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Best Cost Calculator WordPress Plugins in 2022

best cost calulator wordpress plugins

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For an effective business transaction, there should be clarity on pricing. Having a price structure on the product and services your business offers saves your visitors time and can easily budget for their money. That’s why, as a website owner, it is good to familiarize yourself with the best Cost Calculator plugins for your site. The plugins help boost your sales and give your client an idea of other products and services your online business offers.

WordPress Cost Calculator is a plugin that allows one to create a quote, price list, or price estimation form for their website. Cost Calculator plugin is the most used calculator form in the market for its simplicity with an excellent user interface -that helps create any type of calculator for your business project easily. Also, with the plugin, you can join a PayPal payment method to your site.

Best Cost Calculator WordPress Plugins

Here are the best cost calculators and WordPress plugins for your website.

WP Cost Estimation and Payment Form Builders

This plugin for WordPress allows you to create any kind of form for your website effortlessly. It is a unique bestseller plugin that will enable you to create an optimized form from the many options and features it provides. With the plugin, you can create responsive forms in minutes. The Cost Estimation plugin gives your customer an estimation price on the product and services they select. At the same time, Payment Form Builder allows you to create a simplified interactive form for your customers to make their orders and payments easily.


  • Options to Create Different Types of Form – With this plugin, you can create a contact, quiz, booking, cost estimation, payment, survey forms.
  • Powerful Multi-Step System -The system allows you to freely create your forms, steps, and items with powerful visuals. The system visually links your steps defining the wanted visible condition for each one.
  • Unique and clean designed Backend System – It has tons of tools and options and a straightforward, playful, intuitive interface that makes it an accurate and complete running application for your WordPress.
  • Full Booking System – The plugin allows you to manage your calendars and events, automatically arranging your email reminders and the week’s available days and hours on its complete calendar system.
  • Fully Translatable and International – The plugin allows you to duplicate form and edit its texts, currency, prices, and date formats effortlessly to target different countries and languages.
  • WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download Support – You can assign Woo products and EDD products to the items of your forms and choose to automatically add them to the cart when the form is completed.
  • Fully Responsive – You can easily access it on any device.

Price: $29

Calculated Fields Form WordPress Plugin

Calculated Fields Form plugin allows you to create calculated web forms with the corresponding dynamically computed values based on other form values in the web form. You can efficiently complete a professional form without expert guidance with the plugin hence recommendable for beginner and expert developers. It has no limit to the type of calculators you can create for your website. The plugin can visually create forms with automatically calculated fields, predefined form templates, quote calculators, and financial calculators.


  • A visual form builder with multiple fields (Common, Contact, Datasource, and FieldEditor) and numerous options help you edit, add, or remove fields.
  • WordPress Integration – The WordPress directory provides a free version of the plugin that you can install directly from your WordPress website. The CFF provides a section that allows you to register the email used to purchase the plugin and notifies you of updates from your WordPress website.
  • Multi-Page Form – The plugin consists of particular fields that allow you to create multiple forms.
  • WooCommerce Integration – You can add items to the cart, especially those with an online store
  • Pre Defined Templates – The plugin includes several predefined designs that you can apply to forms.
  • Contact and Booking Forms – You can create classic forms and general web-based forms.
  • Payment Gateway Integration – The current plugin has an existing built-in integrated PayPal payment method.
  • Email Delivery – The plugin consists of an inbuilt optional email delivery where you can send data in the form by email to more than one email address.

Price: $49

Cost Calculator Builder

The Cost Calculator Builder helps you quickly build an estimation form with an intuitive and interactive interface. You can create a limitless number of calculation forms and place them on any page or post. Meaning it offers its drag and drop calculation form builder in a few simple steps that even beginners can easily follow. The plugin provides various options to estimate the cost of your different products and services and know your project’s total price.


  • WooCommerce Integration – you can place your built calculator on WooCommerce product pages for more accessible interactions.
  • Customizable – you can freely customize colors, fonts, and background color
  • Orders Dashboard -you can check your customer’s orders and easily manage them.
  • Stripe and PayPal Integration – Has multiple payment methods
  • Intuitive Interface – Has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Contact Form 7 Integration – you can integrate your calculator with a contact form for customers to contact you
  • Recaptcha – Ensure security.Enable Recaptcha to avoid spam and internet bots
  • Calendar Field that has a complete date picker

Product Options and Price Calculation Formulas for WooCommerce

The plugin allows adding custom options for WooCommerce products to calculate the custom cost price of the product by using any math formula.

The plugin has a visual form builder to customize columns, colors, margins, and texts.


  • Visual Form Builder – The plugin allows you to design the look of your form quickly and smoothly using the drag and drop option.
  • Custom product options – The plugin provides more than 10 options for customizing your product.
  • Possibility to use non-option variables (NOV)-synthetic variables that can hold both specific value or a math formula as its value
  • Possibility to use any math formula virtually for the price calculation of your product
  • Possibility to add formulas conditional logic – apply different procedures under different circumstances!
  •  Possibly create fields conditional logic – display/hide specific custom options based on the values of other custom options or NOVs.

Stylish Cost Calculator

The Stylish Cost Calculator Form Builder is the easiest, most potent, and the neatest plugin with a quoting system that allows your customers to get immediate quotes on products and services they choose using your price calculator.

With the plugin, you can sell your products and services, collect leads or payments, and allow your customers to calculate the cost, get a quote and estimate, and buy a product. The plugin makes your site look modern!   


  • Styles – has unique features that allow users to change between 5 or more check- box and radio box style
  • Multi-currency-it detects your lead location and converts to your specific location currency.
  • WooCommerce Integration-You can add items to the cart by linking WooCommerce products to this WooCommerce price calculator.
  • PayPal compatible-its PayPal integrated you can pay directly from Paypal
  • Multilingual-it’s conversant with any language in the world
  • Condition Logic Functionality- you can choose on any field to display depending on your needs
  • Lead and Quote Management – allows you to organize, store and manage your quote entries and leads generated by your price estimation form
  • Fronted Styles that you can use to customize check-outs and quotation process
  • Backend Dashboard – has a user-friendly and manageable
  • Customizable – you can easily change the font size, color, and style.

Cost Calculator & Cost Estimation Builder

With WordPress Calculators, you get help to create any type of estimation form, and it allows you to create custom calculations easily.

With Calculator Forms plugins, You can provide cost information by creating a price estimations form and a price structure for your business that entails your product and services offered. Hence easier for your users to quote your service and calculate future costs.

With the plugin, your users can calculate details on booking, car renting, and your service delivery. You can use the Calculator Forms-auto loans calculator to estimate your monthly payments and approximate your new or used car loans rate.


  • Drag and Drop – Interface you can quickly build complex forms
  • Conditional Logic -You can choose what form to display and which to hide when and where or select an email to send
  • Multi-step Form- It provides steps on your long-form from the many fields
  • Manage form entries
  • Advanced Math Formulas
  • Online Payment Methods and Stripe Gateway- PayPal, Stripe Gateway ( Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners, Union Club, JCB)
  • Embed and use anywhere – The forms can fit anywhere, and you can share them on your website, social media, or share through a link.

Wrap Up

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. As a web owner, improving your site and ensuring visitors are happy when they come or leave your site is good. Can they trust you with their money? How have you helped them save their time? Time is money, and when you save your customers time, it means you save more money for yourselves and have even more customers. It is not as easy as it sounds. Take the big step and learn about the best Cost Calculator plugin that can fit your site. Go again and read to understand and apply your best fit.

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