Best WooCommerce Product Block Plugins For Gutenberg

Best WooCommerce Product Block Plugins For Gutenberg

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Are you looking for the best WooCommerce product block plugin? If so, you’ve come to the right place. WooCommerce blocks are important tools that come in handy for creating unique professional WooCommerce stores. You don’t have to settle for the default blocks that WooCommerce provides.

Product blocks are convenient ways to create product lists, filter products, pricing, cart, etc. With the best product block plugin, you’ll be able to manage blocks for WooCommerce in the Gutenberg editor and customize them to boost sales and customer experience.

The best WooCommerce product block plugin for Gutenberg is Qubely. This review takes a closer look at the plugin and also highlights other hand-picked options that can give you the results you need. So, let’s get started.

Best Woocommerce Product Block Plugins For Gutenberg

Among all the available plugins, here’s a list of the best WooCommerce block plugins for Gutenberg editor that we highly recommend:


Qubely is arguably the best WooCommerce product block plugin for Gutenberg. It is a complete tool with several blocks that WooCommerce store owners appreciate. Qubely isn’t just versatile and efficient; it is also beginner-friendly, thanks to its pre-designed custom blocks. As a result, you don’t need to design so much on your WooCommerce site.

Qubely helps you improve the appearance of your store for a more professional look. Additionally, this product block plugin is designed with various starter parks. These have advanced functionalities that allow you to customize your designs to represent your brand the way you want. For example, you can import and edit rows, columns, page elements, etc.


  • It allows you to display your WooCommerce products on elaborately designed carousels.
  • Show customers WooCommerce products via customizable grid and list views.
  • Create stylish tables with multiple elements.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Demonstrate visual differences, and create before/after sections with the image comparison block.
  • Create limited-time CTAs, release ETAs, and more with countdown blocks.
  • Content navigation with enhanced SEO using Table of Contents.
  • Curate each plan of the pricing table individually using multiple predefined layouts.
  • Increase Conversions and grab website visitors’ attention with the unique animated heading.
  • Vertical Tab makes navigation easier and improves the way your content is organized.
  • Use text, image, and video content altogether and other blocks elegantly.
  • Set up the gallery by defining the number of columns, gutters, box-shadow, gradient overlay, etc.
  • Showcase pricing of your products, services, and memberships in a nicely designed pricing list.

Price: There are free and paid versions. The paid version has three plans you can choose from; The individual plan costs $39 annually, the freelancers plan costs $59 annually, and lastly, the Agencies Plan costs $99 annually.

Plus Listing Blocks for Gutenberg

This assortment of important and creative blocks is useful to WooCommerce store owners that use Gutenberg. According to the developer, the plugin was designed after extensive research and feedback from other Gutenberg users to deliver the best blocks. These blocks have multiple options and styles.

The Plus designed this freemium plugin to feature several collections of unique Gutenberg blocks that users might need. This includes Blog Listing, Image Gallery, Video Gallery, Testimonials, and Team member. These blocks all feature unique blocks that can significantly improve the user experience on your platform. For example, the Woo Listing Block has more than eight layouts. They are highly customizable and provide store owners with countless options.


  • Grid and carousel.
  • 200+ customisation options.
  • Special Masonry layout feature.
  • Unlimited possibilities.
  • Lazy Load.
  • Design Styles.
  • Load More.
  • Filter.
  • Pagination.

Price: It has free and paid versions. The Starter plan costs $19 yearly, and it covers one website. The Professional plan costs $49 yearly for five websites, and the Studio plan costs $79 yearly for unlimited websites.


ProductX is an outstanding WooCommerce plugin that allows store owners to create beautiful and customized product grids, product lists, product sliders, category lists, product carousel, etc.

Unlike other plugins, ProductX can have you set up several new blocks in less than a minute without writing a single line of code. In addition, it has a Gutenberg-supported drag-and-drop visual grid builder.

In addition, this plugin is packed with a long list of pre-designed layouts and templates. You can also select different beautiful layouts from the Layout library. Furthermore, ProductX offers customization options so you can conveniently modify the way your website appears. You can also create Archive, Shop, and Single Product Page Templates.

Furthermore, the plugin is compatible with Google Fonts. It also provides WooCommerce store owners a powerful Wishlist addon which is useful for boosting the conversation rate on your store.


  • Create a single product page template.
  • Change archive page template design.
  • Customize the shop page with product blocks.
  • Compare button for a single product page.
  • Change template conditions of the builder.
  • Shortcodes to implement wishlists inside any page.
  • Login required feature for add to wishlist.
  • Empty wishlist after checkout feature.
  • Wishlist button for single product page.
  • Wishlist button text change from the backend.
  • Redirect to cart feature.
  • Disable quick view on mobile device feature.
  • Product navigation feature in quick view popup feature.
  • Product image gallery inside the popup.
  • Enable/disable every element of the popup feature separately.
  • Directly redirect to cart option in popup.
  • Enable product link feature in popup.
  • Shortcode to implement comparing tool inside any page.
  • Comparison is shown in a popup after clicking the feature.

Price: ProductX has a free version and a paid one. The premium version has various plans. For example, the Personal plan costs $49 for one website, the Professional plan costs $79 for five websites, and the Unlimited plan costs $99.

Storefront Blocks for WooCommerce

Storefront Blocks for WooCommerce is another highly recommended product block plugin that gives store owners the ability to fully customize their shop and category pages. Additionally, it has templates that you can use as-is or tweak to your satisfaction.

You can say goodbye to the default WooCommerce Shop and Category Pages design with this plugin. Storefront gives you complete control over the customization of your store’s pages. So, you can use the variety of blocks available to display your products in ways that make visitors complete their purchases more often than usual.

You can shine the spotlight on a specific product with the featured product block. This allows you to add the image of the product and other details such as its name, price, description, quantity, buttons, categories, etc.


  • Predefined layouts that let you display recently viewed products from visitors and customers.
  • Allows your users to fine-tune their product search with different categories, including category name, price, best-selling, etc.
  • Use the Gutenberg Block Editor to set up your WooCommerce Pages conveniently.
  • Arrange all of your products using the square grid block.
  • You can use a countdown timer to countdown the start or end of sales campaigns.
  • Display your products in a list with the listing block.
  • Make navigation easier for your customers with the slider and carousel block.

Price: Storefront has various subscription plans paid annually or as a one-time payment. For example, it costs $49 per year or $199 once for one website. It also offers a 14-day free trial period for you to test its features.

Product Blocks for WooCommerce

Product Blocks for WooCommerce is a unique Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks plugin that you can consider if any of the earlier options aren’t what you are interested in. With this plugin, you can seamlessly create beautiful product displays, grids, lists, and carousels for your WooCommerce platform.

Additionally, this WooCommerce product block plugin is a great way to design stunning products and landing pages. This is an excellent way to create a unique brand image that your customers can connect with. Product Blocks for WooCommerce adds eight new blocks to the regular Gutenberg editor. These blocks include a lookbook, carousel, product slider, product list, etc.


  • Product Categories Grid block provides three types of grids for displaying product categories.
  • You may slide goods vertically with the Vertical Product Slider block.
  • Product Launch Products with product photos are displayed in the Lookbook block.
  • Scattered Product List block displays products in a randomly distributed way in list view.
  • Carousel block provides you with a respectable product carousel that you can drag around.

Price: Product Blocks for WooCommerce is free.

WooCommerce Blocks

Although it comes last on our list, WooCommerce Blocks is still one of the best block plugins for Gutenberg. It is a beginner-friendly choice that makes displaying your products on any page a lot easier. In addition, WooCommerce Blocks was designed by the same company that created WooCommerce and WordPress, so you can rest assured it will perform excellently on your platform.

Additionally, this plugin is packed with several product blocks, including the most popular product block, top-rated product block, newest product block, etc. You can customize any of these blocks to fit your store’s style while displaying products.


  • Display a grid of hand-picked, best-selling, top-rated, latest, on-sale products, etc., using different blocks.
  • Include a search box in any area of your website to help customers filter the search products by category.
  • Show all of your product categories as a list or dropdown to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.
  • To develop trust in your product and brand, you can share reviews of individual products. Also, highlight reviews from specific categories.
  • Allows you to include customer details, shipping options, payment methods, and so on, on the checkout page.
  • Enables you to display all of your store’s products with proper pagination and sorting options.

Price: WooCommerce Blocks is a free plugin.

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