocks to your site to make it look nicer. If you have a big site and do a lot of posts you may have used various plugins to extend Gutenberg and make the post the way you like.

For instance, you may have installed a couple of block plugins and used some of their blocks on certain pages, maybe you wanted a certain call to action or a different button or image block to be used. Using different block plugins can add extra weight to your site and maybe in the future you don’t want to use that plugin or you find a better one. If you just deactivate your block plugin you will break the post and you can have issues with Google as your page is not mobile-friendly or it can be even deindexed. Not to mention that your visitors will have a worse experience as the post is not displaying right.

In this post, we will see a plugin that can help you find where a Gutemberg block is used so you can go and edit the post and not use the old block. Find My Blocks is the plugin that will scan all your posts and pages for the Gutenberg blocks used and will let you know where are used.

This plugin will help you identify easily where custom blocks are used, it will even count the different appearances for a block. Bellow is the easy way to use this plugin:


1.Install the Plugin

The first thing to do is to go to Plugins – Add New and search for Find My Blocks. After you install and activate it.

2. View Where Blocks are Used

After the plugin is installed you just need to go to Tools – Find My Blocks. In this area, you will see a list on the left side with all the blocks that are used, by default will show the non-core blocks, but they can be enabled also from the right side by checking the Show Core Blocks.

As can be seen in the above image the button block is used in 20 posts. If I should want to remove the Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks plugin I will need to go to the 20 posts and replace the button block with the default one.


With the help of this plugin, you can easily find any block that is used and change it if you decide that the plugin is not for you. Just remember that you will need to disable or replace the blocks before removing the plugin. As a recommendation for block usage, the best will be to use the core blocks were is possible and rely on extra plugins where the functionality of the core ones is not enough. The core blocks will be updated with WordPress and you don’t risk having updates for a plugin in the future.

That’s the easy way to find where a certain block is used and easily disable it if you want. What Gutenberg plugins are you using? Do you have ones that you don’t longer use and you need to remove them from posts?

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