Best WooCommerce Wallet Plugins ( Free and Paid)

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WooCommerce is one of the most popular and powerful platforms for creating and managing online stores. It offers a lot of features and flexibility to customize your store according to your needs and preferences. However, one of the challenges that many WooCommerce store owners face is how to handle payments and transactions efficiently and securely.

That’s where WooCommerce wallet plugins come in handy. These plugins allow you to create a virtual wallet system for your customers, where they can deposit, withdraw, and transfer money using various payment methods. This way, you can offer a convenient and seamless shopping experience for your customers, while also reducing the transaction fees and risks of chargebacks.

In this article, we will explain what WooCommerce wallet plugins are, what benefits they offer, and what features you should look for when choosing one. We will also review some of the best WooCommerce wallet plugins available in the market, both free and paid, and compare their pros and cons. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of which WooCommerce wallet plugin is best suited for your online store.

What Are WooCommerce Wallet Plugins?

WooCommerce wallet plugins are extensions that allow you to create a virtual wallet system for your customers, where they can deposit, withdraw, and transfer money using various payment methods. A virtual wallet is like an online account that stores money in a digital form. Customers can use their wallet balance to make purchases on your store, without having to enter their payment details every time.

WooCommerce wallet plugins work by creating a custom payment gateway that connects your store with the wallet system. Customers can choose to pay with their wallet balance or add funds to their wallet using other payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, etc. The plugin then deducts or adds the amount from or to the customer’s wallet accordingly.

WooCommerce wallet plugins also provide an interface for both the admin and the customers to manage their wallets. The admin can view, edit, or delete the wallets of all customers, as well as set limits, fees, or restrictions for the wallet transactions. The customers can view their wallet balance, history, and transactions, as well as request withdrawals or transfers from their wallets.

What to Look for In WooCommerce Wallet Plugins

When choosing a WooCommerce wallet plugin for your online store, you should consider the following features:

  • The compatibility and integration with your WooCommerce store and other plugins. You should make sure that the plugin works well with your WooCommerce version, theme, and other plugins that you use on your store. You should also check if the plugin integrates with other popular plugins or services that you might need, such as coupons, refunds, rewards, subscriptions, etc.
  • The payment methods and currencies supported by the plugin. You should look for a plugin that supports multiple payment methods and currencies for adding funds to or withdrawing funds from the wallets. This way, you can cater to a wider range of customers and markets, and offer them more flexibility and convenience.
  • The customization options and settings available for the wallet system. You should look for a plugin that allows you to customize the wallet system according to your needs and preferences. For example, you might want to change the name, icon, or color of the wallet, or enable or disable certain features or functions of the wallet. You might also want to set limits, fees, or restrictions for the wallet transactions, such as minimum or maximum amounts, transaction types, user roles, etc.
  • The user interface and functionality of the wallet system for both the admin and the customers. You should look for a plugin that provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface for both the admin and the customers to manage their wallets. The plugin should also offer a smooth and seamless functionality for the wallet transactions, such as adding funds, making payments, requesting withdrawals, etc.
  • The customer support and documentation provided by the plugin developer. You should look for a plugin that comes with reliable and responsive customer support and documentation. The plugin developer should be able to answer your queries, resolve your issues, and provide you with updates and improvements for the plugin.

Best WooCommerce Wallet Plugins (Free and Premium)

Below is a list of the best WooCommerce Wallet plugins that you can on your store, you can start using a free one and in case you need more functionality it will

Wallet System for WooCommerce (Free and Premium)

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro plugin by WP Swings might be the perfect solution for you. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this versatile plugin, its key features, and the pros and cons you should consider. Additionally, we’ll provide insights into pricing and the user experience.

Details about the Plugin

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro is a feature-rich plugin designed to add a digital wallet to your WooCommerce-powered eCommerce store. With this plugin, your customers can enjoy a seamless and secure payment experience, as well as access various wallet-related features.

Key Features

Here are some of the standout features that the Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro offers:

  • Complete or Partial Payment: Customers can use their wallet balance to make full or partial payments for products and services.
  • QR Code Generation: Users can generate QR codes for their wallets, making it easy to send and receive funds.
  • Wallet Cashback: Implement a rewarding customer loyalty program by offering cashback rewards directly to your customers’ wallets.
  • Wallet Recharge: Enable users to recharge their wallets, either manually or through subscription plans, with ease.
  • Wallet Coupon Organizer: Create and manage wallet coupons with usage limits, allowing users to add balance to their wallets using coupons.
  • Balance Widget: Customers can easily track their wallet balance with a dedicated widget, ensuring they never run out of funds unexpectedly.
  • User Invitations: Let users invite friends and acquaintances to join the WooCommerce Wallet system.
  • Wallet Withdrawal: Customers can withdraw their wallet balance to their bank accounts or payment apps, enhancing flexibility.
  • Transaction History: View and download transaction history, providing transparency and accountability.
  • Negative Balance Support: Allow users to continue shopping even if they have insufficient funds in their wallet, with the remaining amount as a negative balance.
  • Interest on Negative Balances: Charge interest on negative wallet balances, potentially increasing your earnings.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro:

Seamless payment experienceSome features may require configuration
Enhanced customer loyalty with cashbackMay not be suitable for very small eCommerce sites
Flexible wallet recharge optionsLearning curve for beginners
Detailed transaction history for transparency

Price and Experience

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro is available in three pricing tiers:

  • Free – limited functionalites
  • 1 Site Plan: $79.00 / Year
  • 5 Site Plan: $169.00 / Year
  • 10 Site Plan: $329.00 / Year

Each plan includes recurring payments, 1-year free support, and 24×7 customer care.

In terms of user experience, the plugin offers a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with your store’s theme, ensuring a cohesive shopping experience for your customers.

In conclusion, the Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro by WP Swings is a powerful plugin that can significantly enhance your WooCommerce store’s payment options and customer loyalty program. While it may require some configuration, the benefits of seamless payments, cashback rewards, and transparent transactions make it a valuable addition to any eCommerce site. Consider your specific needs and budget when choosing the pricing plan that suits your business best.

YITH Woocommerce Account Funds

Details about the Plugin

The YITH WooCommerce Account Funds plugin is designed to enhance customer loyalty and streamline the purchasing process on your e-commerce website. With this plugin, customers can deposit funds into their account, which can then be used to buy products or services from your store. Here are some key details about the plugin:

What the Plugin Does:

  • Allows your customers to buy credits that can be used to purchase your products and services.
  • Encourages customers to deposit funds, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.
  • Offers discounts to incentivize funds depositing, boosting the average purchase value.

Key Features in Bullet Points

The YITH WooCommerce Account Funds plugin comes with a range of features that can benefit both you and your customers:

  • Customer can add Funds to the account
  • Deposit amount can be pre-configured
  • Separate Wallet Payment Gateway
  • Automatic email notifications to customer when their Wallet balance falls below the threshold amount
  • Discounts for users who pay using Wallet
  • Transaction report for Customer in My account Page
  • Deposits to Wallet can be restricted to specific Payment Gateways
  • Short codes to display the Button which can be used to add funds to the wallet
  • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping List
  • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of using the YITH WooCommerce Account Funds plugin:


  • Enhances customer loyalty by offering a convenient fund deposit system.
  • Increases average purchase value through discounts and incentives.
  • Supports partial payments with deposited funds.
  • Easy fund management for both customers and admin.
  • Compatible with popular WordPress and WooCommerce plugins.


  • Some advanced features, like POS integration, are not available.
  • Withdrawal of funds can only be requested as a refund.

Price and Experience

The YITH WooCommerce Account Funds plugin is available at a competitive price of €79.99/year, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it’s suitable for e-commerce businesses of all sizes looking to boost customer loyalty and sales.

In conclusion, the YITH WooCommerce Account Funds plugin offers a valuable solution for e-commerce businesses looking to enhance customer loyalty and streamline the payment process. By allowing customers to deposit funds and offering discounts, you can encourage repeat purchases and increase your average order value. Consider integrating this plugin into your WooCommerce store to take advantage of its benefits and provide an excellent shopping experience for your customers.

Account Founds

Details about the Plugin

Account Funds is a powerful WooCommerce extension developed by KoiLab. This plugin enables your customers to deposit funds into their accounts, and in return, you can reward them with exclusive discounts. It is designed to enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business on your e-commerce platform.

Key Features:

Here are some key features of the Account Funds plugin:

  • Flexible Deposits: Customers can top-up their account funds with an amount within the limits set by you.
  • Payment Option: Customers can utilize their deposited funds to pay for new orders within your online store.
  • Exclusive Discounts: You have the ability to offer special discounts to customers who choose to pay using their Account Funds, thereby incentivizing its use.
  • Mixed Payment Methods: If the account funds do not cover the entire order total, customers can use a combination of payment methods.
  • Refund Capability: Deposited funds can be refunded if necessary.
  • Shop Manager Control: As a shop manager, you have the authority to check and edit the funds of each registered customer in your store.
  • Customer Signup Bonus: You can add funds to your customers’ accounts as a bonus when they sign up for your store.

Pros and Cons


  • Build Customer Loyalty: Account Funds helps you build a loyal customer base by encouraging them to deposit funds and providing them with rewards.
  • Increased Average Order Value: This plugin allows you to implement strategies to increase your store’s average order value. You can set discounts based on account funds usage, motivating customers to spend more.
  • Detailed Reports: Account Funds offers detailed reports on how much is spent in your store using this feature, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Shop Manager Control: You have complete control as a shop manager, allowing you to check and edit customer funds.
  • Flexible Deposits: Customers can choose the amount they want to deposit within the limits set by you.


  • Not Updated for Couple off months at this time.

Price and Experience

Account Funds is available for $6.59 per month, billed annually at $79. This purchase includes:

  • 1-year extension updates.
  • 1-year support.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee.

Wallet for WooCommerce

Wallet for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that enhances your WooCommerce store by adding a wallet function, allowing users to quickly complete purchases by adding funds to their site and using them for future transactions. This plugin, developed by Flintop, offers a range of features to improve the shopping experience for your customers and boost your sales.


  • Here are some of the key features of Wallet for WooCommerce:
  • Wallet Payment Gateway: Provides a dedicated payment gateway for using wallet funds to place orders.
  • Fund Transfer and Request: Allows users to transfer or request funds from other users on your site, with an option to charge a transfer fee.
  • Wallet Auto Top-up: Enables users to set up automatic fund top-ups when their wallet balance falls below a specified threshold.
  • Gift Vouchers: Generate gift vouchers containing wallet balances that users can redeem.
  • Wallet Balance with Expiration Dates: Set expiration dates for user wallet balances.
  • Wallet Actions: Reward users with wallet balances for actions like account signup, daily login, and product reviews.
  • Email Notifications: Send email notifications to users for their wallet activities.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenience: Users can plan their purchases and add sufficient funds to their accounts for seamless transactions.
  • Faster Checkout: Wallet payments enable quick order completion, reducing cart abandonment rates.
  • Insights: Gain insights into future sales based on user wallet balances.
  • Fund Transfer: Users can easily transfer funds to others or request funds when needed.
  • Auto Top-up: Automatic top-ups ensure users always have enough funds for purchases.


  • Initial Setup: Requires some configuration to set up the wallet system.
  • Learning Curve: Users may need timeto understand how the wallet system works initially.

Price and Experience

Wallet for WooCommerce is available at a cost of $6.59 per month when billed annually at $79. This pricing includes:

In summary, Wallet for WooCommerce offers a robust solution to improve the user experience on your WooCommerce store, enhance convenience, and potentially boost sales. While there may be a slight learning curve during setup, the benefits of faster checkout and user insights make it a valuable addition to your e-commerce website.

WooCommerce Wallet

This plugin besides it allows to have a wallet on your WooCommerce store it is also offering the possibility to provide cash back to the customer accounts if they are purchasing more products. It has a refund system, so in case someone is refounding something store credits can be granted.

Key Features

The WooCommerce Wallet Plugin comes packed with a variety of features that can benefit both store owners and customers. Here are some of the standout features:

  • Wallet System: This plugin introduces a wallet system where customers can deposit funds into their accounts, allowing for quick and easy checkout using the deposited funds.
  • Cashback: Store owners can set cashback amounts for products or variations, either as a fixed value ora percentage of the product price.
  • Refund Requests: Customers can send refund requests, which the admin can approve or reject. You can customize the refund percentage in the plugin settings.
  • Transactions History: All wallet transactions are recorded, providing transparency for both customers and administrators. Users can access their transaction history in their WooCommerce account.
  • Partial Payments: If a customer’s wallet balance is insufficient, they can use the available funds as a partial payment and cover the rest with another payment method.
  • Credit Products: The plugin allows for the addition of credit products, which don’t appear in the shop but enable users to deposit specific amounts.
  • Deposits/Top-ups: Admins can easily add deposit/top-up forms using shortcodes, enabling users to add funds to their accounts conveniently.
  • Encryption: Wallet balances are encrypted to ensure the security of users’ account balances.
  • Translation Ready: The plugin includes translation files for easy localization.

Price: $59


TeraWallet is not just another digital wallet; it’s a game-changer for WooCommerce. It enables customers todeposit funds into their accounts, simplifying the checkout process. Here’s an overview of its core functionalities:

  • Wallet Functionality: Customers can deposit funds into their wallets, making it easy to make purchases without repeatedly entering payment details.
  • Cashback Rewards: TeraWallet introduces an enticing cashback rewards system. Merchants can set cashback rates for specific products or categories, boosting customer loyalty.
  • Customization: TeraWallet offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the wallet system to their needs.

Key Features

Let’s explore the key features of TeraWallet that make it a standout WooCommerce plugin:

  • Flexible Payment Method: The wallet system operates like any other payment method, ensuring a seamless customer experience.
  • Cashback Rewards: Customers earn cashback based on cart price, product, or product category, enticing them to make more purchases.
  • Partial Payments: TeraWallet supports partial payments, providing customers with flexibility during checkout.
  • Admin Control: Admins have the ability to process refunds directly to a customer’s wallet, enhancing customer service.
  • Transaction History: The admin can view the transaction history, making it easy to manage wallet-related activities.
  • User-to-User Transfers: Users can transfer wallet amounts to other users, promoting engagement and transactions.
  • Multilingual Support: TeraWallet supports multiple languages, ensuring a global reach for your e-commerce store.

Price and Experience

TeraWallet is a free plugin, but it also offers premium extensions for added functionality. Additionally, commercial upgrades and support are available for those who need further assistance.

In conclusion, TeraWallet is a robust WooCommerce wallet system that enhances the payment experience for both customers and businesses. Its cashback rewards and customization options make it a valuable addition to any WooCommerce store. To experience the future of payments and optimize your e-commerce business, give TeraWallet a try.

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

The Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet is a powerful plugin designed to enhance your WooCommerce store’s functionality. It offers a comprehensive Wallet system that enables various features, including:

  • Store Credits: Customers can purchase and use store credits for future purchases.
  • Quick Checkout: Simplify the checkout process by allowing customers to pay with their Wallet balance.
  • Admin Controls: Store owners have various control options, such as crediting or debiting funds, imposing restrictions, and locking/unlocking user Wallets.

Key Features

Let’s highlight some of the key features of the premium version of Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet:

  • Display Top-up Form Anywhere: Easily display the top-up form on your site using a shortcode.
  • Admin Manual Fund Handling: Admins can manually credit or debit funds for any user.
  • Wallet Payment Gateway: Customers can make purchases using their Wallet balance.
  • Partial Payments: Customers can pay partially with their Wallet balance and the rest with other payment methods.
  • Threshold Alerts: Set low Wallet balance thresholds to remind customers to top up.
  • Funds Transfer: Users can request or transfer Wallet balance to others.
  • Cashback: Reward users with cashback for topping up or making purchases with the Wallet.
  • Withdraw to Real Money: Customers can withdraw Wallet balance to PayPal or their bank account.

Price: Free


WooCommerce wallet plugins are a great way to enhance your online store and offer a better shopping experience for your customers. They can help you improve customer loyalty and retention, reduce transaction fees and risks of chargebacks, increase sales and conversions, and enhance security and privacy.

However, not all WooCommerce wallet plugins are created equal. You should carefully compare the features, pros, and cons of different plugins before choosing one for your store. Some of the best WooCommerce wallet plugins that we recommend are Wallet System for WooCommerce (Free and Premium) and YITH Woocommerce Account Funds

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