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Review websites are increasingly becoming a crucial factor in the e-commerce arena today. Studies indicate that many potential buyers make their purchasing decisions depending on online reviews.

While choosing the best product review plugin someone will need to take into consideration the below aspects while choosing the perfect plugin for their needs:

Rich snippets

the plugin needs to have rich snippets added to search results. In this way, you will attract the visitor’s attention better and you will let search engines what exactly is the post about. They are looking as in the below picture:

Multiple Rating Systems

You can rate multiple features that a product has like: design, easy to use, price, etc. Based on this feature the plugin can let you use different features with individual ratings


The plugin needs to have a clean code and load fast. In this way you don’t slow down your site.


Besides the actual plugin page, the perfect plugin needs to have also some special widgets that you can add on your sidebar and attract visitor attention and point him towards the reviews.

Different Review Templates

To make the review page as attractive as possible the plugin will need to offer some templates from which you choose to be in your liking and integrate with the theme.


Another important aspect of the plugin is the price if the price is not high then all is good. Also most of the plugins are offering free versions so you can start with them

Many buyers are said to trust online reviews just the same way they trust word of mouth recommendations. Having a review website is fast becoming one of the must-have projects. Here are 5 of the best WordPress Review Plugins.

1. WP Review (Free and Paid)

WP Review is the ideal review plugin you can use to review to review various products including games, movies, books, and even music. This plugin supports 14 snippets and you can choose the best that fits your needs with a few clicks.

Further, WP Review comes with 16 inbuilt templates which are ready for use. You can customize various features in each template to fit your requirements. There are numerous products to review in the market today.

Reviews vary from one product to the other and this plugin is specially designed to handle all of them. You can choose the criteria you want such as percentage, star, point, circle Pro, or thumbs up Proto generate the ideal reviews for your products.

WP Review allows you to display reader opinions about the products being reviewed. Users have the option of commenting on the review or highlighting other user’s comments as helpful or not helpful.

This plugin is created using strict WordPress guidelines to ensure that it’s compatible with any WordPress theme. All you need is to install the theme and proceed to review the products.


Get the WP Review for one website for $67 and at $107 for 10 websites. Or monthly membership of 19$ with access to all products.


  • Popups and notification bar which generates compelling content that your visitors can’t resist.
  • A comparison table to ensure that customers can compare products with ease
  • Allows customers to rate both the product and its features by commenting. Include user ratings and reviews in the product’s total review score.
  • Import and embed customer reviews from your Facebook page to your website easily and fast.
  • Import customer reviews from Yelp, and embed them on your website with minimal struggle.
  • Import customer reviews from Google, and embed them on your website.

2. WP Product Review (Free and Paid)

WP Product Review Lite is a free plugin that is capable of converting any post into a review with a single click. The plugin automatically configures reviews below the text editor. The review boxes on this plugin are appealing.

One box has been divided to form multiple parts with enough space for a default criteria number, pros and cons, and a rating of 10. Users can include a thumbnail image and two affiliate links on the review box.


  • Leverage on the available choice of colors, positioning, and typography and choose a different rating color for each criterion.
  • Include the download button in your posts
  • Generate a top products review widget
  • Include an elegant wrap-up widget at the end of your posts
  • Automatically include Schema markup on your posts
  • Include a specific user review options to WordPress comments

3. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

The  Reviewer WordPress Plugin allows users to insert comparison tables and reviews on their posts, custom post types and pages fast and with minimal struggle. This is the ideal plugin if you want to create an excellent recap box for your comprehensive review post or a simple yet robust user review system.

The plugin comes with a flexible structure that allows you to generate any type of review with no limitations. All you need is to create a template and add your personal review in your pages or posts. Your visitors can then leave their own reviews in the box which you’ve created.

The Reviewer WordPress Plugin comes with varying customizable themes allowing you to customize your comparison tables and reviews according to your preferences. Each theme comes with a responsive layout that is compatible with all gadgets.


Get the regular license of this plugin for $28 for six months. You can extend support for 12 months for an additional $8.63


  • Create limitless elegant and powerful comparison tables or review boxes.
  • Choose from the various rating modes such as bars, 5 stars, or single criteria
  • Fill in the information you want to display and put the associated shortcode on any custom page or post type
  • Collect your visitor’s email address and name
  • Allow users to upload their images
  • Leverage on Google ReCaptcha to prevent spamming
  • Use user review moderation option
  • Get total control of user reviews
  • Use Google Rich Snippets
  • Customize each theme depending on your criteria of choice

4. Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin

The Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin comes with a sleek design complete with a light and dark theme. Users can customize both themes using unlimited colors. This plugin allows users to customize the typography from a wide selection of Google fonts.

The summary boxes are available in two sizes: half and full width. Taqyeem gives you three review systems to choose from: points, percentages, and stars. It supports numerous custom criteria too and readers can also leave their ratings.  


Get the regular license for $29 for 6 months. Extend support for 12 months with an additional $9.


  • Make use of the unlimited review criteria and colors
  • Activate Taqyeem from a metabox available beneath the text editor and you’ll automatically convert any page, post type, or post into a review
  • Leverage on the available Typography Options including:
  • Schema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata.
  • More than 500 Google fonts
  • Multiple rate image options
  • RTL support

5. All In One Schema Rich Snippets (Free and Paid)

The All In One Schema Rich Snippets is a free WordPress plugin that displays your Schema markup in search results even though it lacks customization design and options. A rich snippet is a summarized description of your page in search engine results and Facebook news feed which comes in the form of an author photo, star ratings, or image.


  • Supports numerous rich snippet types
  • Easy to set up
  • Improves your ranking in search engines
  • Gives search engines the precise and most critical information to display in the search result snippets

6. Ultimate Blocks – Review Block Free

In case you need something simple that you would like to use to add product reviews then you can use the Ultimate Block plugin, which has some additional Gutenberg Blocks for the latest WordPress Editor. With the help of the plugin, you can build something like in the above picture. The plugin is adding also the schema in search engines so you have the basic needs covered.

The plugin is free and it can help you create some interesting blocks beside the review one:

  • Review (Schema Enabled) Block
  • Table of Contents Block
  • Tabbed Content Block
  • Call to Action Block
  • Content Toggle (Accordion) Block
  • Feature Box Block
  • Notification Box Block
  • Number Box Block
  • Image Slider Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Click to Tweet Block
  • Social Share Block
  • Countdown Block
  • Progress Bar Block
  • Star Rating Block
  • Button (Improved) Block
  • Divider Block

For additional Gutenberg Plugins check: Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins


With the digital era transforming with every coming day, it’s important to enhance the performance of your review website. Choose one of the review plugins discussed here and you are guaranteed great results.

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