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OpenAI WordPress plugins are the latest innovation in website development. The platform allows developers to create interactive and intelligent websites quickly and easily. By harnessing OpenAI’s artificial intelligence capabilities, webmasters can increase engagement on their page and unlock a range of new possibilities.

Plugins that integrates directly with OpenAI API offers a variety of features from natural language processing to automated content generation. With just a few clicks, users can add complete articles to their websites.

In this article we are going to take a look at 2 free WordPress plugins that integrates directly with Open AI API.

OpenAI API is in beta mode and is offering currently 2 options: text generation and images, both of the plugins from this article helps with generating both things.

OpenAI has the below rates for generated text, and they give you $18 free to start with.

  • Davinci - Most powerful – $0.0200  / 1K tokens
  • Curie – $0.0020  / 1K tokens
  • Babbage - $0.0005  / 1K tokens
  • Ada – $0.0004  / 1K tokens

1000 tokens can be enough for generating 750 words.

DALL-E 2 image generations costs:

  • 1024×1024 $0.020 / image
  • 512×512 $0.018 / image
  • 256×256$0.016 / image

It can be cheeper to work directly with OpenAI API but

Video With OpenAI WordPress Presentation

Best OpenAI WordPress Plugins

There are a few WordPress plugins out there that integrates with OpenAI API directly, all you need to do is to go on OpenAI website and generate an API key. Both plugins offers the possibility to write long form articles and include images and one has some content templates that can help generate various things. If you don’t know how to add an OpenAI API key just follow the video we will do that there.

1.GPT3 AI Content Writer & Generator

This is the first free OpenAI GPT3 AI plugin that we are going to take a look at. Some of the things that this plugin can do are:

Write Long Form Articles

The plugin can write long form articles on any specific subject in the free version, what you need to do is to imput your title and choose the options, but before that you need to configure the OpenAI settings to be used, they will be as in the below picture:

You can choose the. Model and Max Tokens as well as the other OpenAI functionalities, you can click the ? and you will have a gude for all.

In content section you can choose the details about the article, you can choose the language the number of headings and if you want to have an image included with Dall-E:

The article is generated quite fast, in couple of minutes you will have the article generated.

Add ChatGPT Functionalities on Your Website

For SEO will just generate a description and for DALL-E just to choose the image characteristics, another interesting thing is the ChatGPT tab where you can add a chat bot on your website that is powered by the OpenAI platform, you can add it in your website in left or write or in any page with a shortcode.

And the results is the below box:

Generate DALL-E 2 Images

There are other options under the plugin tab that can be used, from there you can start generating articles or you can generate a DALL-E 2 image, for the image part you have multiple options:

Credits used by the Plugin

The plugins has also a paid option that can help you add more functionalities like generating bulk articles or adding Q&A to your articles.

2.AI Mojo

This is the second plugin that can help you add OpenAI API to WordPress websites, this plugin have some different functionalities but the main one is to have an article generated, and have templates created for website, the plugin comes with some default template that you can use, like generating title ideas or writhing a paragraph.

The settings area looks like below:

You can add your API key and choose the model. In this area you have also the template section where you can add your own templates with prompts. You can customise them as you like for free:

AI Mojo Wizard is the wizard that you can use to generate a long form article, in there you will have the options to start generating it, in the video we get in more details with this.

Gutenberg Options

AI Mojo integrates directly with Gutenberg and in the right side and in there you have all the option to use the playground or the templates, start the wizard or generate a DALL-E 2 image. All the things you choose will come with the number of tokens that are needed for the job.

Credits used by the Plugin

The plugin written an 2800 words article and for this needed about 5 minutes to generate it and about 19667 tokens, which translates under $0.5 for an article.

The plugin has a premium tier that can help you add some extra features like import and export templates or Access Management with Access to Fine Tuned Models (OpenAI GPT-3 & AI21).

How The Plugins Should be Used

Google is agains the AI generated content and you should not go and just start blasting articles on your website with OpenAI, if we check the online detectors like the GPT-2 one you will see that all the content generated by this plugins will be detected immediately. What you can do with this plugins is to:

Came Up With Article Ideas

If you are stuck and you don’t know what to write, you can use OpenAI and ask for some recommendations. If what is recommending is good you can start writhing it.

Summarise Articles

To condens some of the articles you write you can ask OpenAI to summarise the article for you.

Add ChatGPT To Website

Other thing that the first plugin can help you do is to have the ChatGPT added to your website directly, you can enable it for your members only to reduce the number of tokens used.

Generate DALL-E 2 Images

If you want to some images in your posts you can ask DALL-E 2 to generate them for you and if a good job is done you can use it in your posts.


OpenAI is a the start and you need to be careful utilising it to not be penalised by Google. This 2 plugins are some of the most interesting ones that I could find online for integrating OpenAI with WordPress and it can help you add the AI functionalities easy to WordPress.

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