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Best WordPress Coupon Themes

best wordpress coupon theme

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Coupons are a great way to boost your market strategy. Attract new customers to your business or remind former visitors that they should come back to you for some attractive deals. The benefits of using this strategy are various: the main would be, of course, the increase of traffic towards your business, the increase of sales for a certain product or service, branding or rewarding fidelity.

What to look for when buying a coupon theme

It is not as easy to land the best coupon theme without a brilliant buying guide. When you go online, you must take note of the following features:

  • Layout: This must show codes and must contain a grid layout or list. The presence of the grid and column layout separates the best from the rest.
  • Home page: The home page must contain elements that welcome visitors to your website. You must have features that create a first impression that will entice visitors to stay on your website. This can be done through slides, videos, and static banners. A clean home page will make your site attractive.
  • Seamless technology with mobile interfaces: More than 80% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile apps are a must in any coupon theme.
  • Cashbook plugin: All visitors must be rewarded for any sale they make on your website. Network with affiliate links in your country without restrictions. You need a functional cashbook website. You will achieve this entire list with the cashbook plugin.
  • Coupon grid integration: The website must remain up-to-date if you want to be a top affiliate marketer. The coupon grid integration will help you achieve this.
  • Notifications: There should be notifications to all your buyers about the latest offers. Do that for those that are not even on your website.
  • Location Taxonomy: For those that run their websites in many countries or cities, location taxonomy is a must. This will make it possible to classify offers by location.
  • Social media optimization: The traffic on social media is massive. Optimize your coupon theme with Social Media Tags, Meta Elements, and easy-to-share features.
  • Graphics: The presence of graphics will help increase the conversion rate. The undecided buyer can be turned into a confirmed sale with the best graphics.
  • Widgetized Sidebar and Footer Areas: This is another important feature that is mandatory in a credible coupon theme. It helps the users interact with your website and get useful information.
  • Browser extension: This is included through the use of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Opera. This is used to notify your users when they are shopping online about offers. This is a bright way to increase your affiliate commission.

The features above are a must for any credible coupon theme. When you go online, check for the attributes listed above one after the other before you make your final decision.

Are you still in doubt? We have you covered with our list of the best themes currently available online. You can pick any on our list and you will get the best in affiliate marketing.

Best WordPress Coupon Themes

In this post, you can read about the Best WordPress Coupon Themes and decide if they could help you with a future, fruitful business.

PremiumPress Coupon Theme

You can create your own coupon website that can rival RetailMeNot or Rakuten. All that is required to achieve this feat from scratch is delivered through the Premium Press coupon. The fact that this theme has over 65,000 users attests to its practical usefulness.

You will get full customization control over the design of your website. We can say that you will not incur any extra costs when you invest in this theme. There are 150+ design blogs included in this design.

This theme is Elementor compatible; there are no extra costs for the pro version. All the codes are provided at 100% open source. There is a dedicated member area with nice upgrades and stats. You can import 100,000 plus coupons with iCodes and API feeds.

If you are in search of a credible coupon theme, you cannot ignore PremiumPress.


  • Coupons & Offers& Printable Vouchers
  • Affiliate Pop-under& Copy Code Button
  • Clocked Affiliate Links
  • Feedback & Rating System
  • User Coupon Submission
  • Ajax Search


This theme is super fast. You will not get any stress from WP queries with this theme. Our research findings show that Couponis has the best features among the options that are available.

You can remain competitive with the free version of this coupon. The features that are included in this coupon have you completely covered. If you want to stay at the top, you can’t ignore couponis.

One of the features that we love in this coupon is the use of placeholder images. The images from the demo are not included in the demo content. This will help prevent issues with image rights when you make use of this coupon.


  • Social Login
  • Profile Pages
  • Smart Search
  • Cupon Timings
  • Front End Coupon Submision
  • Visual Drag and Drop Builder

MYThemeShop Coupon Theme

You will be guaranteed full creative freedom with this professional design. The home page design is unique. This is a responsive theme that works for coupon businesses. It is Woocommerce compatible.

The custom slider is a creative inclusion in this coupon. There is a customizable coupon popup included. You will get 18 custom widgets as well as the Canvas Mobile Menu. There is the best offer of AdSense optimization and four different pagination options.

We recommend mythemeshop as a place to be for those that want to see the brighter side of affiliate marketing. This theme is 100% ready and it works like magic with WooCommerce.

This coupon theme is impressive. If you invest in it, it will work beyond your wildest imagination.


  • Custom Coupon Carusel
  • Custom Slider
  • Category Tabs on Homepage
  • Coupon Archive
  • Promotion Types
  • Coupon Expiry Date
  • Extra Rewards Options
  • Ajax Coupon User Counter


Our list of the best themes will not be conclusive if we fail to include this brilliance that you will get through CouponHut. If you invest in this coupon, you will get amazing deals and discounts. This tool is powered by none other than the well-known CMS WordPress.

The powerful options, panel, and excellent member registration set this coupon apart from the ordinary. You will get a clean, smart, responsive design, custom widgets, a drag and drop page builder, and a rating system included in this design.

Your visitors will connect with your content and make your coupon go viral because of the responsive nature of Coupon Hut. Your website will display different devices such as laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets of all shapes and sizes.


There is something in a name. The best deals on the themes that will drive in the gains will be gotten through Dealsdot. For those that desire a multi-vendor marketplace theme, this is where to be for the best results.

The goal of replicating the types of AliExpress and Alibaba on your website can be achieved with Dealsdot. With a simple click, visitors can copy coupon codes on your site. Visitors will have the advantage of checking current flash deals on your website.

The support team is one of the best after-sales available around. Answers to all queries will be given in a professional way. There is a mega menu that is customizable that is pre-built into the menu.


Another bright star on the horizon that we cannot ignore is Friday. It is versatile in application and has a friendly user interface. This is one of the best responsive WordPress coupon themes around.

With this theme, you can share and promote different promotions on your website. The ease with which coupon codes are copied with a single click is great. The revolutionary slider will help owners of websites promote specific deals.

This theme has simple, comprehensible options that include the ability to change font size, color, and several other options. You are going to have several icons at your beck and call. Froday is the ultimate theme for those that want a versatile them


When we look at the features of this theme, we can say with confidence that it has the most complete WordPress Affiliate Theme that can be found online. The 180-day unlimited warranty of this theme makes it a safe investment. You are guaranteed lifetime support and updates with this mode.

There is a simple arrangement for this theme. The video tutorials bring out the beauty of this app. Set up is easy with the simple step-by-step guide in the video. The features are documented and delivered through YouTube Video Playlist.

The style of this theme will maximize the conversion rate on your site. The theme is created by affiliate marketers and includes only working solutions. You will get awesome and unique features with this theme.

Daily Deal

This sleek and stylish WordPress theme should be the target of anyone that wants to get daily deals on WordPress themes. A powerful and functional WordPress theme can be created with Daily Deal.

With this theme, you will get the brilliant performance of features both on desktops and mobile phones. The powerful features have the capacity to deliver powerful discount deals on any website.

The money you make by selling discount coupon deals first goes to you. This is a security measure. The admin will then forward the money to the sellers.

This is a customizable theme that comes with some of the best support that will be there for you 24/7. The standard benefits that you will get through this theme are in a world of their own.


You will not land the best deals on themes online without a professional guide. We have you covered for what to look for when you go shopping for coupon themes. We have selected eight of the best deals around on the web. Each of the themes that make our list does so on account of their creative features. When you invest in any of them, you will get the best results in affiliate marketing that will take you to the top.

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