Best WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Themes and Plugins

Best WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Themes and Plugins

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Good customer reception, first impressions, and user-friendliness determine how long or often a customer can stay or visit your online business. Additionally, such traits help your customers recommend you, opening new market opportunities. And from these, your number of customers tends to increase, building up your business and increasing sales which is the first reason to set up a business.

To run that successful online business calls for a compelling WordPress Knowledge base theme for organized documentation and to support your users, customers, clients, and members.

Themes are responsible for the appearance of your website in WordPress.The themes offer customization options, the fastest responsiveness, unique layouts, and intuitive navigation.

A knowledge base helps you run a website that provides your customers with answers to their questions or solutions to their problems, instructions, and tutorials.

Best WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Themes

Here are the best reliable WordPress Wiki and Knowledge-Based Themes for your site;

InfoCenter – Knowledge Base and Q/A WordPress Theme

The InfoCenter focuses on the most frequently asked questions offering 24/7 Self Service support. It is simple and straightforward to set up theme offering Questions & Answers, Frequently Asked Questions, Ajax Voting System, Knowledge Bases, and Forums, Widgetized Areas at a go. The theme is easy to manage with a test account demo to preview how visitors see your site.


  • Full Support and Customer Service Help Desk
  • Translation Ready with Multiple Built-in Languages
  • Fully Responsive Layout for any device
  • Compatible with Child Theme Package
  • FAQ page included – displayed on a single page, saving time
  • Report Abuse – any abusive language is quickly flagged
  • Fast and Lightweight – easily accessible with its fast loading speed
  • Multiple Built-in Layouts

KnowAll WordPress Knowledge Base Theme

KnowAll, as the word suggests, is a theme that provides nearly everything needed to run a WordPress knowledge base website giving it a feel and touch of pure attractiveness. With the KnowAll theme, you get insights on how your visitors search your knowledge base and understand what they fail to fetch so you can add that particular content.


  • 24/7 Support with instant answers to any questions
  • Easily Customizable – no coding knowledge required to change the logo, colors, and more
  • Responsive to any device – the theme layouts are designed to fit any screen.
  • Actionable Analytics -you get insights from your knowledge base and feedback and search analytics.
  • Translation Ready- offers multiple languages.
  • Online Documentation
  • Useful Shortcodes – customizable free codes such as toggles, accordions, tabs, and notices.

Docly – Documentation And Knowledge Base

Docly is the most user-friendly theme with multiple options for font size selection, dark and light mode switcher, practical search proficiency, table of contents, and intuitive navigation. The theme comes with three significant demos to choose the best suitable for your website.

You can easily create documentation for templates, frameworks, plugins, software, templates, and other types of products from its robust online documentation.


  • Highly Customizable Options- you can change the theme colors, fonts, typography, etc
  • Unique, Modern, and Interactive Style
  • Responsive layouts
  • Dark/Light Mode Switcher
  • RTL and Translation ready – Docly is fully RTL supported and offers multiple languages
  • Fully Featured Customer Care Helpdesk – Support Center With bbPress Forum
  • Lifetime Updates for One-time Payment
  • Unlimited Knowledge Base and Forums
  • Optimized for Search Engines and Performance

Docy – Documentation and Knowledge base WordPress Theme with Helpdesk Forum

Docy is a powerful, user-friendly theme with interactive features to communicate with your customers and vice versa. The theme is outstanding in creating documentation for the framework, plugins, documenting API, Software, templates, and any other product type.


  • Dark/Light Mode Support – provides a soothing document for better readability.
  • Multi-Language Support – The theme is WPML compatible. You can translate your page’s language.
  • Advanced Documentation Features – has fantastic tools to build friendly and interactive documentation.
  • Fully Customizable – You can change theme colors and layouts
  • Fully Responsive- For user experience, the theme has been made responsive to any device
  • Gutenberg Ready – built by WordPress itself, Gutenberg helps you quickly edit custom pages.
  • Efficient Searching Option-visitors can easily filter results by categories once.

Lore – Elegant Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

Lore is a premium WordPress theme best for online documentation, support forums, tutorial sites, and knowledge bases. The theme is simple to use, lightweight, and fast, creating a professional look and feel for your website.

 As much as the theme doesn’t give you enough control over its properties like drag and drop layout editor, fonts, and colors, it has a lot of room for personalization. The theme has a built-in Gutenberg editor that helps you to create any desired layout.


  • Gutenberg Compatible and Elementor Plug-in – Support WordPress editor to build custom pages quickly.
  • Includes Translation Files -Ready language translation files for any language
  • Responsive – the theme has a mobile-friendly design that fits any screen.
  • Child Theme Support – you can customize the theme codes.
  • Demo Content Theme – You can easily recreate a live preview
  • Customizable Color Scheme – you can choose colors or use a CSS file to change every color of your theme.
  • RTL Support – the theme will automatically shift to Right-to-Left mode as soon as you switch your site language to RTL language.

WikiPress Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

WikiPress is a fully featured theme for WordPress, perfect for building a knowledge hub for your business, members, or employees. It has a Wiki WordPress theme with a responsive layout that looks good on any screen. The theme has to install demo content that helps you set it up quickly and easily manage.


  • Compatible with Gutenberg and WP5 – able to maintain and always up to date for fast speed and security.
  • Responsive Design – fits all screens on any device.
  • Translation Ready: The themes language files allows you to translate your theme quick and easily
  • Personalize your Brand: With the WikiPress theme, you can easily brand your company logo, colors, and more.
  • Front-End Wiki Creation and Management: you can easily create and edit articles and add, edit or delete Wiki pages without visiting the WordPress dashboard.
  • Automatic Navigation Creation: It automatically reflects on the sidebar section as you add content to your site.

KnowHow – A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

KnowHow WordPress theme helps you create a knowledge base in WordPress in just a few minutes. You can easily create an interactive knowledge base-the theme that provides all the features needed to create an online support resource for your users and visitors. Additionally, it includes an AJAX-powered live search where your customers get quick responses to their instant search suggestions.


  • Responsive to any device
  • Provide Instant Answers powered with an inbuilt AJAX live search feature
  • Translation Ready – The themes provides language files ready to translate to your user’s language  
  • Multilingual -Compatible with WPML to assist you in building your site in single or multiple languages
  • Built with SEO best practices and Valid HTML5 and CSS3 for best performance in search ranking
  • Includes a FAQ page -This feature helps you add FAQ to your wiki.
  • 24/7 Super Support – provides 1on1 email assistance and detailed documentation

MyWiki Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

MyWiki is a lightweight, manageable WordPress theme that helps you create an interactive website to give and share information. Companies or individuals can use the theme to create a WordPress site that manages their knowledge base, support, wiki, or FAQ.

The theme has an automatic navigation panel that grows as you build your content creating more categories and groups as you add them.


  • Responsive to any device based on the Twitter bootstrap framework
  • Translation Ready – can be translated to any LTR language
  • Powered with Ajax Live Search – your customers can get instant answers to their questions
  • Demo content – helps you quickly set up the theme on your WordPress website.
  • Well-Documented– gives step-by-step documentation.

HelpGuru – A Self-Service Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

HelpGuru is a premium WordPress plugin that is flexible and reliable—currently used by biggies like crazzegg, Procurify, and many others. Clients and customers can help themselves with the theme as the theme provides a community-based support system and 24/7 access to customer support. The theme allows customers to vote on helpful articles.


  • Live Custom Support – change colors and text to your liking.No coding knowledge is required.
  • Retina Icon Fonts -You can change your text fonts, giving it attractive touch
  • Translation Ready: Comes with fully prepared language files to ease language translation.
  • Include Child Theme – You can customize the theme codes.
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3 Support– Built with SEO best practices that help in ranking performance
  • Responsive to big and small screens
  • Multi-Language support – the theme is 100% compatible with WPML out of the box. You can use your website in single or multiple languages.

Iknow Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

Do you want to offer a deliberately simple look to your website? The theme is perfect for you. With a very responsive and user-friendly design, you can build a website for a Knowledge Base, Wiki, Helpdesk, and FAQs.


  • Vote Up and Vote Down integrated post rating system
  • Breadcrumbs for easy site navigation
  • Custom Icon for each category and tag
  • CustomWidget to display current navigation in a category in a separate post

Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

A plugin is a software add-on extension that helps you increase your website’s functionality.

Heroic Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base is a premium plugin that helps to create user-friendly knowledge base themes for your customers and visitors’ best experience. It has an Ajax-enabled feature offering your customers instant responses to their questions.

The heroic Knowledge Base plugin has drag and drop options that help you arrange and organize categories to your liking.


  • Built-in Analytics- gives you insight into how frequently visitors search your knowledge base website the content they missed and helps to know when there is an unanswered question so you can create an article to answer them.
  • Instant Ajax Search – your customers won’t have to wait for a response. The feature provides instant answers.
  • Feedback section – You can improve your website from your visitor’s feedback on your knowledge base articles.
  • Multilingual Knowledge base – WPML assists you in creating a multilingual knowledge base.

BetterDocs Plugin

BetterDocs is a knowledge base plugin with an interactive interface that offers a free version with an upgradable premium for more outstanding features. The knowledge base plugin has a modern template that can be well designed and a drag and drop feature, giving your customer the best support experience.


  • Automatic Scrollable Table of Contents– help people navigate your content easily.
  • Customization Option – Offers page builders add-ons that help you change your website’s appearance in terms of color, layout, and style.
  • Multiple and Ready Templates for Documentation – This does not require any coding knowledge in creating landing pages that you can quickly design from the many ready beautiful templates.
  • Drag and Drop Option to easily categorize your articles.
  • Ajax Live Search – offers your customer instant answers.
  • Analytics Integration – You get insightful data about your website traffic and view rates that enable you to evaluate your knowledge base performance.

WeDocs – Plugin

WeDocs is a 100% free WordPress knowledge base plugin with a simple visitor interface. If you want a knowledge base plugin that provides a basic support section for your website, this should be your choice. With the plugin, you can host docs inside your WordPress create or add new docs. It offers a drag and drop Option that helps you to organize and order tags.


  • Drag and Drop Option to easily organize and order your tags.
  • Dedicated Widgets where you can table of contents or documentation search option

Yada Wiki Plugin

Yada Wiki is a free WordPress plugin that helps you link your site’s wiki pages together using the wiki pages title. The plugin helps create wiki post types, tags, and categories, an index, and a table of contents option for your knowledge base. It has 2 easy to use shortcodes that help link to other wiki pages and rightly place the links on a given spot.


  • The Add Wink Link Button: provides a button to link your wiki pages to your wiki titles
  • The Add Wiki Listing Button: The button provides three options Output table of content page, Output wiki category, and Output index, making it easy to list your orders.
  • Sidebar Widgets: Has two Yada Wiki widgets, one that shows TOC and an article title list of a given category, and the second shows recent wiki articles.

 BasePress Plugin

BasePress is a free version and premium version if you want more features.

With the free BasePress version, you can create many knowledge bases to support your customers. The customer has access to 24/7 customer service and gets self-services from servicing documents it provides. The plugin has three different knowledge base themes you can choose from to customize and brand.


  • Instant Live Search
  • Professional Support
  • Dedicated widgets that display your knowledge base content
  • Responsive to All devices – customers can consult from any device, its mobile-friendly
  • Dedicated Wizard- Guides you through the setup procedure.

 For premium features

  • More Advanced Search
  • Actionable Analytics – you get insights from your customer’s feedback and reviews
  • Easy customization and color branding
  • Unlimited Section Hierarchy
  • Drag and Drop for knowledge bases, and sections reorder
  • Easy to Use Admin Screens

Wrap Up

Selecting a theme and plugin that best fits you is one ideal step of your website planning. Every theme and plugin has unique, customizable features, and therefore you can choose one that adjusts to your needs.

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