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How to Add Udemy Courses to WordPress WIth Online Learning Courses

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Udemy has become one of the largest communities where everyone is sheering their online courses on various skills. There are so many courses there as it has become hard to choose the one that is the best. That’s why on one of my sites I have decided to write a couple of posts with the best courses in various domains. I wanted to use a plugin and insert the courses into posts with the rating, enrolled students, etc.

Online Learning Courses Review

This is when I have come across Online Learning Courses. This is a plugin that helps you do this exact thing with style. It has a free version that can be used and help in doing basic things. In this free version you will not get:

  • Affiliate Links
  • Masked Links
  • Click Tracking
  • Highlight Bestselling Courses
  • Highlight New Courses
  • Custom Templates

In case you want this and be able to have a nicer look and have the affiliate link for making extra money then you need the Pro one which is just 19$.

In this article, I will make a review of the Online Learning Courses Plugin PRO and how it can help you insert udemy courses.

Online Learning Courses Features


The plugin has very nice styles for inserting your courses. You can choose between list, or Grid and various skins. Checking the DEMO you will see exactly what I am talking about. Beside that you can also add widgets to your sidebar with the Udemy courses you would like.

Click Tracking

The plugin it is tracking your click links with Analytics and you can see how many cliks a link has.


The plugin is compatible with AMP so it will look the same way on AMP pages.

Affiliate Links

The plugin can transform your links into affiliate ones. You just register for the Udemy Affiliate program and configure the plugin. After someone uses your link to buy a course you can earn money.


You have a free version that you can install and try it out. In case you need more then you can go to the PRO with only 19€ for a site and 49€ for 3 and 89 € for 10. I have also a discount code for the plugin that you can use and get it for 10% less

How to add Courses into Posts

Adding the courses into your posts is easy and can be done with shortcodes it will be something like [ufwp id=”320490″]. For more advanced uses where you chose may be the template you have: [ufwp id=”371126″ style=”clean”]

The challenge here is to get the Udemy Id for the course, but you can take it with inspect element in Chrome. I will show it exactly in the video.

Under the Hood

In the admin area you have a page where you configure the affiliate link, cache duration, click tracking activation, and various layout options. Everything is easy to be done and fast, below are 2 pictures with the details:

Online Learning Courses Discount Code

In case you like the plugin and plan to buy it, below you have a coupon code with a discount of 10%:

Video Presentation

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  1. John Smith says:

    Thank this plugin looks interesting. Would like to test it out on my wordpress site

    • admin says:

      Yes is good. I am using it on my other site and works perfectly.