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Best WooCommerce Products Variations Plugins (Free & Paid)

Best WooCommerce Products Variations Plugins

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Do you want to include variations for products on your WooCommerce store? Do you want to replace the default dropdown with beautiful color swatches? The answer is a product variations plugin. With product variations plugins, customers will be able to choose products based on their colors, sizes, or images on your website.

Every store needs to be as efficient as possible to record high sales levels. Thankfully, a product variations plugin is one way to guarantee this because it improves the shopping experience in your store.

This article will highlight the best product variations plugin on the market and how you benefit from them. So please keep on reading to find out more.

How a WooCommerce Products Variations Plugin Can Help You

A product variations plugin helps your WooCommerce store in many ways depending on its quality. However, with one of the best plugins, some of the advantages include:

  • It enhances the user experience. The plugin helps customers easily access variation pages from product pages. So, your customers won’t have to load many pages as they search for products they want.
  • It allows store owners to create a separate product page for each variation and enhance the store’s catalog. This makes your platform look richer with useful content.
  • Customers get accurate results when searching shop pages. In addition, a product variation plugin pinpoints customers’ choices because of its filters.
  • It makes it easy for customers to buy the right products when all the variations are visible with images on an individual product page. So, even if you own a wholesale store, retailers and other buyers can easily select all the variations they want.
  • It allows store owners to show customers unique descriptions of each variation of available products in your store. The extra details help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Best WooCommerce Product Variation Plugins

There are so many product variations in the market these days that it is now tricky to choose one. However, you only need to consider the best options. That way, you are assured of top-quality service. To make it easier for you, we’ve explored a plethora of plugins and narrowed down only the most outstanding ones. They include:

YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations (Free Version)

YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations are one of the best ways to provide customers with all the options available for the products on your WooCommerce shop. It offers a clear view of all the variations of every product in-store on one page.

The plugin allows you to add beautiful color swatches and other options to replace the boring default dropdown menus WooCommerce uses. It lets you choose a suitable icon to display on the product page for each variation you add. Additionally, you can use different images for the variations. For example, if you have a shoe on sale and someone selects a grey version, the gallery images will automatically change to match the selected version.

Overall, the YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations plugin is a wonderful choice. It provides all you need to handle variations more professionally and improve the shopping experience in your store.


  • Add a different image gallery for each of the product variations.
  • Show a description of each attribute on the product page.
  • Show a tooltip for each attribute variation.
  • Customize the color and entrance animation of the tooltip.
  • Add a new product variation from the attribute section on the WooCommerce product page.
  • Show single variations on WooCommerce archive pages.
  • Add a different separated image gallery for each of the product variations.
  • Dynamically change the product image when hovering the mouse over the related variation.
  • Show all the product attributes in the “Additional Information” tab in the product.
  • Import/export variation galleries with WooCommerce import/export tools.
  • Import gallery images for a single variation using WP All Import.

Price: There’s a free version, and the premium version costs $88.55 annually.

Variation Swatches and Photos

This plugin enables you to display attractive variations on your WooCommerce store seamlessly. Variation Swatches and Photos also allows customers to choose their preferred variations and style for products using color and image swatches.

It is a beginner-friendly option with straightforward controls. Overall, Variation Swatches and Photos is a top-rated product variation that will help you show color and image swatches instead of dropdowns for variable products.


  • Customize the display of variations in your store.
  • Gives a simple and sleek look to your store’s frontend.
  • Can configure swatches at the product level or global attribute level.
  • Easy to install and configure.

Price: $99 annually.

WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

WooCommerce Attribute Swatches is another effective plugin that we suggest WooCommerce store owners can use to easily upgrade the appearance and interface of their website. The plugin provides color, image, and text swatches to replace the default variation dropdown.

It provides a lot of options in terms of customization. For example, it has an intuitive color-picker for you to choose the best swatches for your store. Additionally, you can use one type of swatch everywhere in your store or use different ones for multiple products. Improving your image product filter will make it easier for customers to find items they are interested in and make purchases.


  • Create swatch groups to make your customer’s decision easier. For example, group product colors into plain and patterned.
  • Set your swatch styling for all products at once, or override it on a per-product basis.
  • Choose between different swatch designs and then customize them further on a per-attribute basis.
  • Easily change the shape and size of your visual swatches to suit the situation.
  • Enable tooltips when hovering visual swatches to further assist customers in making their decision.
  • Enable large image previews on hover to give your customers an up-close preview of the product option.
  • Out-of-stock and unavailable swatches are marked, making the shopping process straightforward.
  • WooCommerce Attribute Swatches is compatible with Quickview.

Price: $79 annually for one website.

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

By default, WooCommerce’s default variation style doesn’t do so much. It shows customers the same image regardless of the variation they choose. However, with the WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin, you can add more color and bring your variations to life.

It allows you to add additional images or videos for variations of products within your e-commerce store. Also, customers will be able to switch images when they select a variation. This provides them with a better view of the product before purchasing it.

More so, WooCommerce Additional Variation Images is fully customizable. You can choose to set the slider on auto-play, show/hide certain elements, and change the thumbnails’ position. Overall, the plugin is efficient and works excellent on mobile and desktop.


  • Add multiple product images.
  • Add videos from your gallery or popular platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Ability to add as many product images as you need.
  • Customize all aspects of your variations.
  • Fully compatible with mobile phones.

Price: $49 annually for one website.

WooCommerce Variation Master

WooCommerce Variation Master is another unique product variations plugin that enables you to use variation swatches for your store. With the plugin, you can show variations for different products on your eCommerce store. Additionally, it lets you customize the product variation swatches by changing different aspects such as color, image, and text content.

The plugin is packed with tons of features that enhance the shopping experience in your store. The features include a variation gallery, attribute swatches, a cart update pop-up for variation, and a product gallery slider. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to smoothly import multiple images of the variation.


  • Add a border on product swatches and display the attribute text above them.
  • Display WooCommerce Variation Swatches on Shop, Archive, and Category Pages.
  • Change the variations dropdown with multiple colors and image swatches.
  • Add an image gallery for product variation.
  • Let users update product variations on cart pages.
  • Create and display responsive swatches.
  • Import/Export gallery images as well as attribute color for variations.
  • Translation ready.

Price: $35.

WooCommerce Better Variations

This is another highly recommended product variation plugin you can try out if the previous options don’t meet your requirements. WooCommerce Better Variations stays true to its name thanks to its unique features that allow you to handle variations effectively.

With this plugin, the out-of-stock options can be greyed out and made unselectable, or the styling (color and sort order) of the variations can be altered to make the out-of-stock options appear at the bottom of the list. Also, they are clearly shown in a different color with a message.


  • Style in-stock and out-of-stock items in different colors.
  • Display in-stock items above out-of-stock items.
  • Highlight in-stock variations.
  • Let users select quantities for different variations.
  • See all variations of information in one view.
  • It makes ordering easier.

Price: $59 annually for one site and $99 annually for unlimited websites.

WooCommerce Variation Swatches (Free Version)

Although WooCommerce Variation Swatches comes last on your list, it is still a great variations plugin to consider. It is a user-friendly option that provides special features at no cost. So, if you’re interested in a free product variations plugin for your WooCommerce store, think WooCommerce Variation Swatches.

The plugin lets you create elaborate variation swatches. You can transform your variation dropdown into beautiful colors, buttons, images, and radio swatches. Also, you can create dual-tone swatches or completely replace the swatches with small product thumbnails.


  • Auto converts all variation dropdowns to button swatch.
  • Dual-color variation swatches.
  • Auto convert into image swatches.
  • Tooltip insert and display settings.
  • Compatible with popular WooCommerce themes.
  • Option to disable default plugin stylesheet for theme developer.
  • Customize Tooltip text and background color.
  • Choose and customize your swatches shape for Label/Text/Button Swatches For Variable Product Attribute Variations​.
  • Out-of-stock variation swatches control.

Price: Free and $79 annually for one website.

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