Best WooCommerce Account Funds/Wallet Plugins ( Free and Paid)

A Woo Commerce Wallet is a comprehensive Wallet System which can be used to purchase Store Credits, purchase products using Store Credits, etc. Woo Commerce Wallet allows your customers to add funds to their Wallet and spend the amount in their Wallet on future purchases. This helps quicker checkout process, avoid customers on entering credit card or Payment Information while making a purchase. Wallet Funds also provide an Insight to Site Admin about the future sales which might happen in their Woo Commerce Shop.

Customers can quickly complete their purchase by using the inbuilt Wallet payment gateway. Wallet also supports partial usage of Wallet balance if the user doesn’t have sufficient Wallet Funds to complete the order.

The wallet provides additional controls to Store Owner such as Credit/Debit Funds to any Wallet, Impose Wallet usage restrictions, lock/unlock any user’s Wallet, etc.

The Workflow of a WooCommerce Wallet/Accounts Funds.

Adding Funds to Wallet

  • The customer enters the amount which they wish to add to their Wallet balance
  • Once they proceed to the payment page, a product will be added to their cart. The customer entered price will be set as the price of the product.
  • The customer has to complete the purchase by making the payment
  • Once the payment is complete and wallet balance will be updated with the newly added Funds

Using the Wallet Funds

  • The customer adds some products to the cart and proceeds to the checkout page
  • On the checkout page, the available payment methods will be displayed. Along with that a Wallet Payment Gateway will be displayed.
  • If the user places the order using the Wallet payment gateway, then the order total will be deducted from the user’s available wallet balance.

Workflow of a WooCommerce Store Credit

  • The Site Admin can manually add store credits to their customer’s accounts
  • Customers can use this store credits to get discount for their future purchases
  • The Store credit can be used until it expires

Benefits of Wallet Plugin in WooCommerce Shop

  • Quick checkout experience
  • More sales during discount campaigns
  • Reduces cart abandonment
  • Helps customers to plan their purchases well in advance
  • Insights on future sales

Best WooCommerce Account Funds/Wallet Plugins

Account Founds

Woocommerce Account Funds – Make feasible for your costumers to store assets into their records and reward them by giving them restrictive limits and moment request handling in the event that they pay utilizing their Account Funds.

The Account Funds module enables your clients to store assets into their records, and use them to buy things from your store effortlessly. Utilizing account assets to pay for a request quickly sets its status to “handling” in light of the fact that there’s no compelling reason to trust that checks will clear and for cards to be confirmed and prepared. You can likewise give clients limits for paying for requests utilizing their record reserves.

Account Funds enables clients to store assets into their records, and use them to buy things in your store effortlessly.

Utilizing assets to pay for a request in a flash sets the status to Processing in light of the fact that there’s no compelling reason to trust that checks will clear and cards to be approved. Storekeepers can remunerate clients for keeping and utilizing assets by giving limits.


  • It enables clients to top-up their store accounts with a sum between the limits that you set.
  • Customers can utilize their kept assets to pay for new requests inside your store.
  • The shop administrator can offer limits to clients utilizing account assets to make more impetuses.
  • Mixed installment strategies are permitted if the record reserves don’t cover the request absolute.
  • Detailed reports to keep control of the details and rate of utilization of the record reserves.
  • Deposited assets can be discounted.
  • Shop Manager can check and alter the assets of each enlisted client in the store


  • Single site
  • 5 sites
  • 25 sites

YITH Woocommerce Account Funds

YITH WooCommerce Account Funds enables all clients to have a virtual wallet for their buys. Clients make a store and their total gets changed over into virtual assets, which can be utilized to buy from your store, maintaining a strategic distance from any sort of exchange before buy.


  • Customer can add Funds to the account
  • Deposit amount can be pre-configured
  • Separate Wallet Payment Gateway
  • Automatic email notifications to customer when their Wallet balance falls below the threshold amount
  • Discounts for users who pay using Wallet
  • Transaction report for Customer in My account Page
  • Deposits to Wallet can be restricted to specific Payment Gateways
  • Short codes to display the Button which can be used to add funds to the wallet


$74 single site

Wallet System Plugin for WordPress WooCommerce

Wallet System Plugin for Word Press WooCommerce is a premium WooCommerce plugin developed by WEBKUL. This plugin allows your customers to make payment for the products/services purchased from your shop using their Wallet Funds. Customers can add funds to their wallet whenever needed. Orders can be placed using the Wallet Payment Gateway.


  • Customer can easily add funds to their Wallet
  • Separate Wallet Payment Gateway to place the orders
  • Partial Usage of Wallet Balance is supported
  • Separate Wallet transaction log for each customer on their My Account page
  • Site Admin can View / Manage the Wallet balance of all Users on their site
  • Site Admin can Add / Remove Wallet Balance of any User in the Site




TeraWallet enables clients to store their cash in an advanced wallet. The clients can utilize the wallet cash for obtaining items from the store. The clients can add cash to their wallet utilizing different installment techniques set by the administrator. The administrator can set cashback rules as indicated by truck cost or item. The clients will get their cashback sum in their wallet account. The administrator can process discount to client wallet.


  • Wallet framework works simply like some other installment technique.
  • Set wallet framework installment technique title for the front-end.
  • The clients can utilize different installment techniques to include cash.
  • The administrator can process discount utilizing the wallet cash.
  • Clients will procure cashback as per truck value, item or item class insightful.
  • Clients can made incomplete installment.
  • Set cashback sum estimation utilizing fixed or percent strategy.
  • From the backend, the administrator can see the exchange history.
  • Clients get warning messages for each wallet exchange.
  • The administrator can alter the wallet measure of any client from the backend.
  • Clients can exchange wallet add up to other client.
  • Shortcode charm wallet which will show client wallet page.
  • Worked with a REST API
  • Convert WooCommerce coupon into cashback.
  • Backing WordPress Multisite Network
  • Supports various dialects interpretations.
  • Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Supports WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace by WC Lovers.
  • Supports WC Marketplace.
  • Supports Dokan Multivendor Marketplace.



The WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin

The WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin encourages you assemble client faithfulness by setting up ‘store accounts.’ Customers can store cash into their ‘store account’ — cash they spend just at your WooCommerce store– and get elite limits when they pay utilizing this exceptional record. A special and advanced approach to manufacture brand dedication! This plugin allows you to generate a credit coupon and email it to the customer by entering their email address along with the credit amount. Customers can make use of the Store Credit to make more purchases / Get a Discount in the future purchase

For example,

You have used $50 store credit coupon at checkout for a $30 purchase. You can use the remaining $20 in a future purchase/until the coupon expires.


  • Limits are discretionary and can be debilitated/empowered
  • Brand your ‘store account’ installment technique by renaming it
  • Ability to include/deduct from your clients’ store accounts from the backend


$ 15


WooCommerce Wallet allows your customers to add funds to their Wallet and make payments for their orders using their Wallet balance. Wallet is a premium Woocommerce expansion that permits account financing by saving through any installment door and furthermore making buy with the sum stored in the record. WooCommerce Wallet is a module in HOICKER plugin developed by HOICKER.


  • Users can Add Funds to their Wallet
  • Site Admin can Credit/Debit Wallet Funds for any User
  • Partial Wallet usage is Supported
  • Email Notifications can be sent for the Wallet Transactions
  • All the Wallet Transactions will be Recorded
  • Expiry for Wallet can be set
  • Maximum Wallet Balance per user can be set
  • Wallet Usage can be Restricted to specific Products/Categories
  • Wallet Usage can be Restricted to specific Users/User Roles
  • Admin can Lock/Unlock Wallet of any User



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