Fix WordPress: Download failed. Failed to write request to temporary file

While I was trying to update my themes and plugins to the latest WordPress version I have received the error : “Download failed. Failed to write request to temporary file”.

failing to write request


To fix this error you need to check different stuffs, below is the list:

1. Check if there is pace on the server or your cPanel account didn’t used all the space ( for me this fixed the error).

2. Check that the wp-content has the right permissions 755. If not give the permissions with chmod 755 wp-content

3. Check the upload file size. You can check it in media when you try to add a picture. In case it is 2MB it would be good to increase it to 20MB.

4. Edit the wp-config.php and add the line  define(‘WP_TEMP_DIR’, ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/’); like in this tutorial: fix-download-failed-errors-on-update

After all are checked the problem should disappear and the plugins, themes or WordPress can be upgraded.


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