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If you’re struggling to keep your server organized, CloudPanel is the solution for you. With easy installation and a wide range of features, it’s the perfect way to get your server under control. So don’t wait any longer, get CloudPanel installed today!

CloudPanel Details

I have already written some articles that can help you get started with CloudPanel so you can check them below.

The stack is built on Nginx and you can have MariaDB or MySQL, it also ships with Redis. More details can be seen under CloudPanel

CloudPanel is a hosting panel that can be installed on a VPS and helps you host multiple websites. You can use it to host a WordPress website, node.js website, or any PHP type you want.

What You Will get

Below are the features that you will get as part of this service. The basic package can be extended
with add-ons for the ones that need more.

Basic Features

Server Setup

CloudPanel Install

CloudPanel Configuration

CloudPanel Security


SMTP Relay

WordPress Setup

Backup Configurations

Setup Time: The Setup can take 1 – 3 business days after I have all the details.

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